How to Use Your LinkedIn Account Effectively

Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, LinkedIn’s audience is very much B2B (Bus...

Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, LinkedIn’s audience is very much B2B (Business to business), so your posts and engagements on the platform must reflect this.

LinkedIn is fast becoming a social media platform and the place to go to help boost your recruitment and establishing client connections.

So when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, you’d do well not to forget about the importance of LinkedIn! Out of all the social media platforms out there, LinkedIn is the one where you want to showcase everything brilliant about your business, and employees for that matter!

In this blog, we’ve got five top tips on using LinkedIn more effectively as a business and as an individual…

Appropriate Imagery

This one might sound obvious – but you must choose an appropriate image for both your profiles, personal and business. As the old saying goes first impressions count!

This will be dependent on what the purpose of your LinkedIn account is. If you are a professional company, keeping your banner and profile picture linked in (excuse the pun!) with your branding is essential – using your company logo as your profile picture is the safest bet if you’re unsure!

By using your logo and brand, this portrays a professional image of your business. Also if people recognise your brand and logo on your social profile, this will only go towards increasing engagement on your business page and connection requests on your personal profile.

Utilise the space on your account

Company Page

LinkedIn is effectively more space to advertise your business – listing the services you provide is essential. Keep your summary brief and to the point and make sure you provide a website URL, contact number and email address on your page (depending on which of these is available and relevant).

Find the balance between cramming too much information on your profile and wasting valuable space. For example, although you may want to keep your banner image relevantly plain and professional-looking you could add any other social icons on there such as Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn also has huge benefits for businesses in that you can post job adverts directly onto your page and into your follower’s feed.

Each of your connections on your page will receive a notification of your job advert equally free advertisement, saving you money on any additional recruitment costs!

Personal Account

Make sure you have added relevant skills to your profile. This opens up the opportunity for other people to endorse your skills and ultimately shows off your strengths to potential employers.

Be sure to consistently share your company updates onto your personal profile. This not only increases your company’s brand awareness and engagement but also shows that you’re an active employee.

This is not only beneficial to your company but also beneficial to you – particularly if you are looking for a career change!

Relevant posts

Be conscious that the content you are posting is engaging – people are more likely to follow your account if the information they are reading is useful to them.

Jumping on trending topics is essential – it’s no use writing about a hot topic five days after it trended!

LinkedIn has recommended hashtags which can your article get engagement from those that will find it most relevant.

Be Consistent

If you are posting new updates daily, weekly or monthly, consistency is key! Even if you are not posting fresh content every day, allocating 15-30 minutes of your day to share and comment on relevant articles or find new connections is a great way to keep your LinkedIn account up to date.

Grow your connections

Whether you met someone at a trade show, conference or charity event, why not follow it up with a personalised connection request? Similarly, if you have recently connected with a former colleague then search through their connections and see if any are relevant to you.

Once you make a connection make sure you follow it up with a message – you’d be surprised what opportunities this can open up!

In summary, LinkedIn is a great social media platform with huge potential for companies, recruiters and personal accounts.

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