When it comes to starting a National Marketing Campaign it can be hard and take some time to gather traction. What most people don’t know is that starting in a local area can help you boost traffic, create conversions and develop a higher domain authority. Lots of companies want to be a national competitor straight away but this process takes time and hitting local business first can be a great way to help you swim in an already crowded pond!

Local Google Business Listing

Google’s Local Business Listings (Google My Business) is the pioneer in helping you attract local business from all around your area. It allows people to find your company, your website and your contact details, all in one quick and easy search.

It also gives you the added bonus of having reviews. Reviews are one of the first things that will determine whether a customer will want to use you or not.

A local business listing can also have a negative effect on your search rankings if they are incorrectly optimised and maintained. Something as simple as a wrong phone number or address can contribute to Googles Ranking algorithm. Making sure that all your company data is correct, adding images and simply updating it regularly can help to boost local rankings.

Local Google Business Listing

Local Keywords

When trying to rank for a local audience it makes sense to target localised keywords, for example; instead of trying to hit ‘Construction Services’ you can aim for something more around the lines of ‘Local Construction Services in Manchester’, these type of key phrases can help your audience find their local Construction Services if they live in Manchester.

The advantage of using these types of key phrases is that they have less competition making it easier and faster to rank for in search results. The only issue with hitting these key phrases is that there will be less traffic going to them. This is both a negative and a positive because there will be less traffic searching that long key phrase, however; the people searching them will be the right audience and will help to reduce a website’s Bounce Rate.


We believe that marketing in a local area can have a positive effect on the overall SEO campaign with increasing traffic and audience. Gaining local traffic and establishing yourself as a local business online can be a great stepping-stone to help you get into a national market. Jumping into a national marketing campaign can be lengthy, time-consuming, and expensive. Going local first can help give your business the boost it needs before going national.

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