You’ve just set up your social accounts and you’re ready to go but how to boost your follower count? That’s where we come in!

Here we talk you through how to do just that on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube:



Facebook has a range of features. Utilise them! Repeatedly posting updates for updates’ sake is not the most effective way of getting people’s attention and boosting your follower count/page traffic.

If you haven’t already, then why don’t you try mixing things up by posting a video, or creating a poll? This way you are altering your interactions with people and keeping your content fresh!

Make sure that you post at peak times. Scheduling tools such as SEMrush and Hootsuite provide this data, to make your life that little bit easier!

Keep an eye on what time of the day you have posted your content and how effective the response was. Stick with what works best!



If you are looking to boost your Instagram follower count, then stay active by liking and commenting on other profiles. Avoid unnecessarily commenting on pages that aren’t relevant to your business as the benefits of this, to you, are quite slim

Instead, show support to people and products you’re interested in! As well, Instagram is all about using photos and short videos to promote what you’re all about. In that case, you need to make your images relevant, high resolution and interesting.

Also, don’t forget the Story feature! This is your chance to showcase what happens in your business day-to-day or even live as it’s happening.

If your account is public, (which we recommend for a business account), this is a great way for potential new followers to find out about your business and what you are all about!



If you are looking to boost your follower count on Twitter, whether that be on a personal or business account, why don’t you tweet about a recent trend or hot topic and relate it to your business?

By finding a common interest with your fan base you are actively engaging with them, helping to increase your interactions (retweets, favourites and replies) and in turn (hopefully!) boosting your follower count.

Take a look at our blog on Hashtags and How to Use Them for some extra help and advice on using hashtags. We also have a Guide to Working Week Hashtags and how to use them.



The trick with LinkedIn is to keep it relevant and professional. Of all the platforms, this is strictly B2B so save up the funny stuff for Twitter!

A great feature when it comes to hashtags on LinkedIn is that if you’re are struggling for ideas, they provide recommended hashtags to help you out.

Make use of these, as more often than not, these are the tags with the most interaction and will be seen by relevant businesses, clients or potential employees.



Approximately 20% of people that click on your video will leave after watching just 10 seconds. This means that you have to cut to the chase pretty quickly!

For example, if you are thinking of starting a makeup blog, then start your videos with the finished look. This way, viewers immediately know what they are going to get from the video. A short introduction is enough, you can expand on your story along the way!

Another great tip for gaining more YouTube subscribers is to be consistent. If you only post once every couple of months then it is unlikely that people will stay interested and subscribe to your account.

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