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With more and more businesses jumping on the bandwagon everyday can your business afford to underestimate the importance of Social Media?

Whether you don’t have time or just need some advice to get your brand pulling in the right direction, we have the expertise and knowledge to make social media work for your business.

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We will create an active LinkedIn company page and manage the content for you. Regularly posting updates, articles and engaging key influences and businesses (B2B) in the sectors into which your customers operate. This will ensure the page is fresh and relevant.

Paid LinkedIn Ads offers you the ability to target a professional demographic, allowing you to reach more engaged, higher quality decision makers. At 500 million users, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, is your best sidekick, allowing you to target job title, sector, company size and seniority.


We believe the most valuable social media tool available to any business, is Twitter. It’s ability to reach out to so many key businesses and customers makes it stand out in potential. We can help by managing your account and increasing your brand awareness. To do this we follow the right people, retweet interesting information and tag commonly used #HASHTAGS.


Facebook works well in the B2C sector, so establishing a creative facebook business page and engaging your customer of facebook using facts, video or polls can be extremely useful in increasing your traffic to your website or online shop. Want to maximise your Facebook reach? Paid social advertising on Facebook is one of the most immediate ways to impact the reach of your content. With 2 billion potential active users, Facebook has become a powerful force in the digital marketing world. By utilising Facebook Paid Advertising, we can target the right message to the right audience, at the right time!


We work closely with our customer to understand which Social media platforms are right for their business. In 2017 we saw Instagram expand rapidly as people are becoming more interested in engaging visually with products and brands.

Social Media Statistics

  • 2017 statistics revealed that Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly social media users, making it the most popular social networking site
  • Twitter demographics reveal that the age group which use Twitter the most are 18–29, with 36% of Twitter social media users falling in that age category.
  • Instagram user figures have increased drastically over the past year, from 100 million Instagram story users in October 2016 to 300 million in November 2017
  • YouTube has around 1.5 billion active monthly social media users
  • To follow someone on Snapchat you have to know their Snapchat username, or add people that you already know through your contacts. This limitation means that Snapchat only reached (approximately) 255 million monthly users in May 2017.

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Webb Security
CPI Card Group
CJ Retail Solutions
Central Self Drive

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