Top Tips for Digital Marketing in 2020

We’re way into the first month of the New Year, a new decade even! That being said, nothing...

We’re way into the first month of the New Year, a new decade even! That being said, nothing stays still long enough in our line of work, so without further ado, here are our top tips for Digital Marketing in 2020:

Customer Experience

The customer is king in 2020. Marketing isn’t what it used to be. No more hard sells and tempting ‘buy this now’ ads. It’s all about providing a fantastic, tailored customer experience. If the customer experience is a good one, they’ll tell their friends and colleagues and come back with new business.

So what does a customer experience look like in 2020? Well, traditional marketing tactics such as personalisation, brand image and design are all still key but simple things like a friendly service with a strong knowledge base intertwined are things that matter to potential and existing clients.

Combine the new and the old for the complete customer experience. Take advantage of the new by making sure your tech is up to scratch for example; keep the old-fashioned values of a 1-2-1 with a listening ear that cares and understands; your customers will thank you for it!

Employee Engagement

In order to have happy customers, you need happy employees. It might sound simple but one unhappy staff member could seriously hamper your digital marketing strategy.

Your employees are the face of your brand, so shine the spotlight on them! People will always want to deal with passionate people, it’s a fact of life. Putting your employees’ front and centre of your digital marketing strategy will pay dividends in the long run.

Social Media posts that include your staff, be that photos or videos show that your company isn’t faceless and engagement is always high, like this

Instagram Post Digital Marketing Top Tips

Take the time to involve all your employees into your business and its mission and values. Happy staff who love their job will put this into their work which customers will see and reap the benefits of!


As the old maybe ancient saying goes ‘a picture can paint a thousand words’. To this day, that still rings true with a whopping 180% increased engagement on posts that include an image versus those that don’t!

Adding visuals, whether this is infographics, images or video, to the written word not only makes your content look more appealing it also can help your message be understood better.

Live Video

Following on nicely from our previous point, video content has never been in more demand by your customers than it is now. Live video is hugely popular with Facebook Live’s video view count rising to two billion last year (May 2019).

Video is also the way in which customers enjoy learning about your products the most from, you only have to look at the success through which companies get when they are endorsed through video, be that in ‘try-on haul’ or ‘product review/unboxing’.

Live video also makes the viewer feel ‘a part of the family’, engaging and influencing content rather than just watching it. It also makes your target audience feel like they’re missing something if they don’t tap that live link. It could be a new product or some exciting news but they’re not going to know if they don’t watch!

Podcasts are a fantastic way to engage your audience too, and that’s why we have started ‘The MoPod’ which is a podcast that is revolved around learning more about digital marketing and how we think it can help you as a business.

So there you have it, take what you need from these Digital Marketing top tips and 2020 will be your year – that’s something we’d love to be a part of! Call us on 01925 563960 to book a free 1-2-1 and talk strategy with one of our experts today.

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