Mini Bio

Name: Thomas Arthur Dorsett (I’m known as Thom in the office)
Age: My face may say 19/20, but unfortunately, I’m 26
Football team: The one true love of my life, Fulham Football Club. COYW!
Countries visited: That’s a toughie! I’m not as well-travelled as I’d like to be. Probably about 10, I think.
Favourite film: Very difficult to narrow it down to one, but Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor is an unbelievable film.
Favourite podcast: Shout out to the @Fulhamish boys!


Question 1. What do you do?

I’m the Junior Social Media and Marketing Executive in the office. I’ve also started my SEO training with our Head of SEO, Conor. That’s been interesting so far and I’m looking forward to starting to work with it. I’ve sort of gained a reputation already for making what could be considered the menial subject matter more exciting than it is! I love that no idea is seen as a bad idea too.

Question 2. What’s your background?

My background career-wise has been in customer service up until now. I graduated from the University of Cumbria in 2014 with a degree in Journalism and to be honest, I’ve been somewhat unlucky in getting through doors in that career path; the adage of, ‘who you know, rather than what you know’ springs to mind! I dipped my toe into Social Media for a short period and found it suited my skills and I wanted to find a way back into it – enter Mosaic Digital Media!

Question 3. What are the characteristics of good social media?

I’m no expert (yet) but I think the characteristics of good social media are when it’s personable and less automated. Some of the best accounts I follow are when you can tell that there’s a genuine personality behind the screen, and I like bringing mine to the accounts I work on.

I think it needs to be visual and interactive too, making the most of quality photos/videos and using the people behind the business as content. As a consumer, I think the more I know about the people and personalities behind it, the more I’m going to want to do business with them/purchase from them.

Question 4. What do you like about working at Mosaic Digital Media?

It is early days, but from when I started part-time, I’ve been made to feel welcome. There’s a real family feel about the place and we’ve got a super cool office!

I also like that there are so many creative personalities here. I wanted to work somewhere where creativity is encouraged, no matter how left-field, and it certainly is here!

Question 5. When you’re not working, what do you like to do to relax?

I’m one of those people that’s passionate about pretty much everything in their life so I haven’t got a single hobby. Music is a huge thing in my life, so I’m regularly at gigs with mates. Don’t mind a solo trip to the cinema now and again. Now I’ve got weekends free, for the first time in years, I’ll be heading up and down the country following my one true love…Fulham Football Club!

I’m a bit of a dancer on the quiet too, so if I’m out, you’ll find me on that dancefloor!

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