Nowadays everyone is going digital – including businesses. If someone is looking for a builder, cosmetic surgeon or lawyer then gone are the days of rifting through a Yellow Pages to them. Instead, people jump straight onto the internet or take a recommendation from a friend – which is why it is important that you have an online presence which makes the process of finding your business easier.

There is no doubt that Social Media will increase your company’s online presence. If you want to find out more information on how to do this #AskMo on Twitter to see how we can help.

However, there needs to be somewhere to drive the traffic to – a website. It is important not to rely solely on Social Media. Say if Facebook crashed tomorrow (not likely but hypothetically speaking!), then your whole online presence would effectively be gone.

With this in mind here is Mosaic Digital Media’s A-E of why having a company website is essential to your business, with some helpful tips too:

Authenticity –

Whether you own a quirky business which sells hangover solutions or a professional HR company, your website gives your business credibility. Have you ever bought a product from Amazon without checking out at least one or two reviews before-hand? Not-likely! A reviews and testimonials section on your website will make someone more likely to trust that you are a genuine and legitimate business.

Brand identity –

Your website is hugely representative of your business –it’s a platform which enables you to bring your brand to life. The flip side of this is having a poorly designed or broken website. Think of it this way, if you walked into a restaurant which had a broken sign and very slow service from the off-set you would likely opt for the clean and welcoming restaurant over the road!

Content –

This is a chance for you to promote your products and/or what your company is all about. Ensuring that your content is fresh and updated is essential. A blogs page is a great idea as it can help to shape your company personality, provide useful tips to your customers and help drive traffic to your website when made SEO friendly.

Delivery –

your website is ultimately designed to deliver results. This could mean a full e-Commerce website which has the ultimate goal of easy and fast purchase of products, or a friendly and relaxed WordPress website which is designed to slow down the user and deliver an enjoyable user experience. In order for your website to deliver it needs to be developed in the right way.

Efficiency –

As long as your website is designed skillfully to ensure a user-friendly experience, the website does all the work for you which makes it incredibly cost and time effective for your business. Your customers are able to explore and engage with your business from the comfort of their own home.

How can we help?

Based in Warrington we are a leading Web-design agency who can take your website ideas from paper to a fully functional website. Whether you own a website which you feel doesn’t represent your business or you are looking to start from scratch then #AskMo to see how we can help you out. At Mosaic, we offer free scoping sessions which will identify all your wants and needs and ensure that the end produce something that you are proud of.

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