For the Love of Digital Marketing

Valentine’s Day is in our midst and love is in the air in our office, our love for digital market...

Valentine’s Day is in our midst and love is in the air in our office, our love for digital marketing that is! To show our appreciation for digital marketing we have decided to share some of our loving tips on how to help better market your business online.

Make it Facebook Official

Some people say it’s not truly official until it’s on Facebook, and we here in the office agree with this statement; no business has truly got an online presence until it is on Facebook! This stands true for other social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram too.

It’s the meaning of life, the universe and everything. With 42% of the world’s population using at least one social media platform you would have to be pretty blinded by love to miss the opportunity to get your business on there. Using social media as a digital marketing strategy is one of the most common, easy and effective ways of getting your business online. Anybody can do it and it makes you look more like an individual than a corporation.

A Gift, Because You Care

Digital marketing comes in many shapes and forms, breaking away from offline marketing and developing its unique twists and new ways to market. Even though this is true, sometimes the old ways are the best. There is one form of marketing that will never fail to attract an audience. That’s right – its discounts and coupons.

No matter how classy a person may be, it’s hard to resist a good deal. Whether it be a discount code to entice new customers your way or a coupon to thank your loyal ones, a gift to show you care is a great way to make yourself pretty irresistible this Valentine’s Day.

The Colour of Love

To truly love your business you first need to get to know it. Sure you can say you know your business because you created it but do you? As a business grows so does its identity and personality; people familiarise themselves with your logo, the colours you choose and the tone of voice you use.

Brand awareness is key to a successful online business, changing your identity around can confuse people and make them forget you. It’s best practise to build an online personality, showing your colours and consistently presenting yourself. When people love you, never change.

It’s All About Looks

People always say it’s not about looks, it’s about the personality but really… it’s both. A business with a fantastic social presence is only going to get so far without a dashing website for people to go to. 

A modern and fresh looking website can attract the admirers to you and it somewhere to direct those who find you through other digital marketing strategies such as email campaigns or social media marketing. A website is the masthead of digital marketing and will pave the way to making you grow and become exceedingly successful.

New Love to True Love

Though this point is not strictly limited to digital marketing we feel it is too important to leave off the list, in fact, it is possibly the most important form of marketing there is. It’s the basis to all other forms of marketing, its networking and reputation building.

Any business needs a good rapport to be successful. You would never go for a company that had a reputation for providing a poor service or product. People want the best quality for the best prices and if you provide neither of these you’re not going to do well.

The hard part is, of course, building a reputation. The best way to get your first customers is to network out and make new friends. This can involve sending out marketing emails, asking for reviews and testimonials or simply just talking to people. It’s a slow and gruelling process but when you have them they will love you. 

Give Us a Chance?

We don’t want you to suffer any digital marketing heartbreak this Valentine’s Day, we want you to be our partner. If you need assistance in digital marketing or would like to talk to us you can contact us on 01925 563 960 or use our contact form and we will see how we can help you this Valentine’s Day.

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