Your website is the place to showcase your products or services, provide support for existing customers and give new customers general information about the business. Whether the website is a small general site or an online shop, the quality of the website’s homepage can have a significant effect on the impression the site makes on visitors. An amazing homepage reflects positively on your company and makes visitors more likely to return.

Page header

Your header is the top part of the web page. It is definitely a strategic part of the page as the area which people see first. The header should include your company logo and clear call to action all how the customer can contact you, such as telephone, email and social links. Or at least a link to your contact us page.

Social Media

Social media activity has an impact on your SEO results. Interact with your customer and keep your website up to date by including your social feeds on your homepage.

Active Blog Posts

Having blogs on your homepage is something every homepage needs and is a great way to let users go and see that you are actually an active company and your keeping things up-to-date. Again this type of fresh content can help with the SEO factor of the website too.

High Quality Images

There is nothing worse than visiting a website with a blurry image. Investing in a photography or purchasing images from an image library is a must. When selecting images keep in mind that your first goal is to provide the best customer experience on your website as possible. 

A clear user journey

As much as your customers likes a challenge, their not mind readers, so we recommend that you take time to outline your customer journey with your business goal, making sure it is clear and efficient. An organised sitemap, easy to fill out forms and a big blue button with ‘Buy Now’ in bold writing is a step in the right direction.

Speed Optimisation

It’s a known fact that if a page doesn’t load within around 3-5 seconds you’ll off it faster than a fish in a frying pan! It’s proven that complex homepage can hurt your website conversion. If your not careful images and video can easily use up to two-thirds of a page’s total weight. So comprising on your content and maybe having only five images instead of the ten will help to improve your page speed dramatically.

Images vs Text vs Whitespace

You may think that having a lot of text on a website and plenty of keywords will improve your customer experience and SEO rankings. Actually having large blocks of text without white space and images to shape them can do the complete opposite and turn your customers away. For an effective homepage, you need a good balance of all three, plenty of white space isn’t always a bad thing!


A footer isn’t essential but having a footer on your homepage gives your customers a last chance to find what they’re looking for. The footer should contain basic information such as contact information, copyright details and links to your subpages such as terms and conditions and about us.

The key factors here to take away today are to have a website which is fast as possible, solidly structured, and full of amazing content.

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