One question we get asked more than any other when it comes to Web Design is ‘how long does a website take to build?’

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer for this. Many contributing factors add up to determine how long a website build will take to complete.

As one great proverb says, it was the tortoise, not the hare, that won the race. We take the time necessary to build bespoke websites that fit our client’s needs and brief to a tee.

In our latest MDM blog, with our expert Web team’s input, we break down what exactly determines the length of a website build and what you can expect when you come on board with Mosaic Digital Media for a website build.


Website Design and Build Misunderstanding


Website Design and Build Misunderstanding

One of the biggest misunderstandings for delivering a website is that one person is solely responsible from the first contact to the website going live. This may be the case for a freelancer or a very new start-up. Still, with an established business such as Mosaic Digital Media, we have a team of people who have the best skill sets to do particular tasks.

A single person cannot guarantee to give you the same level of expertise across all the different critical areas involved in building a website. Having a team in which each member has a unique skill set means that the overall timescale is significantly less.

Spreading the workload and assigning each team member with the task that suits them best means that you’re getting the best website possible for your business!


Website Builds - A Step by Step Guide


Website Builds – A Step by Step Guide

So how exactly do you build a website? Here’s how we at Mosaic Digital Media go about building bespoke websites that showcase the best a business has to offer:

Initial Consultation –

There’s no way a website can be built without first gaining an understanding of the business it’s being built for! In your first meeting with us, we’ll ask you to provide specifications of what exactly you need from a website. This will form the backbone of our Web Team’s design process and will be something to refer back to for guidance if required.

Research –

After this meeting, our team of designers will brainstorm and research two key questions; can we build this and build it to the client’s timeframe? If both answers are yes, it’s time to come up with a build proposal!

Build Proposal –

This will be given in the form of a document that will include everything you need to know regarding the work being undertaken on your site, including timescales and intended cost. Once this is agreed upon by both parties, we’ll get to work!

Client Content –

To start our website design for your business, our Web Team will need the following content to create your bespoke site:

  • Business Logo
  • Contact information for your business
  • Colour schemes/branding guidelines
  • Image library for use across the website
  • Page content
  • Example website designs and why you like them
Website Planning –

Now we have all the content, our team can start to plan the foundations of your site. We’ll review all the content we’ve been given along with any specs provided to make sure we fully understand the job at hand.

Website Design –

Now the fun starts! Our team of designers will begin to build a mock-up of your new site. Using the info provided by you, this mock-up will include, as an example, the first design of your homepage and an internal page design. These will then be sent to the client for a first look – your site will stay in this design process until you are happy to sign off a bespoke design that fits your business like a glove!

Website Build –

Once a design has been approved, it will then be given to the front-end developers within our team, who will take these flat designs and turn them into a fully functioning site.

Testing –

We’re quite the perfectionists at Mosaic Digital Media and won’t allow a website to go to any of our clients until it’s passed our rigorous testing; this includes:

  • Functionality tests; e.g. contact forms, sliders, bespoke integrations
  • Responsive testing; check visibility on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Browser testing; e.g. Chrome, Safari.
  • Load testing; time it takes the site to load fully.
 Website Go-Live –

This is the final stage for all website builds. Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is completed, just yet! This is where we make the final checks and go over your site with a fine-tooth comb. Minor snags such as grammatical or spelling errors will be spotted and updated and any minor bugs found during testing. Once the website has been live for some time, the client may request new features, additional website content or minor image changes in the website. Please do bear in mind, however, we do not put website’s live on a Friday, and if we do, this will only be in exceptional circumstances.

Once your new website is live, there may be minor changes along the way. Still, you now have a fully functioning bespoke website that is unique to your business!

Your website can now be handed to other members of our in-house teams, such as SEO and Social Media. This is to fully optimize your site for both SEO and Social Media integration.

Got a website that needs a new lease of life? Contact us today on 01925 563 960 or click here to book a consultation with our Web Team!

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