As you may have noticed over the last few days on our social media we have been sharing our efforts for an event known as Codevember.

What is Codevember?

Codevember is a challenge for developers to sharpen their design and coding skills every day during November. The challenge has been going on for a few years now and was started by two developers known as Arthur Rob and Valentin Daguenet. On the Codevember site,, there is a list of each day with a prompt for that day (though this prompt is just to help developers to come up with something for each day and doesn’t necessarily need to be followed).

How is Mosaic participating?

At Mosaic we are participating by creating a coded piece each day on Codepen and submitting it to the Codevember site. We are attempting to make sure each days submission is different from the last and trying to come away each day with something new learned. We have imposed some rules to keep us challenged;

  1. The submission must be coded, ie it cannot just be an embed image created in photoshop or illustrator (this isn’t to say creating an image in these isn’t a skill in itself just that the challenge seems to be more targeted at coding skill).
  2. We only have an hour each day to code the submission, this is to stop us getting too wrapped up in the challenge and to stop us constantly tweaking the submission.
  3. We have to do something based on the prompt, as this forces us out of our comfort zones and gets us learning new things.

What have we Done so far?

So far we have completed the following challenges each day:

  • Day 1: For the first day the prompt was infinity. For this we created a rocket ship trapped to travel through a rainbow warp hole for infinity.

    See the Pen #codevember – 01 – infinity by Liam Wright (@Uiliam) on CodePen.

  • Day 2: The prompt for day 2 was Time. For this one we created a clock in Javascript that used numbers and blocks to show the current time.

    See the Pen #codevember – 02 – Time by Liam Wright (@Uiliam) on CodePen.

  • Day 3: For day 3 we had to do something based on carrots. For this challenge we used some SCSS functions and mixins to pixel art carrot.

    See the Pen #codevember – 03 – Carrot by Liam Wright (@Uiliam) on CodePen.

  • Day 4: This day’s prompt was to create something based on the sky. To do this challenge we create a sky background and used css animation to move clouds across it. We also added some Javascript logic to check the time of day and change the sky based on whether it was morning, day, evening or night.

    See the Pen #codevember – 04 – Sky by Liam Wright (@Uiliam) on CodePen.

  • Day 5: For this challenge we had to do something music based. We did this by creating a javascript function to log keypresses and to display a music note when certain keys were pressed.

    See the Pen #codevember – 05 – Music by Liam Wright (@Uiliam) on CodePen.

  • Day 6: For day 6 we had a create something based on the prompt web. We created a spiders web with a spider that tracks your mouse when you move your cursor over its web, clicking the mouse makes the spider move towards the pointer. We also added custom CSS to change the cursor to a fly when you hover over the web.

    See the Pen #codevember – 06 – Web by Liam Wright (@Uiliam) on CodePen.

How do we see the other submissions?

As the submission could come for anyone of our Codepen accounts the best way to see our submission each day is to follow us on either Facebook or Twitter where we will post our submissions each day. Also, look out for a roundup post at the end of November to find out our impressions for the challenge and to see all our submissions.

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