When looking at SEO we need to remember that there are several technical factors that need to be looked at and monitored throughout your SEO campaign.

We are going to be looking at a single technical issue that seems to be the talk of the digital marketing industry right now, this is called Mixed Content.


What is Mixed Content?

Mixed Content is referred to as a mix up of secure and non-secure resources such as images & links found on a web page.

Mixed content issues can usually be found after a website has made the transmission from HTTP to HTTPS (Adding an SSL) but can present a security risk to your website and its users.


Why is mixed content a hazard?

There are many reasons you should worry about mixed content and should try to prevent it. We are going to divide them into different categories.


If your page isn’t secure, then it makes it easier for someone to monitor or steal data from the users. Browsers can also enforce alerts and warnings to the user indicating that the page they’re using isn’t secure, this can give the impression that the site isn’t professional and could be part of a scam.


Users not feeling safe on your website can give your business a bad name and reputation. This can stop users wanting to interact and purchase from your site because they won’t trust you with their private information.


Having mixed content issues on your website can affect and even damage any SEO campaigns that are running. Also, if your site is to get hacked via mixed data then it can be difficult to remove any viruses or malware that might have been added.


What’s the verdict?

Search engines want to make sure that users get the best service, so having an un-secure website is detrimental to your campaign and you will be penalised by Google, meaning that your site will likely appear lower in the rankings.

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