Many of us are currently working at home and this tends to come with different types of stresses and worries than you might get working in an office.

With it being #StressAwarenessMonth, we have taken this opportunity to talk about the different ways that you can deal with stressful situations while working at home.


Lone Working

As most can imagine working from home brings an aspect of loneliness due to the lack of team interaction and social banter.

Starting a conversion via voice call or video chat, whether that be a daily meeting to discuss workflow or just a simple catch up with a work friend, can massively help to relieve some of the stresses of being alone and boost your mood.


Work/life balance

Knowing how to split your time up fairly is important when working remotely. If you are working too many hours without any time to relax and unwind you could overwork yourself and become restless and stressed.

Make sure that you are designating time for you and your mind to rest. This could be taking small breaks in the day or simply shutting off your computer at a certain time and not touching it again until the morning.

Taking holiday days can also be a good way to relieve the tension of working from home in the same way that it does when working from the office. Holidays, even if you aren’t going anywhere, allow you to enjoy your home as a place of rest and not just a place to work.


Be happy

Although working from home can be lonely it also gives you more freedom over the hours that you work, for example if you need that extra 10 minutes in bed then you can have it!

Take 20 minutes out from your busy working day to enjoy some yoga or meditation, these are great ways to release stress and tension.

Maintaining good mental health is just as important, if not more so, as the work you’re doing so make sure that your first priority is that you are happy and coping well!



Working from home can bring a new set of difficulties to the table but knowing how to cope with these new circumstances is part and parcel of working.

Talking to people daily (even if it is via video call!), having a healthy work to life balance and taking advantage of being at home are all great ways to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

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