In the wind fly the colourful flags of equality as the month-long celebration of parity and pride begins. For those participating in pride month or even just observing and supporting, we stand with you.

To celebrate and promote the awareness of pride month ourselves, we have decided to collate our most colourful and progressive projects into one place to show our colours and what makes us who we are.


Papyrus website


There is no better way to start this showcase off other than with one of our most prized websites, PAPYRUS ( We love this website for so many reasons; the colours, the cause and the client, to name a few. This Warrington based suicide prevention charity raises awareness of young suicides and offers support towards those in need or struggling.

When the opportunity arose to work with this client, we jumped right on it. We are in full support of raising awareness for a cause like this and wanted to use our collective talents to help promote safety and prevent young suicide. The entire team here enjoyed creating and developing this colourful website and were further inspired by the good cause it represented.


Love Luminaires Instagram

Love Luminaires

It would be a mistake if we neglected to mention the incredible work we have accomplished alongside the fantastic people over at Love Luminaires ( The development of this client has only recently started with a whole new website on the way in addition to the social work we are creating. Though the client is only small, the message they are pushing undoubtedly is not; the neon rainbow light up for grabs is more than just a light; it’s a symbol of hope and fairness.

The idea was birthed at the beginning of the pandemic to show support and encouragement toward the hard workers over at the NHS and the persistence of the key workers that carried on working through the tough times, risking their own health for the economy. The rainbow symbolises so much more though, it represents the meaning of pride and equality, showing support for the LGBT+ community.


Central Self Drive Website

Central Self Drive

Although it doesn’t seem inherently apparent why we chose this website to showcase from first glance, we assure you it is worthy of mention. Central Self Drive ( may not be as vibrant or as domestic as the other projects we have chosen, but it is certainly as supportive as the others. At face value, this may look like a van hire company, and it is, but it’s the work they do behind the scenes which is what we consider genuinely noteworthy.

Central Self Drive have participated in many charity events and are forever updating us with their latest goodwill gestures they have accomplished to give back to the community. From working with Warrington Disability Partnership to helping a young person achieve her go-karting dreams, their generosity knows no bounds. For this, we believe they are worthy of a mention.

The truth is that we are proud of all the projects that we are part of, no matter how big or small the client may be. We are passionate about working with businesses that promote kindness and charity as it allows communities to be brought together and gives back to the planet.

So if you have a project that needs assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01925 563 963 or Contact Us to discuss how we can help you. From all of us here at Mosaic, we all wish you a happy pride month!

Kind Words From Our Clients...

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