Well written content is vital for your website – both from an SEO and customer journey perspective. If you’re looking to stay on Google’s good side you need to make sure the content on your site isn’t outdated – Google likes fresh website content!

Not only this, the user experience can be affected dramatically by your content. Continue reading for our tips on how to keep your content relevant and SEO friendly:

Plan before you write

Before you start writing your website content make sure that you have considered what the main aims of your business are and how your website will fulfil and aid these. You may even want to come up with personas for your website and establish what the best ways to communicate with them are.

As well as this, you need to make sure you have a clear grasp of brand awareness, as this will effectively determine the tone of the website content. If you are a corporate business and you start using slang and abbreviations then this is not likely to create a good impression to your audience.

If you have done your research this will help to keep website content relevant – keep it concise and don’t waffle, which brings us to our next point…

Write for lazy people

Put your most important information first. The customer should be able to know what your business does from reading the first few lines on your Homepage.

In the digital world, people make quick decisions without thinking much and are more interested in visuals. Use short paragraphs to keep readers engaged and avoid the passive tense where possible.

Check spelling and grammar

There’s nothing worse than an otherwise good looking website is riddled with spelling mistakes, no matter how quirky or relaxed the tone of your website is the errors will automatically give the customer a negative impression of your website. Make use of Grammarly (https://app.grammarly.com/) and ask your friends/family to review the website content for readability and spelling errors before setting it live.


We’re not saying you have to become an SEO expert overnight – leave that to us! However, make sure you consider keywords when you are writing website content. If you are a local business and your target demographic is largely based in Warrington then consider this when you are writing website content.

Avoid duplicate website content – Google doesn’t like this! Make sure that there aren’t large chunks of texts which are repeated on other pages of your website.

Don’t brag too much

Don’t overdo it on the self-praise. People who are visiting your website for the first time are not as invested and impressed by your products as you are – they don’t know how great they are yet! Rather than saying ‘we are the best’, show the customers why you are the best. Show them how great your products are.

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