Better Bed Company

Founded by Lee Murray, Better Bed Company has upheld a tradition of providing quality beds, mattresses, and furniture coupled with exceptional customer service.

The Project Brief

Better Bed Company, located in Frodsham, Cheshire, UK, boasts a rich heritage in the bed industry spanning over two decades.

We conducted an extensive project that included Website Design and Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Content Creation.

The goal of this project was to strengthen Better Bed Company’s online visibility and enhance its search engine ranking, whilst also increasing the sales conversions.

The Design Phase

It was clear from the start that a complete redesign was necessary to improve the user experience (UX) and accessibility of the website. This meant re-evaluating the entire framework it was built upon.

“We put a lot of focus on making it easier for people to use and enjoy, making sure it was always easy to find what you was looking for.”

Given that over 75% of traffic came from mobile devices, we adopted a mobile-first design approach, ensuring seamless user experience across different screen sizes.

We spent a lot of time making sure it was super easy for customers to go from the homepage to the checkout in as few steps as possible.

Each step was carefully designed to be clear and simple, so customers could move through the conversion process without any hassle.

The Development Phase

We crafted a bespoke Shopify theme tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of the company, ensuring seamless integration of design elements and functionalities for an optimal online shopping experience.

“Shopify uses Liquid rather than the standard HTML, making it a fun change of pace when it comes to website developing!”

Initially, development progressed slowly as we familiarised ourselves with Liquid again. However, once we established the foundation of the theme, the speed of the projects development started to pick up.

With the initial hurdles overcome and a solid base in place, building upon the theme became remarkably swift and efficient, allowing us to implement additional features and functionality with ease.

The Marketing Strategy

We create multiple social media posts per week across various platforms to increase brand reach and engagement with the audience. Our posts introduce new products and generate buzz around the brand.

“Blogs are put on the Hub to engage the audience, offer insights into bedding trends, provide sleep tips, and share industry news.”

In addition to creating evergreen social posts to keep the brand active, tailored seasonal posts are created to align with holidays, events, and trends relevant to the industry.

Strategic giveaways are also organised to incentivise audience engagement and increase brand visibility. This encourages users to interact with content and share it with their networks.

These posts are aimed to capitalise on trends and maintain audience interest throughout the year.

The SEO Strategy

The goal was to use SEO tactics and compelling content to drive increased traffic to Better Bed Company’s website and its linked hub. Blogs not only served to entertain and inform but also contribute to domain authority.

“Blogs are also good for targeting high-volume keywords and to address common queries.”

Thorough keyword research was conducted to identify relevant search terms and phrases that potential customers might use when looking for bedding products.

From this we created optimised descriptions for Better Bed Company’s products and categories, incorporating target keywords strategically to enhance search visibility and attract qualified traffic.

We also revamped the website’s meta data, including titles, descriptions, and internal linking structures, to ensure better indexing by search engines and improved click-through rates from search engine results pages (SERPs).

“We have worked with Mosaic Digital Media on a number of projects and have been very impressed with the way they help us. They deliver a great SEO service. They are the perfect partners and are very helpful; whenever you need them they will be there. “

– Lee Murray, Managing Director

The Results

Better Bed Company saw significant improvements in search engine rankings, leading to more people finding it through Google searches for specific keywords. This was achieved by enhancing the meta data and content.

Additionally, users spent more time on the website, bounced back less quickly, and clicked on blog posts and products more often.

These improvements strengthened the company’s reputation and authority in the bedding industry, as evidenced by positive customer feedback and increased social media engagement.

Check It Out

You can check out the completed project by visiting the website below.
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