The clocks strike 8 pm and the last of our guests depart from our office venue going home after their successful evening of networking, so concludes the end of our 2nd ever Warrington Digital Summit. We feel as again we have hosted another successful Digital Summit and have provided great assistance to those who attended; helping them grow their business, skills and networks.

The doors were set to open at 4:30 pm but that’s not to say we didn’t have some overly eager guests making an appearance 15 minutes earlier, this was great as it allowed us to mingle and help them get set up with any and all the promotional material they had brought. All the other guests filtered in slowly within the hour as everybody was getting into the full swing of marketing and networking. The sandwich buffet slowly depleted along with the tasty treats and the wide selection of beverages we had stocked up including hot brews, cool beers and soft drinks. After everybody had gotten enough time to get involved, it was time to move onto our speakers.

Mosaic Digital Media Networking

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Our very own Our Commercial Director, Aidan, kick-started the night with an introduction on the Digital Summit, that highlighted what we are hoping to achieve by hosting these events. The aim of the Digital Summit is to place the emphasis on you, the attendee, to share how your journey has been as an entrepreneur, employee or business owner allowing you to express how digital has helped you along the way or the struggles you have faced. Without further ado, we moved onto our first speaker…

Kirsty James of Colony Networking led the speech with a bit about her humble beginnings, telling us she had her first idea for her company at the age of just 8! A very inspiring talk followed, including some of the issues you may encounter when building up your company along with solutions to circumvent these issues. You may listen to the speech here on our Facebook page and make sure to check out Colony Networking’s upcoming event here.

Kirsty from Colony Networking

Our 2nd speaker was Grant Holden of GH Nutrition, Grant appeared at our last digital summit but this time had the opportunity to speak! He began his talk with his childhood and upbringing giving us a fascinating story on what events led up to him opening his business and what ultimately led him to work with Mosaic to revamp his eCommerce website which you can check out here. His inspirational talk took us on a journey on what it’s like to start up and grow your own business along with anecdotes and learning experiences along with way. You can see his speech on our Facebook page here.

Gran from GH Nutrition Speech

After the talks had finished and the congratulations were given, it was time to wind down the night with a bit more social networking with a side of delicious grub from the buffet. Numbers and business cards were exchanged as our guests made their final goodbyes and headed off homeward bound.

Overall, we feel this Digital Summit was another successful check-in our books and though we did have our concerns we are confident that all our guests left with a smile on their faces. The turnout was less bustling than previous allowing the guests who showed up to build closer relationships with one another without feeling overburdened with the sheer volume of people. Another deviation from the previous Digital Summit was we decided to host this one on a Thursday rather than a Friday (because we all know how we like our Friday’s). Learning from this we have concluded Friday may be the preferred day for our Digital Summits as it allows the guests to stay as late they like knowing the comfort that a weekend follows, they also can have an extra cheeky beer from our beer fridge if they aren’t driving!

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There are definitely plans for another Warrington Digital Summit, so stay tuned as we fine-tune our formula to make the perfect and the best networking summit in Warrington to help small businesses grow. We hope to see you at our next Digital Summit and if you attended this one then a big thank you for showing up. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see at our next Digital Summit or if you would like to attend please let us know by emailing us at or call us on 01925 563 960.

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