My name is Tom Dorsett (known as Thom in the office) and I have recently joined Mosaic Digital Media as a Junior Marketing Executive. I’ve definitely taken a magical mystery tour when it comes to getting into my desired career path, so I thought I would share it with you all!

I studied Journalism at the University of Cumbria and graduated in 2014. Initially, I wanted to get into football journalism because of my lifelong passion for the sport and in particular, Fulham FC! At University I had several part-time jobs that were all customer-facing. I was a Student Ambassador, which involved encouraging prospective students to sign up on Open Days. I also worked in the campus art supply shop.

After this, I got a permanent part-time job at a Sainsbury’s Local that was close to my student digs. It not only provided me with a reasonable monthly wage but also the chance to build relationships with people from all walks of life. I can still remember certain customers now; the older gentleman that would come in for his Sunday morning paper after his bike ride; the town’s successful footballer and his wife, who thought I was hilarious (naturally).

When the time came to graduate and head home, I decided to stay at Sainsbury’s and transferred to their Chapelford store in Warrington. Again, I built some fantastic relationships with customers and staff but was ideally looking for full-time work.

My first step into the digital marketing world was through my Mum’s partner, who in passing conversation said to me ‘Have you thought about Social Media?’ – No, I hadn’t really.

I went in for an interview with CH1ChesterBID and instantly hit it off with the management team there – I don’t think we spoke that much about the job, other than that it was maternity cover. We all clicked straight away and it was probably one of the easiest interviews I’ve ever had!

I’d never worked on social media before but had obviously used it personally every day so this was the best of both worlds. It allowed me to be super creative both in my content writing and in creating photo and videos. I’ve always been passionate, creative and full of ideas so being ‘let off the leash’ with social media was great.

Unfortunately, the job in Chester eventually came to an end and I found myself back at Sainsbury’s. I’m a true believer that being in a job that makes you happy is important and I was enjoying being back at Sainsbury’s for the time being so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next…

My sister asked Negin, our Account Manager and all-round whizz kid here at Mosaic Digital Media, whether any jobs were going. I sent an email with my CV and thought nothing more of it as let’s be honest, how many CV’s do we all send off and not hear back from?

Then out of the blue, Negin came back with a job offer, part-time to start with. I joined in April and instantly loved it, the office is one of the funkiest around, the people are great and from very early on felt like I’d found what I’d been looking for in a job.

Despite being wanted permanently by Sainbury’s, I decided to take the plunge with Mosaic but saying a definite goodbye was hard for me to do, particularly to customers who I’d known for years.

I had to catch the boat this time before I missed it again, however, with this particular boat a deeper, groovier shade of purple to my previous uniform…

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