Graphic Design

Our goal is to provide businesses with a branding kit which will allow them to keep there online and offline branded marketing strategies clear, and with a good message, purpose and design.

Building A Brand Identity

Currently, there is a huge focus towards a brand image and for businesses, this is becoming more paramount for a strong business identity. As this trend of the image continues to grow, businesses are looking into how they can harness the power of brand awareness to enhance how their business is seen. Branding in the world has always been important, with branding for high-value fashion labels always being a necessity and if a particular business is to succeed, they need to have a great brand identity as well. For a small business to succeed well they need to have the same focus on brand awareness as the larger mainstream labels.

The world of branding and marketing is a scary place with online, offline marketing, apparel, etc. As branding is far more complex than simply putting a logo together in some cheap graphic design software, your business needs to give itself the best chances of success, and this is to create a brand identity in a professional and creative way, we would recommend that you look into investing in a tailor-made branding kit to aid your marketing strategies. At Mosaic Digital Media Ltd we would be able to help deliver a branding kit which would help you and your business get the recognition online and offline that it deserves.

Graphic Design Warrington
Graphic Design Warrington

What We Offer

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  • A fully customised branding kit to compliment your business
  • Full Brand development
  • Brand and styleguide development
  • Website design and build service from wireframe to full mock-ups
  • Strategy for brand marketing both online and offline
  • Logo and social media assets created
  • Consultative research into your businesses identity
  • Dedicated team of graphic design experts
  • Quality service from start to finish
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Working with all the modern graphic design software packages available

At Mosaic Digital Media we use the full creative software provided by Adobe Creative Cloud and utilise Illustrator, PhotoShop and InDesign to deliver your branding kit.

Graphic design software Adobe Illustrator
Graphic design software Adobe Photoshop
Graphic design software Adobe InDesign

Logo Design

One of the main components in a branding kit for your business is a logo. Your logo sums up your business in a visual and compelling way which can give the best first impression for a potential product purchaser or service user. If you manage to create a successful logo which appeals to your target audience but also is memorable, you will find the impact this makes is greater. Allowing Mosaic Digital Media to deliver a logo worthy of your business as part of the branding kit can help to give your business the start that it truly deserves. We have created lots of logos for our clients including The Forgotten Closet, KSI Connect and itGlue to name a few.

during the build process for your logo we spend time researching your business and trying to understand your target audience. We deliver multiple concepts based on your specification to allow you to see different graphical versions of your logo.

Website Wireframes & Design

Website design is a key component to make your business stand out from the crowded space of the internet. By having a generic website with lack of design inspiration to draw in your branding from your toolkit, you may find potential leads maybe lost. As we live in a time where branding is important you need to make sure your website stands upto competitors.

We are able to offer complete design solution for your website starting from initial conversations to full mock-ups of your website before it is fully coded by our team. We use the latest Adobe software and have some of the leading designers i the NorthWest to help deliver a website that will enhance your sales.

Social Media Design

With social media platforms becoming ever so popular, we strive in delivering high quality branding across all of the platforms. Whether you are social media guru or a complete novice we are here to help you navigate through the do’s and don’ts for creating a successful business across social media.

Mosaic Digital Media are here to help you create branded logos, covers and social across, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social engagment that your business would like to adopt.

Print Design

Once you have a strong brand, we are able to offer some of the best offline marketing solutions and print based designs. We specialise in all print media including banner and flyers design.

If you require print marketing for a exhibition or for an important sales pitch we are able to offer conclusive solutions for you and your business.

Web Design Experts

Depending on your budget our experts can build you a website from scratch or utilise a Shopify or WordPress CMS theme

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