10 Year Website Challenge

Nathan Heyes - 21/02/2019 - Web Design

If you have been on Social Media these last couple of weeks, you may have noticed a new trend popping up on your feed: a “10-year challenge”. This challenge looks at how much somebody, or something, has aged within the last decade. Here at Mosaic, we are all for keeping up with industry standards and latest design trends so let us have a look back at some popular websites to see how they fare in the #10YearChallenge.


Many look to Apple as a design leader when it comes to slick and minimalistic design they use for their website but it never always used to be that way. When we made Apple take the 10 Year Website challenge we can see they have shifted from their original design a lot in the past decade.


apple old website


apple new website


Twitter has seen its fair share of renovation over the 10 Year Challenge from a boxed light blue layout with similar aesthetics as other social media sites from that time to a modern fresh full-screen splash.


Twitter Old Website


Twitter New Website

Stack Overflow

A website we here are all familiar with. A soft safe haven for us with a sharp design and an easy to navigate layout but looking back that did not always use to be the case. The 10 Year Challenge reveals that the site used to be more compact and blocky. Not all of us here remember the old design but some of us do.


Stack Overflow Old Site


Stack Overflow New Site


Many things have changed over the years with eBay from the logo to the colour scheme. Looking at the result of the 10 Year Challenge, we can see that eBay has dropped its use of the yellow colour and opted for a more plain and modern looking site. E-commerce sites generally need to keep themselves keep and tidy so the user is not swamped by too much irrelevant information.


Old eBay website


Old eBay website


PAPYRUS is one of the more recent projects we have worked on but the site has not always been with us. We decided to have a look back on what it used to look like, not just before we redesigned it but what it looked like 10 years ago. PAPYRUS has come a long way since then opting for a fresh modern full-width layout with much more vibrant colours and neater navigation. We can see it has aged a lot and for the better in the 10 Year Challenge. Check them out following the link here.


Papyrus Old Website


Papyrus New Website


Do you feel your website is looking so 2009? How about getting a more modern look and join in with us on the 10 Year Challenge! Contact us on 01925 563 960 or contact us using our contact form and we will see how we can help you.

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