When it comes to your website, backing it up will rarely cross your mind as after all, it’s as safe as houses anyway right? Wrong.

Your website may never have come under threat before by cyber-attacks or hackers but that isn’t to say it might not happen.

So here Mosaic Digital Media breaks down why it’s important to backup your website:


Guards against human error/unforeseen circumstances

Perhaps something that businesses take for granted on their website safety and security, is those ‘small disasters’ that can have huge consequences on your site. An important file may be misplaced or deleted, power may be suddenly lost and corrupt files and data, or even worse a device could be lost or stolen.

Can your business afford to lose all that data because you haven’t backed up your site? The answer is probably no.

There may be quick fixes to repair the damage but these often take longer than expected which could mean that visitors might not be able to access your site, purchase from or contact you. The result of this is a loss of business.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Provides Protection against Loss of Important/Sensitive Data

You’ve got all your month’s blog content set live and scheduled to be posted across your social media channels and then bang the posts have gone out but your blogs aren’t accessible as they have been deleted in error or have been lost as a power outage has corrupted your data!

How can all this content be recovered without backup? It’s not just blogs that could be affected, what if the same were to happen to customer accounts or sensitive data.

This is why it’s important to have backups so you’ll always have access to your site files, for when and if mistakes occur…


Allows for changes to site to be reinstated if problems arise

When you’ve been working on a site’s changes for a considerable amount of hours and then they are lost because your website isn’t backed up, it would only mean you’d be back at square one! Don’t let this happen because your website isn’t backed up!

You may have just redesigned your checkout/purchase area so if this goes wrong or is lost, this could affect your ability to sell your products…

If you had backup, these important changes could be restored in a blink of an eye and your back up and running in no time!


Makes sure customers can still purchase from you

Leading on from our previous point, a business or online store is nothing without its customers so if you can’t sell to them it’s a major problem.

Your checkout button is broken. Your contact form is down so customers can’t email. It’d be a disaster.

All this could result in a loss of business and could seriously bruise your businesses reputation with existing customers as well as potential new ones… don’t let this happen, when it could be solved simply with a backup of your site!

It could take time you don’t have to get back up and running when if you’d been backed up in the first place, you could avoid this hassle and be back online selling to your customers.

Something as simple as backing up your site could save you no end of issues down the line. Backup before you have to pack-up we say!

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