We are going to be exploring some of the more important social media trends to watch for in 2019. Some of these new trends could massively impact your progress, so hopefully, keeping up with some of the following will give your social media campaign that little boost it deserves!


Generation Z are a hard audience to please. People spend their time scrolling through social media channels waiting for something to grab them, and losing interest when this doesn’t happen within a short space of time… 8 seconds to be precise.

This is why we have seen video take to the forefront in 2018, and why we will see this trend continue to take lead in 2019. In fact, TechMagnate has predicted that video marketing will draw more than 80% of the internet traffic across the world by 2019.

Businesses tend to associate video marketing with beauty channels because of the growing number of vloggers which have dominated YouTube.

Yet video marketing, when done in the right way, can be an effective way to engage with your audience in a short amount of time. If you’re not willing to get in front of the camera, then animations may be the way forward for you in 2019!


We have seen Snapchat explore Augmented Reality (AR) based interaction and we will continue to see the likes of Facebook and Instagram make use of AR as a way of keeping up with new technology in order to spark the interest of Gen-Z. We have also seen a growth in the number of voice assist devices appearing in people’s homes. With Alexa becoming an extended member of everyday households, businesses will need to re-vamp their media strategies to keep up with the changes. Click to read our blog which explores whether voice search will change the way we search for businesses and products.

Influencer Marketing

We have continued to see influencers shape trends in the market in 2018. Influencer marketing will continue to dominate social media in 2019, yet we are starting to see progress and change in the world of influencers from the way in which influencers are transforming and developing their personal brands into full-on business ventures – a trend that will more than likely take precedence in 2019. Influencers are making use of multimedia platforms, mainly videos and podcasts, and using them as a way of presenting themselves as thought-leaders and consequently turning their success on social media into profitable revenue streams.

So, what does this mean for your business? As well as keeping up with the advances and developments in your own specialist sector, you need to keep aware of social media trends and technological advancements in order to be a thought-leader in your industry!

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