Windows Live Messenger: 1999-Shut down

This was an instant messaging service where you could chat with your friends, start video calls and play games on your computer. Though the messenger lasted 15 years, it suffered from viruses and faced fierce competition from chat services such as Skype. Facebook chat was introduced in 2008 which would then go on to become the popular Facebook Messenger app in 2010.

Myspace: August 2003-Present

At one point Myspace was the most popular social networking site in the world, but it struggled to keep up with change and competition from the likes of Facebook meaning that Myspace’s popularity has decreased dramatically.

Facebook: February 2004-Present

2017 statistics revealed that Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users, making it the most popular social networking site. The user-friendly design ensures that it appeals to a wide range of ages, therefore, it is often used as a way to search for old friends. It also boasts a lot of different features all in one place including music, videos, photos, live stream and games.

YouTube: February 2005-Present

The good thing about YouTube is that although it offers new features and upgrades it does not stray too far from its main purpose which is to allow users to watch and upload videos. Google bought YouTube in 2006 and has been promoting it since. This is why when you search for something on Google the related YouTube video is made available. YouTube videos also have an option to be translated which means that they are made accessible to a wider range of people.

Twitter: March 2006-Present

Twitter is continuing to grow in popularity. This is because users feel able to express their thoughts on Twitter and people often find comfort in knowing there are other people who feel the same as they do. Twitter also allows for a space in which people who wouldn’t normally get involved in politics can express their views.

Instagram: October 2010-Present

Instagram is successful in social media marketing because people prefer to obtain their information visually. We are over 60% more likely to remember a piece of information if it is accompanied by an image. Also, a lot of celebrities are active on Instagram which allows everyday users a window into their lives.

Snapchat: November 2012-Present

Snapchat is constantly upgrading and offering new features within its scope which keeps it relevant. The fact that it changes the filters every day is just one way in which it stays exciting for its users. Another successful feature that it has introduced as it’s developed over the years is Snapchat memories, which allows you to save all your pictures and videos that you have taken on Snapchat. This way users form an attachment to Snapchat as they associate their memories with the app.

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