Facebook Update 2020

Roll out the blue carpet, Facebook is back and looking better than ever with the new slick monoch...

Roll out the blue carpet, Facebook is back and looking better than ever with the new slick monochromatic look that it has decided to sport for 2020. The new redesign is focused on making the desktop design have a similar appearance and feel to its mobile layout counter-part, but what exactly has changed?

The most immediate and noticeable change is how much more breathing room the main news feed has now. The old design used a boxed layout that constrained the content, not allowing it to expand to its full width and full potential.

Although boxed layouts used to be all the rage, they’ve become outdated and a thing of the past, making way for the pretty and popular full-width design. This new design opts to utilise the entire screen, placing the feed in the middle and parting the options and contacts sections to either side of the screen respectively.

The posts are now larger with an increased text size throughout the site allowing for an easier to read and more accessible experience for older audiences or those with eyesight difficulties.

Another prominent change made to the site is the inclusion of the new ‘groups’ tab. Although the groups’ tab has always been around before the redesign, it is clear that Facebook is pushing this feature to integrate it more with the core concept and use of the social media platform.

groups tab facebook redesign

The groups’ tab allows you to easily access the groups you are in, search for new groups to join and browse through the groups’ activity feed so you can keep up to date with the latest news that your interests and communities have to offer

The final and my favourite change that was made (or a feature that was added) is the inclusion of a dark mode! This feature does exactly what it says on the tin and allows the website to be turned ‘dark’.

The white and black colours get switched making it easier on the eyes especially during browsing at night time or in low light conditions. Don’t worry though! If you prefer using the light mode it is on by default or can be toggled in the account drop-down in the top right of the website.

Overall I believe this long-anticipated redesign is a huge step in the right direction for Facebook. It was in much need of an update to bring it with the times and it has more than just accomplished that goal. This glow-up has ensured that Facebook stays top dog of social media platforms now hosting a whopping 2.2 billion monthly active users!

Has the update been rolled out to you yet? What do you think of it?

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