Meet Sadie – Apprentice Web Developer

Another new face at Mosaic Digital Media! We welcomed Sadie recently as our new Web Design Warrington Apprentice.

So without further delay, we’d like to welcome Sadie to #TeamMo!

Hi Sadie, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“I left university finishing a degree in Computer Games Technology unsure on a career path to follow. Over lockdown I was able to start some web development courses and was adamant that was what I was going to pursue.

I feel very lucky that Mosaic have given me the opportunity to continue learning while getting industry experience. My role will be taking the fab designs the design team create and bringing them to life”!

How have you found life at Mosaic so far?

“Everyone has been super lovely and approachable during my first week. I’m learning lots each day and Mosaic has so many interesting projects in the works so I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds”.

What would you say your most significant strengths are, and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“I would say I have a positive, can-do attitude to working. I try my best at everything I do, and I believe this drive will push me to become a better developer and a valued member of the team.

I took the position with Mosaic Digital Media because they gave me sense of really caring about their team and their career progression”.

To speak to Sadie about Web Design Warrington, call 01925 563 960 or use our contact form here.

How to increase your ecommerce Warrington purchases using social media!

At Mosaic Digital Media, we believe social ecommerce Warrington is the next leading market.

Unique checkout experiences will continue to embrace the consumers, and marketers will need to understand the motivations and reasons behind this to build a rewarding strategy for your ecommerce site.

Brand awareness is essential to securing more purchases on social media

Social media’s increased traffic and popularity are directly linked to spending more time shopping online.

Social platforms are a critical tool for marketers in the ecommerce market. Products are embedded within an endless feed of posts from friends and family to grasp the reader and make you stop to see the brands you already know.

Consumers may learn about your products without social through another channel, such as paid or organic SEO.

An essential element of marketing strategy is social for consumers to turn to for quick and easy access to your products.

Research shows that 80% of consumers agree that brand awareness makes them more likely to buy on social media.

Consumers discover products in various ways, depending on multiple audiences. In-feed ads, discovery pages, posts from influencers/creators are all ways consumers buy their products.

A social commerce strategy is essential to promote your products.

Using a social strategy allows you to market your most popular content in relevant posts when consumers are ready to purchase.

Retail therapy is another significant element of social commerce due to the impactful events across the world.

Consumers look to cheer themselves up by shopping online, which acts as a much-needed stress reprieve.

Targeting products to consumers’ interests is crucial when shopping for personal enjoyment. Algorithm and social-driven strategies are vital in maximising this market.

Your target audience is the key to your marketing strategy and analysing audience data is necessary. Understanding what consumers are looking for is vital due to various social commerce behaviours.

A successful social commerce strategy is knowing what you require for your target audience to hit the “buy now” button.

Social media management tools can track behaviours across platforms. You can plan product listings and strategies to target consumers’ interests.

Product listings need to be effective for consumers to buy your products. Visual, detailed product listing should be standard for your marketing strategy. Detailing of your product is required for consumers to buy it.

The leading three social media brands, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have multiple strategies that can be used for your social ecommerce Warrington, including product live videos and tagging product listings into posts from customers.

A social commerce strategy promotes the use of video and photo advertising.

Utilising social media platforms will help promote your product to another level.

Consumers use social media for a social impact on their lives, interacting with others and being inspired by content creators and brands to purchase new items.

The user-friendly impact of online shopping means brands and marketers will have to analyse and interpret consumers’ purchase decisions.

Analysing data will help you reach and exceed your targets to ensure more sales for your business.

Alterations to your social commerce strategy can accelerate your business to the next level.

Looking for the perfect concoction of ecommerce Warrington and social media? Call our digital marketing team today on 01925 563 960 or click here.

Meet Jay – Junior Web Developer

Another new face at Mosaic Digital Media! We welcomed Jay this week as our new Junior Web Developer.

So without further delay, we’d like to welcome Jay to the Mosaic team!

Hi Jay, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“After graduating from University, I was looking for my first role within the industry. Still, I wasn’t sure which path I would like to take. After making sure my coding skills were good enough, I realised I enjoyed Web Development.

After this, I spent some time looking for roles that would suit my skills and match what I was looking for in a workplace. When I came across Mosaic, it stood out as the perfect role to learn and develop my skills whilst also growing within the company.”

How have you found life at Mosaic so far?

“As it is my first day today, I haven’t had much time within Mosaic. But so far, it has already been amazing, with the team being incredibly welcoming and friendly. I can’t wait to spend more time here!”

What would you say your most significant strengths are, and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“My greatest strength is my problem-solving skills, as they are a vital part of any developer role. Having gained a lot of experience and skills throughout University, I spent time strengthening these skills. I cannot wait to learn even more from the great team at Mosaic.”


To speak to Jay about his growing Web Developer skills, call 01925 563 960 or use our contact form here.

CSS Gradient Tool Build

Here at Mosaic Digital Media, we get time allotted for independent training each week to develop our skills relevant to our roles. This can be in the form of subject reading and research or in creating little projects that utilise specific technologies and skills that we would like to improve our knowledge of.

In the web team, we regularly use HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript (amongst others) to create all of our websites. Out of these skills, I have the slightest practical knowledge with JavaScript – a programming language that uses scripts – or little pieces of code – to do a wide array of things on a website when you view it. This could include animations, changing colours or showing/hiding information.

So, to improve my skills, some of my training time has been dedicated to JavaScript. I find programming languages to learn by doing something practical, as such I decided to create something that uses JavaScript.

As well as building websites, my role also involves designing websites, as such, I work with a lot of colours and gradients. Therefore, I decided to build something that bridges the gap between design and development and create a tool that could automatically generate a random gradient at the touch of a button.

The end product was a tool that will generate a random gradient with two colours and a random angle of direction. To make it more user friendly, I also included a button that will copy the CSS code needed to replicate the gradient to the clipboard for use elsewhere.

The generator was built with HTML, SCSS and JavaScript, using the online development environment CodePen. The HTML and CSS code is nothing exceptional, but it’s the JavaScript that does all of the magic.

Each time the button is pressed, it will generate two random colours via their hex value and choose a number between 0 and 360 (for the angle of direction).

It then uses a function to add the various pieces together in a string, in the same way, that CSS code will display a gradient – this then allows the gradient to be used within the project, such as where the gradient is displayed

See the Pen
CSS Random Gradient Generator
by James Brewer (@MDMJames)
on CodePen.

Or take a closer look here:

A Guide to Website Flat Designs with Adobe XD

When we start a project, we always like to create a website flat design before developing and coding the site.

Below we have included a flat design for one of our clients;. However, the template isn’t a finished build, it is easy to understand how the final website will look.

A Guide to Adobe XD Flat Designs | Better Bed Company | Mosaic Digital Media | Web Design Warrington

Each flat design comes with its own “live link” that will update as changes are made to the design, so new revisions don’t have to be sent across whenever an element is adjusted. This saves hassle for all parties involved. The latest revision will always be present on the link, so there is no concern about having an outdated flat design.

This link can be viewed at any time, and though it isn’t the actual live site, it may have some interactive elements that will replicate how the site will function when it is developed. Interactive features will give you a better idea of how each aspect of the website will work with one another to provide you with a better idea of the User Experience and User Interactions.

As stated above, this is not a live and developed site, so elements such as links and forms will not be interactive. The whole website will not be designed, just the key pages.

What is a Flat Design Used For?

The reason why we create a flat design first is to allow you, the client, to see what the finished result of your website will look like before it has even started to be developed. This allows for changes and revamps to be made quickly and easily without deleting or modifying code.

With a flat design, the structure of the website is visually accessible without a significant time investment. This means the design can quickly be approved without waiting for something to be coded first, decreasing development time as a whole.

It also allows us to visualise what we are building as we code the site, saving us time from going back and forth between elements to adapt them per new section we create. We have found that when we create a flat design before coding, the final result flows more fluidly and gives a better User Experience.

The flat design also dictates the flow of the website. It effectively highlights what pages should link with one another and how to direct the user to the website goal in the fewest clicks (be it product checkouts, information pages or otherwise).

Mobile Layouts

Over 50% of website traffic has been reported to come from mobile devices; as such, it is as important to design for mobile as it is for desktop. This is why we do just that!

In our designs, we will include the desktop layouts for the key pages of your website (usually the home, inner, shop and product pages) and the mobile variations that come with it. This will make it easy to visualise how the website will look when shrunk down to mobile device size and how each element will fold into one another to remain responsive.

A mobile layout can be easily identified by the thinner nature of the page, with each element being stacked one above another rather than on the same row as per the desktop designs. An example of this has been included below.

A Guide to Adobe XD Flat Designs | Better Bed Company | Mosaic Digital Media | Web Design Warrington

How to Comment

A feature of the software we use to create flat designs is a helpful tool that allows for pinpointing an exact location on the design and adding a comment on it. This is especially useful for features that require modification or removal that you, as the client, can easily highlight and request.

It is a simple process to comment on the flat designs; all you need to do is in the top right section where the “make a comment” text box lies, click the pin icon, then select the element on the page in which you wish you need to make a comment.

Once the pin has been placed, type the comment into the comment box and press submit, this will add the comment to the list on the right sidebar of the design. Clicking any of the comments on the sidebar will take you to the exact pin for easy navigation.

A Guide to Adobe XD Flat Designs | How to Comment | Mosaic Digital Media | Web Design Warrington


If you’re looking for a new site, you’ve come to the right place! Call our Web Design team on 01925 563 960 or use our contact form here.

Benefits of using Shopify for your Ecommerce website

If you’re a product-selling business, the best way to start selling simply and efficiently is with Shopify; believe us, your customers will thank you!

In our latest blog, we’ll detail a host of reasons why using Shopify for your eCommerce website is a must and outline the many benefits of having the plugin on site.


A Hosted Platform –

This means instead of hosting the site on your own server, it is hosted on Shopify-optimized servers. By managing the hosting and server, your website and Shopify will run as one seamlessly, without compromising on speed!


Security Updates –

Any security updates to be downloaded and installed on the Shopify eCommerce platform are automatically performed as needed. Because of this, downtime for your store isn’t an issue, allowing you to continue to generate revenue through your store.

Many third-party plugins can cause your store to break, leaving you hanging while the plugin developer or host catch up and create fixes.

With Shopify, security issues are a thing of the past, ticking away in the background. At the same time, you can continue to do what you do best!


Apps & Customer Support –

With their own app store, Shopify can extend and increase the functionality of your site store at the click of a button!

All apps are vetted and approved by Shopify before they can be added to the store. Costing of apps is often on a subscription basis which includes automatic update notifications.

Third-party plugins are often filled with nasty bugs and viruses. This can be a disaster for your store and often result in unwanted extra costs!

In addition to the support our Web team can offer, Shopify also has its own customer support team that can provide help and advice 24/7. In addition to this, they also have excellent documentation via their help centre, which cover numerous FAQs about your Shopify store.


Customisable –

Shopify websites are designed to be customisable, giving a site owner countless options for their Shopify store.

From themes to simply moving content, Shopify makes editing and customising a breeze!

All Shopify themes are thoroughly tested and vetted, allowing you to pick between numerous themes and styles until you find the one that’s just right!


SEO & Marketing tools –

To truly get your product out there into the big wide world, you’ll need to make the most of SEO & Marketing. Luckily for you, Shopify has all the tools you need inbuilt!

From social channel integration and SEO optimisation, your product will be sat front and centre in front of your target audience in no time!


Multiple sales channels –

Shopify can act as much more than just an online store. The Shopify admin can also add sales channels for the following out of the box:

  • Shopify Point of sale system which can be used in your physical store/s
  • Facebook Shop functionality.
  • Apps integration with other external systems allows stock monitoring across many platforms.


Abandoned cart recovery & built-in payment gateway –

How many times as a shopper have you gone to buy a product, got distracted and forgot to complete the purchase? The honest answer is probably quite a lot!

With Shopify, make this common mistake a thing of the past with abandoned cart recovery. An abandoned cart will automatically send the customer a quick reminder that they may have forgotten to complete your purchase.

When it comes to payment gateways, you have many options to choose from, including Shopify’s own in-built payment gateway. These include:

Find a complete list of payment providers here:


Refund, privacy, and TOS statements –

Shopify has a generator built directly in the admin to help to generate GDPR-complaint Refund, Privacy, and TOS statements. These are a great starting point and are easy to edit to your needs.

As Shopify benefits go, this is one of the biggest; allowing small to medium businesses to do what they do best, rather than worrying about legal informational pages!


To learn more about our eCommerce expertise, call 01925 563 960 or fill in our enquiry form here.

Prestige Award Winners!

We are delighted to announce that our Web Design and Development team consisting of Liam, Nathan, and James have won the Website Specialist of the Year in the North West and Manchester region.


Prestige Award Winners!


The award was presented to Liam(Web Development Manager), Conor (Head of Marketing) and Danielle (Business Development Manager) at the Corporate LiveWire Prestige Awards 2020/21, hosted at Nunsmere Hall in Cheshire.

A huge congratulations to the entire web design and development team. We’re all so proud of you all, and this award is thoroughly deserved for the continued hard work and determination you all put in daily for each and every project and client you work with! To find out more about the Prestige Awards, visit their site here:

The “DIY Website Builder” Trap

We live in an era where every person and their pet has a website, it seems, yet your business doesn’t (or you do, but the 1990s look is getting a bit dated), so what do you do? Naturally, the first thing you try is Googling something along the lines of “How to get a website” only to be greeted with an utter assault of irrelevant ads and worthless websites, all telling you the same thing, “Build it yourself with our DIY website builder”. This blog will highlight the issues with DIY Website Builders and how to avoid falling for their ploy.


DI Why?

Of course, the initial thing that sets off alarms is their liberal use of the term DIY. At first glance, a DIY Website Builder sounds fantastic, no liaising with an agency to get things done, and it will save on costs! Win/Win, right? Wrong. Most items can be essentially DIY; you could DIY a house, a car or even DIY yourself a new phone if you wanted, but that doesn’t mean it will be any good – assuming that it even works in the first place.


Taking the You out of Unique

Let’s get real; there is no company going around offering free bespoke designs – that would be absurd. Every element in a DIY website builder is guaranteed to be a generic, cookie-cutter block that’s going to help you stand out from the crowd about as much as a tree in a forest. A large part of running a business is getting ahead of your competition; looking precisely like everybody else will hinder that lead exponentially.


Form Follows Limited Function

Many companies have a niche, a unique selling point or some specialised aspect that puts them ahead of the crowd. Many times, that particular element is implemented within their website. Using a DIY website builder removes any possibility of custom functionality as one deviation from the standard template can be potentially website breaking, possibly causing more conflicts than building a website from scratch.

This makes it especially hard to update and modernise your website, too; sure, you can move elements on a DIY website builder around but daren’t add a new component or desire a change in layout because most of the time, you are generally stuck with what you have.


Know Your Placement

Assuming for whatever reason a DIY website builder still seems right up your alley, and you’re willing to put up with whatever learning curves and headaches are to come – then what? In essence, a website is like creating artwork; anybody can apply paint to a canvas that part isn’t particular, knowing where to place the colour is where the actual skill lies. There are many design tips and tricks that the professionals have ironed down to an exact science. When websites are designed, they are built with many aspects in mind, and they are adapted to accommodate such parameters, but when an unskilled user (the average Joe) comes to create their website, there is no way even to begin.


Think of the Humans!

One of the most vital aspects of website design is keeping the user experience in mind. Careful planning and consideration go into the placement and function of every element with the awareness that the purpose of the layout is to give the user the best experience and ease of use. A lesser skilled designer who is stuck within the limitations of a DIY website builder doesn’t have the luxury of being able to build for User Experience (UX) as what set blocks they are given to build with are all they have to go from – and that’s assuming the designer even knows what User Experience is in the first place!


Need a second opinion?

So you’ve made your way this far through the blog, and we have successfully swayed your opinion on the DIY Website Builder con; now what? You still don’t have your dream website, and your search is still full of these no-good DIY Website Builder options; the answer is to go with a trusted developer or agency.

There are many reputable agencies out there. Each of them is filled with skilled developers (if we do say so ourselves). Moreover, they will assist you in designing your dream website to your specifications. There is no more to make do with limited elements and functions. With a custom website, the possibilities are limitless; you can have your perfect website without having to settle for good enough.

Of course, if you need a digital agency to help you bring your website to life, look no further because we are here and are more than happy to assist you to begin your journey into the digital world. You can always give us a call on 01925 563 960 or use our contact form to get in touch with us, and we will always be happy to help.

How long does it take to design and build a website?

One question we get asked more than any other when it comes to Web Design is ‘how long does a website take to build?’

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer for this. Many contributing factors add up to determine how long a website build will take to complete.

As one great proverb says, it was the tortoise, not the hare, that won the race. We take the time necessary to build bespoke websites that fit our client’s needs and brief to a tee.

In our latest MDM blog, with our expert Web team’s input, we break down what exactly determines the length of a website build and what you can expect when you come on board with Mosaic Digital Media for a website build.


Website Design and Build Misunderstanding


Website Design and Build Misunderstanding

One of the biggest misunderstandings for delivering a website is that one person is solely responsible from the first contact to the website going live. This may be the case for a freelancer or a very new start-up. Still, with an established business such as Mosaic Digital Media, we have a team of people who have the best skill sets to do particular tasks.

A single person cannot guarantee to give you the same level of expertise across all the different critical areas involved in building a website. Having a team in which each member has a unique skill set means that the overall timescale is significantly less.

Spreading the workload and assigning each team member with the task that suits them best means that you’re getting the best website possible for your business!


Website Builds - A Step by Step Guide


Website Builds – A Step by Step Guide

So how exactly do you build a website? Here’s how we at Mosaic Digital Media go about building bespoke websites that showcase the best a business has to offer:

Initial Consultation –

There’s no way a website can be built without first gaining an understanding of the business it’s being built for! In your first meeting with us, we’ll ask you to provide specifications of what exactly you need from a website. This will form the backbone of our Web Team’s design process and will be something to refer back to for guidance if required.

Research –

After this meeting, our team of designers will brainstorm and research two key questions; can we build this and build it to the client’s timeframe? If both answers are yes, it’s time to come up with a build proposal!

Build Proposal –

This will be given in the form of a document that will include everything you need to know regarding the work being undertaken on your site, including timescales and intended cost. Once this is agreed upon by both parties, we’ll get to work!

Client Content –

To start our website design for your business, our Web Team will need the following content to create your bespoke site:

  • Business Logo
  • Contact information for your business
  • Colour schemes/branding guidelines
  • Image library for use across the website
  • Page content
  • Example website designs and why you like them
Website Planning –

Now we have all the content, our team can start to plan the foundations of your site. We’ll review all the content we’ve been given along with any specs provided to make sure we fully understand the job at hand.

Website Design –

Now the fun starts! Our team of designers will begin to build a mock-up of your new site. Using the info provided by you, this mock-up will include, as an example, the first design of your homepage and an internal page design. These will then be sent to the client for a first look – your site will stay in this design process until you are happy to sign off a bespoke design that fits your business like a glove!

Website Build –

Once a design has been approved, it will then be given to the front-end developers within our team, who will take these flat designs and turn them into a fully functioning site.

Testing –

We’re quite the perfectionists at Mosaic Digital Media and won’t allow a website to go to any of our clients until it’s passed our rigorous testing; this includes:

  • Functionality tests; e.g. contact forms, sliders, bespoke integrations
  • Responsive testing; check visibility on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Browser testing; e.g. Chrome, Safari.
  • Load testing; time it takes the site to load fully.
 Website Go-Live –

This is the final stage for all website builds. Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is completed, just yet! This is where we make the final checks and go over your site with a fine-tooth comb. Minor snags such as grammatical or spelling errors will be spotted and updated and any minor bugs found during testing. Once the website has been live for some time, the client may request new features, additional website content or minor image changes in the website. Please do bear in mind, however, we do not put website’s live on a Friday, and if we do, this will only be in exceptional circumstances.

Once your new website is live, there may be minor changes along the way. Still, you now have a fully functioning bespoke website that is unique to your business!

Your website can now be handed to other members of our in-house teams, such as SEO and Social Media. This is to fully optimize your site for both SEO and Social Media integration.

Got a website that needs a new lease of life? Contact us today on 01925 563 960 or click here to book a consultation with our Web Team!

Remember, remember these 5 design tips for November

Bonfire Night, a night of colour and wonder with a heap of flare. Truly an enchanted time and a beautiful sight to behold. As website designers, we try and capture that wonder on every website we create as we believe a pretty website is a productive website.

To celebrate this bonfire night, in addition to eating our chocolate apples, we have decided to share with you 5 design tips that will give your website the glow up it deserves.

Before we get started though don’t forget if you need assistance modernising or creating your website, please give us a call on 01925 563 960 to see how we can help.


Equal Spacing & Consistent Sizing

The foundations of making a website as dazzling as a firework is to the first start by making your base design all neat and organised. As simple as it sounds, a consistently sized website is key to looking cool and is often overlooked and forgotten when people try and cram everything they have into a small area.

This applies for both the text size and the size of each section. Like a firework fountain, it is essential that the spacing is equal to show off what your business is capable of.


Complementary Colour Scheme

Such as a flurry of fireworks flying through the dark sky, making sure the flare of the fire makes a complementary colour contrast is a key feature in creating a firework display.

This same principle also applies when it comes to creating your website, an eye-catching colour scheme can astonish your viewers as they gaze upon the colourful creation that is your website.

The trick here is to try and keep the colour scheme on brand whilst trying to find colours that go well with one another without being overbearing on the viewer.

We use an online tool called Coolors that helps us choose a fitting colour scheme for each of our clients whilst embodying the essence of their brand.


Background Graphics / Abstract Shapes

Although this one is not quite as vital as the other design tips in this list we still believe this is the Catherine wheel of website design; not a showstopper but always welcomed. Abstract shapes draw the viewers’ attention to different elements of your website and can be used to great effect when trying to lead a potential customer to get a conversion.

Background graphics are an excellent way to make your website shine by filling up some white space with a little flurry of shapes, flash of colour or sparkle of imagery.

Generally, graphics like these don’t add to the practicality of your website but they certainly don’t take away from the design. You can see how we have effectively used abstract shapes and graphics throughout our website.



A well-shot rocket to light up an otherwise dull atmosphere can make all the difference between a good and bad bonfire night, likewise, a well-placed section can be the game-changer when it comes to making an outstanding and unique website.

Placement not only means putting sections in interesting and attention-grabbing ways but also means doing so in a manner that allows the more important content of your website to be more predominant such as your call to actions.

You must make sure that you don’t bury any content that is there to lead your potential customer to convert whilst also keeping your website layout fresh and flowing with popping placement and a fancy finish.



Last but not least, the cherry bomb on the cake; the true sparkler of website design – personality. Possibly the most important tip of all, above the rest, is to make sure your website is just what it says on the tin, yours.

Many websites will copy competitors that they know have a successful layout and there is nothing wrong with that but it is often overlooked that a truly great website is one that incorporates your business, your ideologies and what you stand for.

The best way for viewers and potential customers to get a feel about what you’re really about is by glowing up and quite literally showing your true colours.


It is understandable that you may find it difficult to incorporate any or all of these tips but doesn’t fret, we are here to help! Give us a call on 01925 563 960 or contact us here and we will see what we can do in building you your perfect website ready with the bonfire night spirit in mind.

From everybody here at Mosaic, we wish you a wonderful bonfire night with lots of treacle toffee, toffee apples and many brilliant fireworks – but most importantly; stay safe!

How a website can help your business thrive during COVID-19

2020. It’s not been the best, has it? However, at Mosaic Digital Media, we’re a very much ‘bright side of life‘ type of team. Which means we’ve spotted a somewhat silver lining in the dark clouds of Coronavirus, particularly if you have the capabilities of moving your business online.

All it takes is a dash of hope, a lick of luck and a really good web design team – we can definitely help you with the last part!

So if you’re struggling to see light in the current dark, let us be the torch to bring a brighter horizon into view…

To start with, let’s talk about turning one negative into a real positive and get your business thriving online during COVID-19!


Social-distanced shopping? Not so, online!

If you’re capable of selling products online and you’re not already doing so, you need to start selling online!

It’s a tricky time for shoppers at the moment and many, understandably, are nervous to venture out to shopping centres, supermarkets and the like.

To get the most out of your website and to put you in the best possible place to sell online, you’ll be needing eCommerce on your existing or new site.

Combined, we’ve got more than a decade’s worth of experience when it comes to building and designing eCommerce sites. We specialise in WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify, with both platforms giving you a variety of options.

We can help decide which of the above benefits you the most and the get to work on getting your business selling online.


Face to Face Mask Meetings? Stay safe with Virtual calls!

For many of us, the best way to get a feel of a business and a prospective new client is by meeting face to face.

This has been made very difficult for many businesses across the country, but it doesn’t mean an end to meetings!

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Google Hangout or Zoom, there’s plenty of platforms to take your meetings virtual. If you provide customer service, it’s also a great way to help respond to customer queries.


Working from home? It’s not all bad!

We’d all prefer to be in the office, but if you’re having to work from home, just think of the positives – for starters, as may tea breaks as you want!

Productivity doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re working from home. Your team can still be effective at working to deadlines, and keep the same levels of communication as you’d expect in an office.

Tools such as ClickUp, Slack and even your run of the mill email can all go a long way in ensuring your business and staff can work just as well at home as they do in the office!

However, all of this isn’t possible if your business hasn’t got a strong online process. To get you set-up to take on the challenge that this ‘new normal’ has brought, contact our Web or SEO team on 01925 563 960 or fill in our enquiry form here.

5 important tips to improve Website Security

As the internet becomes ever increasingly popular, to nobody’s surprise, so is the amount of private information that is shared over it and with this, the number of hackers and people trying to steal this sensitive information.

Even with the GDPR law implementation in 2018, many websites are still insecure and the information is still prone to be stolen and misused. Stealing information is unfortunately very common in this day and age with big corporations such as the NHS and TalkTalk being hacked and security breaches always showing up on the news.

This guide is to help you increase your website security and prevent hackers from gaining access to your website, downloading malware and stealing information.


How to protect your website

There are various website security procedures you can follow to help protect yourself from hackers. With many layers of website security, it usually means even if the hacker would manage to penetrate one of the defences there will be many more that will stop them in their tracks. Here are just a few ways you can improve your website security and protect your business:


Secure Servers

Some companies are in the belief that it is a good idea to self-host their own websites as it is a cost-effective solution and all of the website data is kept in-house. We are inclined to believe that this is not such a great idea, as these servers tend to be insecure and therefore a potential website security breach. We recommend hosting your website on a secure server that many companies, including ourselves, can provide. To read more into the different types of hosting available click here.


Strong Passwords

This may not come as a surprise to a lot of people but we cannot stress it enough the importance of strong passwords. A strong password is just not the combination of characters to make a secure chain it is also making sure it is memorable and known by as few people as possible. Your password can be the as complex as you want it to be but it means nothing if you cannot remember it. Complex passwords tend to end up being written down and placed in an easily accessible location; this, of course, does not really improve security when the details are out in the open for anyone to find and use.


Updated Software

Software is constantly being improved upon and updated to the extent of when you open the program and there is an update available you get mildly annoyed. Although once you update the software and seems that nothing has changed, the odds are something has and that something has to do with an improvement in website security to prevent any breaches. The reason software is so regularly updated is because as soon as a security flaw is located hackers will try to capitalise on the situation and will attempt to breach the software to get into your website.



You probably recognise these letters from May 2018 when the newest GDPR laws were rolled out throughout Europe, you can read more about GDPR here. If you missed the whole GDPR situation then you will still definitely recognise it from many website URLs, such as ours. Using HTTPS does more than just put a quaint little lock icon next to your website name, it also ensures that the content your website is sending is secured and cannot be tampered with or viewed by any unintended people whilst it is being sent across cyberspace.

If you are unsure on how to secure your website or want to make sure your website is on a secure server then contact us or call us on 01925 563 960 and we will move you to our servers and install a FREE SSL certificate.


Security plugins

We are big fans of WordPress here at Mosaic and with WordPress comes the vast selection of plugins available, with those comes the security plugins. There is a huge variety of different security plugins available to install such as WPMU’s Defender and Wordfence. These plugins are amazing at locating and locking down any security flaws it detects throughout your website and comes with the added feature of being able to scan your site files to detect any potentially hacked files that may have already snuck their way through your website security and breached some files.

If you’re fearful of the potential of your website being hacked and would like assistance in setting up website security and protecting you and your client’s information why not give us a call on 01925 563 960 or Contact Us to discuss how we can help you.