Reverse Advent Calendar Day 5

This morning when we all walked into the office and took a seat at our stations we were all greet...

This morning when we all walked into the office and took a seat at our stations we were all greeted with a less than common sight – messages of appreciation written onto little sticky notes and placed onto our monitors.

A small act of kindness such as this can go a long way. It’s far too uncommon to receive a little bit of gratitude and thanks in this day and age; with people disregarding your hard work as just that, work.

Small acts of kindness such as these can and really do boost a person’s confidence making them a more outgoing and hardworking individual, if they know they are doing well and know you appreciate what they do, they will strive to continue working hard to prove to you that your kind messages/acts mean something to them.

Not only is an act of kindness a confidence booster it also improves the wellbeing of that person. Nobody knows what anybody else is truly going through and many of us are reluctant to share all the details of our personal lives. This can create a delicate balance that one harsh word or inconvenience can push somebody over the edge. A kind act can be uplifting and bring somebody back from that edge making them more joyous and willing to work harder.

That’s why today we decided to commit some acts of kindness and give each other motivational messages and positive reinforcement to help us get through an otherwise stressful day. We suspect this may lead to more courtesy brews throughout the office with our newly lifted spirits and the smiles upon our faces.

It doesn’t all have to be about donating money and giving your belongings away to make a change, just being a good person and letting somebody else know how well they’re doing can be enough. That being said we hope you, whoever you may be, are having a great day and continue to do so throughout the year.

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