Us Brits absolutely love a moan, the weather’s dull and miserable for 11 months of the year, and the one time we get some sunshine, it’s social media pandemonium as Blighty becomes; “too hot”.

We feel you here at Mosaic, it is warm, but come on, let’s all lighten up a bit just like the weather has and enjoy it whilst it lasts.

The heatwave may be draining but it’s brought us plenty of laughs in the office, and now it’s our turn to showcase 10 of the most humorous heatwave tweets we’ve seen – it might make sticking to your chair that little bit more bearable.

1. Dave

Dave, aka the home of witty banter, has summed up 99% of the population with this clever tweet. We’d argue that there’s not enough complaints in that list though.

Social media - twitter - Dave


2. Innocent Drinks

You have to laugh at the drinking tea part, its 30 + degrees and even we’ve got the kettle on here at Mosaic, because nothing cools you down like a scalding hot mug of water. We’re jealous of the desk fans though, even if they may have melted. We might have to pester the bosses for some of those bad boys – heatproof ones of course.

Social media - twitter - innocent drinks


3. The Poke

There’s work to be done so unfortunately, this isn’t us. We’re thinking about beer o’clock 24/7 though, because who wouldn’t love an ice-cold pint to help cool off?! Our time will come through, we all like to enjoy a beer together in the office every Friday (will probably be raining Friday now! *nervously checks weather forecast*)

Social media - twitter - the poke

4. Money Saving Experts

We like your style Money Saving Expert, using the heatwave as an excuse to plug the sales of fans – genius. Just look at that gif too?! It’s a hot doggo with a paper towel patting his ‘lil face, adorable.

Social media - twitter heat wave - money saving team

5. Pretty Little Thing

Yep, well there’s no cooler colour than black?! We mean style of course, those skinny jeans are now spray-painted on forever and half the office looks like they’ve just cannonballed into the nearest public pool.

Social media - twitter heat wave - pretty little thing

6. Marty Lawrence

Politics and heatwave news, a double whammy in the trending section. This one probably got the most laughs, so bravo Mr @TeaAndCopy.

Social media - twitter heat wave - marty lawrence

7. Official Weather UK

Never has the bin that holds all the rubbish ever seemed so appealing. Roll on 5pm for the wheelie bin bathathon.

Social media - twitter heat wave - official weather uk

8. Graham Love

PENGUINS DIE IN HOT CARS, ok so maybe stuffed ones won’t but, at least give him a bit of air by leaving the window open a tad.

Social media - twitter heat wave - graham love penguin in a car

9. Kristen Powers

Its times like these that we really wish most UK homes and buildings had air conditioning units fitted as standard. *wipes dripping brow*

Social media - twitter heat wave - kristen powers

10. Mosaic Digital Media

Last but not least, a shameless plug for Mosaic Digital Media. There’s a very serious message behind this tweet though, so please be safe during the heatwave.

Social media in Warrington- twitter heatwave - mosaic digital media

P.S. If you fancy a good belly laugh, look no further than Tom’s smooth moves, coming to a dancefloor near you soon.

Have you seen any other funny posts regarding #heatwave2019? Let us know on Twitter.

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