As online shopping becomes increasingly popular, more and more people are turning to Woocommerce in pursuit of getting ahead of the competition. Since the launch of Woocommerce in 2011 over 2 million websites are now integrating this popular eCommerce platform into their site with a multitude of different uses ranging from a simple single product page to a massive selection of variable products in an online store.

In comparison, Woocommerce proves itself as the most popular eCommerce platform having over six times the amount of users as its main competitors Shopify and Magento. This popularity comes from a surplus of reasons why people prefer Woocommerce as their desired eCommerce site. Here are just a few of the major ones to help you decide if Woocommerce is the eCommerce platform for you.

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No License Cost

Unlike Shopify and Magento, Woocommerce does not have a licensing fee. This means that when creating an eCommerce website Woocommerce is the most cost-effective solution. For new and upcoming businesses that do not have the capital to keep up with an annual license fee that platforms such as Shopify and Magento charge, Woocommerce becomes the ideal eCommerce platform. You simply require a hosting provider and domain and away you go.

Ease of Use

Another accolade Woocommerce has earned itself is its ability to be understandable and easily interpreted by both the more and less technical people. Even though there are some elements to Woocommerce that are more advanced than others which can be daunting, this platform takes the top prize for being a great and simple platform for those with less knowledge in online shops right up to a wonderfully complex system for those with a greater understanding in theme development.

Highly Customisable

Maybe you do not want a traditional eCommerce platform that lists products that people can buy. Maybe you want something unique and special, something more personalised to your desires; Woocommerce is the platform for you. Due to its simple and professional nature, it is known to be a highly customisable platform with a wide selection of pre-built plugins that have a variety of weird, wonderful and niche functionality allowing you can make an eCommerce platform tailored to you.


With Woocommerce being the hugely popular platform it is, updates are pushed out on a regular basis. Not only does this minimalise the number of bugs you may encounter but also makes sure that the plugin is always up to date on the latest security changes and updates meaning that you need not worry about any security breaches or flaws. If you would like to read more on website security, please feel free to read Our GDPR Blog.

So now that you are aware of the benefits, what is your opinion on Woocommerce? Do you think that this is the platform for you? Or do you think you would prefer another eCommerce platform such as Shopify instead? If you would like us to build you a personalised Woocommerce website please Contact Us or call us on 01925 563 960.

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