St. Patricks Day was on March 17th and swiftly approached as people bought their leprechaun hats, picked their shamrocks and prepared for what could have been their most drunk day of the year. We are all for being wasted on this occasion but we certainly won’t be wasting this occasion. St. Patricks Day is more than just another day in the calendar for us, it’s a marketing opportunity.

The main focus in St. Patricks Day is the high consumption of beer and the excuse for a party; so does this mean only alcohol companies can capitalise on this day? No of course it doesn’t, just because a holiday may have a specific focus it doesn’t mean it can’t be used or interpreted in different ways to fit your business. Your company can benefit from St. Patricks Day (or any occasion for that matter) in many ways depending on how you choose to market it. Here are just a few ideas that may help you boost your sales on this lucky day:

Try your luck with a contest

St. Patricks Day is an Irish holiday and the Irish are known for their luck. Take this opportunity to let your customers see how lucky they are with a contest or giveaway. Contests are a good way to increase customer engagement that can correlate to an increase in conversions meaning more sales. Contests are an especially effective marketing strategy on Social Media platforms, as it will generate more brand awareness.

Go Green for Paddy’s Day

We’re not talking about recycling here (although that is a good idea) we’re talking about quite literally making yourself green to celebrate St. Patricks Day. The colour of St. Patrick is widely known to be a shamrock green and is tightly associated with the day. Making parts of your identity green such as your logo or some elements on your website can show your audience that you are more than just a corporation. Customers are more likely to approach a corporation with a personality behind it. Changing your website is a good way to generate additional traffic to your site; a fresh coat is likely to decrease bounce rates and increase traffic.

Save them a pot o’ gold with discounts

People love money and more specifically saving money. St. Patricks Day is a great way to push a marketing campaign in the guise of a holiday discount. Although at face value, applying discounts may seem like a bad idea as it decreases the profit margin on your product/service it is many other benefits that outweigh the negative. Customers will likely be loyal your business and use your services again when given a pleasant experience such as with a discount.

Just wish them well

Maybe you don’t want to really change your business or push a promotion on this occasion, that’s fine too. Just wishing your audience a simple happy St. Patricks Day can work as well as an actual promotion as it shows people you care about them and can increase customer engagement and brand awareness. That being said, from all of us at Mosaic: we wish you a happy belated St.

Patricks Day!

So don’t just rely on the luck of the Irish to boost your sales this spring season, rely on us here at Mosaic. Mosaic can increase your sales with our marketing prowess and expertise in SEO, SMO and Web Design. Contact us on 01925 563 960 or contact us using our contact form to see what we can do to promote your business.

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