So the New Year has rolled around and resolutions are already being made and broken, there is no better time to reflect on the past year than now. We feel the last year went past quickly but was still packed with loads of new design trends and ideas for us to bring forward to the future. Why don’t you read our Design Trends of 2018 Blog to see what the trends were at the beginning of last year?

Last year had many advancements and alterations in the design industry. From the way websites are laid out to the inclusion of GDPR rules and regulations in May; 2018 was a big year for how we go about website creation. Covering every major design trend in the past year would be too cumbersome and long to accomplish so instead we will highlight the ones that most affected us.

A river of colours

As the year progressed so did the palette and vividness of the colours used in website designs. Budding from the Premier League website in late 2017, the colour craze continued throughout the entirety of 2018 and has stayed with us in thus far in 2019. We have adopted this movement into our own designs that you can find on Our Work. One of our favourite designs this year is the Papyrus website that was heavily influenced by this design trend.

You can read more about how we use colours and what makes for good and bad colour combinations in our Colour Theory Blog.

Typography and me

Another big advancement from the last year is the layout of and the way we use typography. In previous years, the font choice for websites was limited to the resolutions of the smaller screens as mobile browsing was becoming ever increasingly popular.

An easily readable font on a small device was a necessity due to the screen resolution cap that came with them. As technology has advanced, however, it means the screen resolutions are much crisper than they used to be meaning fancier and more engaging typefaces are openly available to us.

Typography plays an integral part in web design as this is usually the main way you’ll be pitching your business to your audience. We even mentioned it in our Design Trends for 2018 Blog. With the availability of more fashionable typefaces coming accessible to us, we will undoubtedly see a shift in the way typography is presented itself to us on websites in 2019.

You can read more about typography in our Typography Blog.

Asymmetry paves the way

At the latter end of 2018, we starting seeing a huge shift in the way the construction of websites were being made. Fewer and fewer sites have been adopting the traditional boxed and squared layout of websites and designers had started leaning towards new fresher layouts of asymmetrical designs.

We have a sneaking suspicion that asymmetrical designs will be the future of 2019s designs with many new creative websites coming out of the woodworks and possibly revolutionising the way we design.

We have some truly wonderful asymmetric designs in the workflow so stay tuned to Our Work for when they are completed.

And there we have it, the 3 most vital design trends that we feel will influence the way we design websites in 2019. If you enjoyed this blog, you can stay tuned for more future blogs by signing up to our Newsletter.

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