Social Media Management. It’s easy, right? Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye, is what we’ll say for starters!

Here at Mosaic Digital Media, we want potential and existing clients to know about our processes for your accounts from the get-go.

This ensures a business relationship that is smooth sailing and one that is very unlikely to encounter choppy waters on our journey to digital marketing paradise together!

So what is that journey going to look like? Let’s find out:


What we need from you –

Before taking on any potential new client for Social Media Management, our social team need several items from our in-house ‘social checklist’. This is to commence work on your accounts in the best possible shape and get you and your business results sooner!

For businesses with existing social profiles:

  • Assets – What we mean by assets is any company logos, photos, videos or other creatives that you have on file. These could be anything from headshots of your team, ‘on the job’ photos for those in a trade, or more commercial assets such as branding and graphics.
  • Admin Access/Logins – We’ll be in a bit of a pickle if we can’t access your social accounts! For Facebook and LinkedIn, we’ll need you to grant admin access to members of our social team. In addition, we’ll need login details for all other social media such as Instagram and Twitter, including usernames and passwords.
  • Contact information for WhatsApp group (setup optional) – We’re big believers in communication at Mosaic Digital Media. We think WhatsApp is a great tool to communicate with our customers for content as well as provide updates on current and continuing work. If this isn’t for you and your business, we’ll stick to good, old-fashioned email!

For businesses needing social accounts setup:

  • Assets (see above)
  • Bio/About You Description – You know your business best. By leaning on your insider knowledge, we can put together the best possible bio/about you description.
  • Website – We always recommend having a website in place to direct potential customers to your business or product.
  • Admin Access/Logins – During the setup of any social accounts, we’ll need to know who, from your business, will be requiring admin access/logins.
  • Contact details – Any social account page needs contact details for potential customers to get in touch with your business. A phone number and/or email is always an excellent place to start.
  • Location – You need to tell your customers where you are so they can purchase your goods or services in person. Providing our team with your registered business address will help any customers find you easily.
  • Opening Hours – Like the above, you’ll lose business if a customer doesn’t know when you are open and closed! Keeping these updated is vital for all your social media channels.
  • Services – Letting potential customers know what services you provide and how you can help them is a great way to get your business name out there on social media!
  • Contact information for WhatsApp group (set-up optional)


Unique Content – Why do we require it, and how long does it take?

Unique Content is at the heart and soul of any reputable digital marketing campaign. It is a dream phrase for our social team!

Having unique content sent to us from your business lets our creative juices flow freely. From that, we create text and graphics that are unique to you and your company’s social pages.

Posting unique content also eliminates the threat of plagiarism from any rival companies. However, there is also a chance that your pages can be penalised or, at worst taken down, for posting consistent copied content from other sources.

Unique content may take longer to prepare and perfect, but the results speak for themselves. For example, see below a recent screengrab from one of our current client’s Facebook page:

These results are even more impressive when we tell you they ALL came from organic, unique content!


Graphics –

A social media post without a graphic, creative, or image is, in our opinion, not worth posting in the first place.

Social media, by its very nature, is a visual medium. The more creative and interactive your image, the more attention it draws from customers, both old and new.

Think of it like this – if John Travolta hadn’t worn that white disco suit in Saturday Night Fever and instead opted for a bog-standard pain of jeans, would you remember it? The answer is, without a doubt, no!

Good social media sticks in the user’s mind and grabs their attention to ultimately act on the CTA (Call to Action) in your post. This could be to call, click a link or buy a product.

Likes & Shares – What you need to know

It can be easy for clients new to social media to get hung up on the number of likes that any given post may get.

The key takeaway when it comes to social media likes is always to remember quality over quantity. For example, you could get 1000 likes but only two conversions or 10 likes with 5 conversions. Conversions are the name of the game in social media, so try not to get yourself in a tizz about likes!

Shares are far more important for your social media content. Shares can expand your audience reach hugely, and our social team take time to find the most relevant groups for your business.

This ensures that your posts are being seen by users most likely to interact and ultimately purchase from your business, whether that’s a product or service.


I advertise on Google, so why do I need social media profiles?

Advertising on Google is fantastic for business, so that is a tremendous start! From an SEO perspective, we asked our Head of SEO Marketing, Conor, for his thoughts:

“Having an active social media presence will play a large part in advertising on Google organically. Therefore, showing that your online business presence is active and constantly updating is key for SEO marketing.”

Working hand in hand, active social media profiles alongside Google Ads will ensure you gain maximum exposure and results for your business.

When we say ‘active’, we mean posting content regularly and responding to customer enquiries promptly.


What does a ‘good post’ and a ‘bad post’ look like?

A ‘good post’ is engaging to the eye, to read and if often interactive. One of our most successful accounts and ongoing campaigns are local Italian restaurant, Donatello Italian Ristorante.

This success we feel is down to a collaborative working relationship with our client and within our in-house teams.

The client has encouraged us to be creative with the content they provide. That confidence has allowed our marketing team to flourish and create fantastic content that pleases the client and their customers too!

Bad social media is posting inappropriate, offensive or simply unsuitable for work content to a business profile.

Couple that with poor imagery/creatives, and you get something like this, now infamous LinkedIn post from a regional Pure Gym.

Our biggest tip for ‘good’ social media content? Know your client and know your audience. Think like a user. What social media content do you typically like, retweet or share?

Create high-quality imagery alongside concise text that gets your call to action across, and you’re onto a winner!


Do you monitor analytics from my social media profiles?

We do! Our team are experts in utilising a reporting tool called SEMrush. SEMrush monitors both SEO and SMO performance and collates this information into a monthly report, which we then send to you, the client, for review.

All social media providers also provide analytics via their desktop and app versions, which we can also include in monthly reporting.

Analytics is a fantastic tool to monitor what is working and what isn’t on your social media and SEO campaigns. We then take this information and iron out the creases to make next month’s results even better!


Social Media at Mosaic Digital Media is exactly what your business could be crying out for! To discuss your requirements with our client management team or even just for a friendly chat, via Zoom or in person, call 01925 563 960 or click here.

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