Those of you have been watching I’m a Celebrity this year have probably heard about the recent events surrounding Jack Maynard. A series of offensive tweets from years ago have resurfaced and were shared/talked about all over social media and news headlines.

Subsequently, Maynard was forced to leave the show, and he and his girlfriend have separated as a result of his actions. Aside from consequences in his personal life, his professional reputation and credibility as a YouTube blogger have been tarnished. This is because a lot of his fans will have lost respect for Maynard as a person and will most likely stop watching his videos. As well, organisations and businesses will be a lot less likely to work with him or ask him to promote their products because they won’t want to associate themselves with him.

Zoella and Stormzy have also recently been called out for making homophobic slurs on twitter a long time ago, which is likely to leave a bad impression on a lot of people or could affect their reputation, both personally and professionally.

Similarly, the tweets and other social media content that you put out via your business account represent you as a company. Tweets from years ago can come back to haunt you! Here are 3 quick pointers on how to protect your/your company’s reputation.

3 pointers on how to protect your company’s reputation:

  1. Be careful of the language you use on your social media accounts. As seen above, once you post something on your account it is instantly made available to see by other people. It’s OK to be informal if that’s the tone you’re going for, but make sure you don’t start using offensive language, or abbreviating words to the point that they become illegible.
  2. If you are using images then make sure you are either using original content or using images which are labelled for reuse. This way you are making sure that you are adhering to legal requirements.
  3. Another great way of protecting your businesses’ reputation is by staying true to your word. There’s no point exaggerating the truth or advertising something that you can’t deliver because it will become obvious in your reviews that you are not a trustworthy organisation.

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