The digital marketing industry is constantly changing. Every year social media trends are becoming outdated, with new tools and applications being introduced all the time. With that in mind… these are the potential social media trends that could improve your business in 2020.



TikTok is a new application that is increasing in popularity on social media. It’s a video app for creating short lip-syncing videos that can be applied to a wide range of audiences.

TikTok is essentially the new Vine, and in 2019 it hit 1 billion downloads globally. It is believed that TikTok will soon be as relevant in the digital marketing industry as much as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Primary source of news

The internet is slowly overtaking the TV, with more and more households owning a computer, laptop or portable device. It is believed that the internet will soon be the main source of news and information. This is because breaking news and stories are spread out so fast and far from one person to another, especially on social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, these social media giants could almost now be seen as the main source of news throughout the world.



2019 saw a big increase in the publishing of podcasts. Podcasts are a useful form of entertainment in which you listen rather than watch. These are used and shared on social media to add another revenue stream by adding advertisements during the podcasts. Due to this, we believe the podcast trend will continue to increase in 2020.

Podcasts can be found on applications such as iTunes, Spotify & Youtube.

With these websites and applications receiving a large amount of traffic, it would be wise for a business to explore this avenue.


Live Content

With Facebook Live, Instagram live, Youtube live & and other applications such as Twitch, live video content may be one of the biggest trends for 2020. It’s a more personal, direct, engaging, fun and sometimes more interesting way of making contact with your target audience.


Primary source of sales for e-commerce stores

For a long time, search engines such as Google and Amazon have been the main players for commercial business, mainly e-commerce. However, with social media now incorporating online features such as Facebook marketplace or Instagram store, there is a big reason to believe that social media shopping may rule this market in the near future.

Some other community-based shop sites such as Etsy and Redbubble are also on the rise.


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