When it comes to getting your website built, we all look for the cheapest way. Well, what if I told you that you might be better off spending a little more money and getting a website you can be proud of and meets your business requirements? Having a poor design and bad user experience can be worse than not having a site at all. Below we’ve put together some reasons why you shouldn’t cut the corners:


You need to make sure you get a design that you’re happy with before you let them build anything for you. Using a theme can be alright, but if you want something a little more bespoke to your business, then building a website from scratch is a much more productive option for yourself and your company. Or if the budget is tight, we can help select the right theme for your business, which also takes into consideration page load, security and what it looks like on your mobile. To discuss how we can help you and your business call us today on 01925 563 960!


You can develop problems with any website after it’s been created but it’s much easier and much cheaper if that site has been created correctly. If you’re paying less for a website, then there’s a greater chance that they’ve cut some corners. This can lead to a number of problems in later life like your site getting hacked or leaking information… We all know that losing data is a big issue so don’t take the chance!

User Experience

This is one of the most important parts of a website because this is the part that your customer will experience and remember. You’ve only got ONE chance to give a good first impression so you need to make it count. Users want to be able to navigate your website with ease while getting to the pages they want to and need to see. Spending a little more on this could mean the difference between your website producing conversions and not.

Don’t Waste Money

If you go for a good website design first time, then it could save you so much more money in the long term. Low budget websites can often be created from standard themes which can leave you with problems in the future. If you are to get a well-designed website which has been built with good structure, then you’ll have a much better chance having happy customers and being happy yourself.

If you think that you want something a bit better than a bog-standard website, then get in touch and our team of expert designers and builders can help you create a bespoke site for your company.

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