As autumn falls nearer and the summer sunsets over the horizon we can’t help but notice the new website design trends that have wormed their way into our work lifestyle. Design trends are much like seasons as they come and go but unlike the English summer, these design trends are more sunshine than rain. Let us look back on the design trends that have blossomed and bloomed in the summer of 2019.

Organic Shapes

We’re not going to say geometric shapes are a thing of the past because they’re certainly not, but we’re also not going to say that organic shapes aren’t a thing of the future. In the past websites have always been made up of methodical shapes and grids, this always kept a formality between the different elements throughout the website. A recent summer design trend has shown a movement more into fluid and organic shapes such as freeform blobs and droplets.

This new design trend brings a new depth to websites as it gives off more natural, free and flowing vibes that can really draw a viewer’s attention. You can see many good examples of this through our own website. If you like the design of our website why don’t you consider Contacting Us?

Mosaic Digital Media Website Design


Flush Design

With everybody down at the beaches for the summer season, it has given us designers stuck in the office time to reflect and enjoy the simple quiet life without all the bustle of a busy workplace. Maybe this is the reason why a minimalist design is making it’s way deeper in the biggest design trend of summer but then again maybe not.

A flush and minimal design is not a new trend that has come out of nowhere, it’s been around a while but it’s only digging its roots deeper. Many people think of a minimal design as all black and white but it doesn’t have to be that way at all.

A minimal design requires a lot of whitespaces but nobody is saying that space has to be white; it just has to be empty. You can check out a genial website design we built for a client over at

CBD Effect Projects | Website Design


Font-size: BIG

It’s great from an accessibility standpoint, it’s great from a marketing standpoint and it’s great from a design standpoint. This design trend is all about increasing font size or case to make it more legible. This has been a long time coming but it really made itself stand out recently. With the combination of bolder colours and a minimal design coming into play, this trend really ties the two together to score the run of the season and make the holy trinity of big summer design trends.

The basis behind this is to increase the base font size used throughout the website so it reads easily and is displayed in a crisp and clear manner. Other techniques involved in this trend include using uppercase titles and a bolded type to pull your viewer in and get them to read the content you want. A good example of where we have used a large font scheme is on our client’s site

Bizbom website design project


Brave Colours

Although having brave colours never truly went anywhere, it did put on its sun lotion and shorts as it made a bold resurgence during the summer design trends of 2019. Over time as businesses try to present themselves more professionally, they saturate their colour schemes and opt to use colours that are more neutral.

This leaves us designers with the perfect opportunity to bust out a bold scheme and turn the whole design trend on its unsaturated head. A bold colour scheme glows in a sea of bland and really captivates an audience. You can see a magnificent example of this on our daring sister site

itglu web design project


So there you have it, what we feel have been the hottest design trends from this summer season. We look forward to seeing what new trends the next season brings. Do you want a website built with all the latest design trends in mind? Contact us on 01925 563 960 or contact us using our contact form to see what we at Mosaic can do to grow and promote your business.

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