Around a month ago a large heavy 65inch parcel arrived upon our office doorstep. Surrounding it with intrigue and curiosity we opened the mysterious box in which contained a Samsung Flip 2 Smartboard, most kindly supplied to us by SCS Technologies.

Almost immediately we set about assembling the new toy. With ease, it fitted together only taking two people to put it together. Once it was all up and secure we plugged it in eager to see what the extent of the machine’s capabilities where.

As it opened we were greeted with a blank canvas and no instruction on what to do, this was slightly daunting at first because we hadn’t used an interactive whiteboard before. Luckily it was pretty easy to find an instruction guide on the device with it being only 2 clicks away. The instructions let us into all sorts of information that this technological breakthrough of a whiteboard could do so naturally we got to work with playing around with it.

Before we go any further, if you are interested in enquiring about purchasing or setting up a Samsung Flip 2  you can contact SCS Technologies here and they will help you out!

That morning consisted mostly of colourful artwork and funny messages scattered across the huge canvas that was the screen. Brushstrokes both thick and thin in a rainbow of colours where digitally inked throughout the page as we messed and played with the device.

We even found a paint mode that allowed the use of both watercolour and oil colour painting, perfect for us creative types. It wasn’t until the afternoon that we got to see what the Samsung Flip 2 was truly capable of.

As we sat around the meeting table for our weekly marketing meeting we decided that this time we would add a little flair to our otherwise bland conference. We plugged a laptop into the Flip 2 and seen it really come to life. The content that is usually presented on the small dingy screen of the laptop was amplified to the enormous screen of the smartboard allowing all of us to comfortably see the screen and the presentation in all its glory. This isn’t even the most impressive part of the evening.


Samsung Flip 2 Review - Anti Bullying Week


As the Flip 2 stood before us whilst we went through the presentation, we took the liberty to make the most of its drawing functionality in combination with the presentation mode. Instead of us each taking down notes in our own jotters we were able to write directly onto the slides giving descriptions to elements and highlighting others. The seemingly simple yet complex functionality allowed us to all combine our notes and efforts into one making sure everybody was on the same page and we all went away from the meeting having and knowing the same information. To save the hassle of printing off the newly edited presentation, the Flip 2 can instead email users with what’s on the screen meaning no messing around with multiple paper copies.

So, all in all, do we think the Samsung Flip 2 is a flop? Absolutely not, we love it! We are deeply sad to say goodbye to it and see it go. In its brief time at our office, we have had many fun and practical times with it as the device wormed its way into our everyday use. If you have already gotten a Samsung Flip 2 and need it set up please contact SCS technologies for their assistance.


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