Why Video Content is great for Social Media in Warrington

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses in Warrington to increase their online presence, engage with their customers and promote their brand.

With its ability to reach a large number of people quickly, social media is an effective way to connect with your target audience.

However, with so much competition, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd.

This is why video content has become an important asset for businesses looking to make an impact on social media.

The following are some reasons why video content is great for social media in Warrington:

Increased Engagement

Video content has proven to be more engaging than static content.

Videos capture people’s attention and keep them interested longer than other types of content.

With the average human attention span dwindling, video content is excellent for catching and keeping people’s attention on social media platforms.

Increased engagement results in more views, likes, shares, and followers, which can ultimately boost your business’s online presence.

Increased Reach

Social media algorithms favour video content.

This means that when you post a video, it will reach more people than a post with only text or an image.

On platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, videos receive 120%, 80%, and 2.5x more views, respectively.

By using video content, your posts will have a greater chance of reaching a broader audience.

Better Storytelling

Video content provides businesses with an opportunity to tell their story better.

You can present your products and services in a more humanising, relatable, and emotive manner, making your brand more appealing to your target audience.

The use of motion, sound, and visuals provides an immersive experience that allows you to capture your audience’s attention and communicate your message more effectively.

Better SEO

Incorporating video content into your social media strategy can boost your website’s SEO, which makes it more likely to appear higher on search engine results pages.

When you promote your video content on social media platforms, it increases the number of backlinks to your website, improving your website’s domain authority.

The higher the domain authority, the better Google will rank your website.

Mosaic Digital Media

At Mosaic Digital Media, we specialise in creating high-quality video content for businesses in Warrington.

We can help businesses boost their online presence, reach a broader audience, and convert leads into customers.

Our experienced team knows what works best for social media platforms and how to create engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

Our full-service digital agency offers a range of services, including social media management, website design, search engine optimisation, email marketing, and more.

By choosing Mosaic Digital Media, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your digital marketing efforts are in good hands.

Get In Touch

Video content is an essential aspect of any successful social media strategy in Warrington.

It is becoming increasingly popular, and businesses must jump on this trend if they want to remain competitive.

With its ability to increase engagement, reach a broader audience, tell stories better, and improve SEO, video content can make a significant impact on your business’s online presence.

If you’re looking to create high-quality video content for your social media campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact Mosaic Digital Media today.

Top Tips for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become an essential aspect of modern-day promotional strategies.

In a world where people spend a significant chunk of their time scrolling through various social media platforms, the significance of social media marketing has increased manifold.

With that said, here are some top tips that can help you make the most out of your marketing efforts.

Define Your Goals

The very first step towards a successful social media campaign is to define your goals.

It’s essential to know what you intend to achieve from your marketing efforts.

Whether it’s generating leads, increasing brand awareness, or driving traffic to your website, your goals will determine your entire social media marketing campaign.

Make sure to establish specific and measurable goals to track your progress accurately.

Know Your Audience

One of the crucial aspects of social media marketing is to know your target audience.

You need to understand the demographics of your audience, their likes, dislikes, and interests.

Analysing your audience’s behaviour and engagement patterns can help you create more targeted and effective social media content.

Create Quality Content

Social media platforms thrive on good content, so it’s essential to create high-quality content that provides value to your audience.

Your content should be engaging, informative, and shareable.

Moreover, it should be consistent with your brand’s voice and messaging.

Use Video Content

Video content is fast becoming the most popular type of content on social media.

Video content creates a better impact and engages the audience better than static images.

Experiment with different types of videos, such as explainer videos, How-To videos, and promotional videos, to figure out what works best for your brand.

Engage with Your Audience

Social media is all about building communities and having conversations.

Therefore, it’s crucial to engage with your audience actively.

Respond to comments, answer queries, and participate in discussions.

This interaction helps build brand loyalty and fosters relationships with your customers.

Analyse Your Results

Finally, it’s essential to track and analyse your results.

Use analytics tools to gather data on your content performance, audience engagement, and conversion rates.

Analysing data will help identify what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to adjust your social media marketing strategy for better results.

Why Choose Mosaic Digital Media for Your Social Media Marketing?

At Mosaic Digital Media, we understand the importance of marketing for businesses.

Our team of experienced social media marketers can help you create impactful social media campaigns highlighting your brand’s unique features.

We have a proven track record of providing high-quality social media marketing services to businesses of all sizes.

We use sophisticated analytics tools to track your progress and make adjustments in real time, ensuring high-performance outcomes.

Partner with us to create a marketing strategy that outperforms your competitors and drives your business’s growth.


Social media marketing is an essential promotional tool for any modern-day business.

With these top tips and expert help from Mosaic Digital Media, you can create a powerful social media marketing strategy that generates leads, increases brand awareness, and drives traffic to your website.

Do your research, understand your audience, create engaging content, and engage with your audience.

With the right approach, your marketing campaign can take your business to new heights.

Meet Paul – Business Development Executive

Another new face at Mosaic Digital Media! We welcomed Paul recently as our new Business Development Warrington Executive.

So without further delay, we’d like to welcome Paul to #TeamMo!

Hi Paul, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“Unfortunately, I had to finish my previous role as a bus driver due to medical reasons after 20 years. I then had a conversation with James Murphy, Mosaic’s CEO, and we spoke about an upcoming position available at Mosaic Digital Media.

The position we discussed suited what I was looking for and was the perfect role to challenge myself!

I’d say my role is sales, but mostly to help current and new clients get the best Web, Digital Marketing, SEO and Graphic Design services for their company.

My aim is to be a constant port of call for communications from our clients to our respective in-house teams and provide consistent feedback to develop client business”.

How have you found life at Mosaic so far?

“In my very short time here (we spoke to Paul on his second day at Mosaic!), I have found it very eye-opening how much hard work goes into everything that our teams do!

Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly; I feel excited to add to what is already an amazing group”.

What are your most significant strengths, and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“I would say my strengths are my people skills; I’ve dealt with the public for over 30 years in various jobs.

I took up the position to challenge myself in an exciting new role, I aim to better myself and help the team, help provide the best services to our clients and support them throughout their time with us”.

To speak to Paul, our new Business Development Executive, about developing your business in Warrington, call 01925 563 960, email info@mosaicdigitalmedia.co.uk or use our online enquiry form here!

Meet Chloe – Digital Marketing Executive

Another new face at Mosaic Digital Media! We welcomed Chloe recently as our new Digital Marketing Warrington Executive.

So without further delay, we’d like to welcome Chloe to #TeamMo!

Hi Chloe, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

I was wanting to progress in my career without the room to grow at my previous employment. I was a Mosaic Digital Media client and attended a meeting when Mosaic expanded their offices and heard that they were hiring.

We had a great relationship anyway, and I knew everyone at Mosaic as hardworking, creative people! I thought that would be a great team to work more closely with. I went from a client to a creative at Mosaic!

I’d say the definition of my role is to take clients’ dreams & visions for a website and bring them to life through web design. In my role, I also advertise several client businesses and services through social media marketing across various platforms tailored to the client’s expectations and needs”.

How have you found life at Mosaic so far?

“As I was a client before I was employed by Mosaic, I already had a great relationship with some key individuals at Mosaic, but it has been even better since, as I’ve been able to get to know the entire team.

Everyone has treated me like family here, and they’re not only a fun lot to work with but amazing at their jobs, making working as a team delightful”!

What are your most significant strengths, and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“With a few years of experience in the digital industry, I can confidently say I have not lost my passion for the role and know I won’t. I have the zeal to create and bring each person’s vision to life!

I see the detail in everything, which helps me understand clients’ needs, regardless of their industry. 

Mosaic offered a great opportunity to further my experience in the digital industry, which is exactly what I was looking for”!

To speak to Chloe about all things Digital Marketing in Warrington, call 01925 563 960, email info@mosaicdigitalmedia.co.uk or use our online enquiry form here!

Why Digital Marketing in Warrington is so important

Are you searching for Digital Marketing in Warrington? Give Mosaic Digital Media a call!

With over ten years of digital marketing experience based in Warrington, in our own creative studios, we are an innovative and agile team with elite-level marketing expertise.

This latest Mosaic Digital Media blog explains why Digital Marketing in Warrington is essential!

Digital Marketing Warrington

Digital marketing is one of the most important aspects of any business. It allows companies to connect with customers and create a relationship with them.

It is cost-effective and helps businesses to save money on advertising costs.

Digital marketing includes a variety of channels, such as social media, email, and search engine optimisation (SEO). Businesses can use these channels to reach out to potential and current customers.

In Addition, digital marketing Warrington allows businesses to measure the success of their marketing campaigns. This data can be used to improve future campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to build relationships and interact with potential and current customers.

This interaction can take many forms, such as providing valuable content, answering customer questions, and monitoring feedback.

There are many reasons why social media marketing is important.

One of the most important reasons is that social media allows businesses to connect with their customers more personally.

Social media also allows businesses to share their content with a wider audience, which can help them reach more potential customers.

Additionally, social media can help businesses learn more about their customers, which can help them create better content and products.

Social media marketing is flying high at the moment. With more and more businesses jumping on the bandwagon every day, can you afford to underestimate? 

Whether you don’t have time or need some advice to get your brand going in the right direction, we have the expertise and knowledge to make social media work for your business.

When your organic reach has all but screeched to a halt, it’s time to consider paid social advertising in your marketing mix.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email messages to promote products or services. It allows businesses to reach a wide audience of consumers, partners, and employees.

Email marketing has been shown to be an effective way to increase sales, retain customers, and drive traffic to a website.

In a digital age, emails are our first point of action for most communication within your business.

Amongst the obstacles a business or online seller has to face is finding a cost-efficient way to market their brand to a larger audience. That’s where email marketing comes in.

Whether it’s a new product or company update, an effective email marketing plan is key to marketing and growing your business, increasing revenue, and selling your products and services

SEO Marketing

SEO marketing is optimizing a website for search engines to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) and earn more web traffic.

Increasing your Google rank with SEO will give your SERP (search engine results page) more visibility and drive traffic (users) to your site.

By being top of Google for your product, you will generally be the link most people click on, getting an advantage over your competitors.

We work closely with our customers to determine the business’s primary and secondary aims and discuss the project’s short and long-term goals.

This, coupled with our own research, allows us to pinpoint our client’s target audience and subsequently enables us to utilise relevant keywords and locations that will increase your website in the Google rankings.

The more traffic you have to your site, the more users you can convert into sales or leads for your business or service.

Other great options for driving traffic include Google AdWords PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing.

Contact Us

For more information on Digital Marketing in Warrington, call us on 01925 563 960 or email info@mosaicdigitalmedia.co.uk.

How to increase your ecommerce Warrington purchases using social media!

At Mosaic Digital Media, we believe social ecommerce Warrington is the next leading market.

Unique checkout experiences will continue to embrace the consumers, and marketers will need to understand the motivations and reasons behind this to build a rewarding strategy for your ecommerce site.

Brand awareness is essential to securing more purchases on social media

Social media’s increased traffic and popularity are directly linked to spending more time shopping online.

Social platforms are a critical tool for marketers in the ecommerce market. Products are embedded within an endless feed of posts from friends and family to grasp the reader and make you stop to see the brands you already know.

Consumers may learn about your products without social through another channel, such as paid or organic SEO.

An essential element of marketing strategy is social for consumers to turn to for quick and easy access to your products.

Research shows that 80% of consumers agree that brand awareness makes them more likely to buy on social media.

Consumers discover products in various ways, depending on multiple audiences. In-feed ads, discovery pages, posts from influencers/creators are all ways consumers buy their products.

A social commerce strategy is essential to promote your products.

Using a social strategy allows you to market your most popular content in relevant posts when consumers are ready to purchase.

Retail therapy is another significant element of social commerce due to the impactful events across the world.

Consumers look to cheer themselves up by shopping online, which acts as a much-needed stress reprieve.

Targeting products to consumers’ interests is crucial when shopping for personal enjoyment. Algorithm and social-driven strategies are vital in maximising this market.

Your target audience is the key to your marketing strategy and analysing audience data is necessary. Understanding what consumers are looking for is vital due to various social commerce behaviours.

A successful social commerce strategy is knowing what you require for your target audience to hit the “buy now” button.

Social media management tools can track behaviours across platforms. You can plan product listings and strategies to target consumers’ interests.

Product listings need to be effective for consumers to buy your products. Visual, detailed product listing should be standard for your marketing strategy. Detailing of your product is required for consumers to buy it.

The leading three social media brands, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have multiple strategies that can be used for your social ecommerce Warrington, including product live videos and tagging product listings into posts from customers.

A social commerce strategy promotes the use of video and photo advertising.

Utilising social media platforms will help promote your product to another level.

Consumers use social media for a social impact on their lives, interacting with others and being inspired by content creators and brands to purchase new items.

The user-friendly impact of online shopping means brands and marketers will have to analyse and interpret consumers’ purchase decisions.

Analysing data will help you reach and exceed your targets to ensure more sales for your business.

Alterations to your social commerce strategy can accelerate your business to the next level.

Looking for the perfect concoction of ecommerce Warrington and social media? Call our digital marketing team today on 01925 563 960 or click here.

How to make your social media content splendidly shareable!

It’s the dream of all social media Warrington marketers; to have that one post that soars to unparalleled social heights!

But, what if you could make EVERY post splendidly shareable! In our latest Mosaic Digital Media blog, we’ll share our top nine tips on how to get your social media in Warrington seen locally, but also nationally!

So, step one…

Useful Content

Your latest social media post might feel useful to you, but is it useful to your followers?

Have your target audience in mind before sharing a post; even having a quick check on your follow count can help.

Targeting a specific section of your followers with content they care about or are interested in is a surefire way to get some easy share wins!

Useful Content | Social Media in Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Visually Interesting

Did you know that a blog or article with just 75-100 words gets double the amount of social shares as opposed to those that don’t?

Mindblowing right! A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes, and in today’s fast-paced world, it’s never been more accurate.

An eye-catching image can do so much more than a clever caption; think about it, scrolling through Instagram, do you notice the caption or the image first?

We’re betting you all said image! Get your creatives on point, and the shares will soon start to flood in…

Visually Interesting | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Sharing is caring

It may sound simple, but the easier you make it for your followers to share your content, the likelier they are to actually act on those impulses and share!

Adding social share buttons to your website makes sharing your latest blog post or article easy to share straight to your audience’s chosen platform.

A five-minute job with the possibility of countless results? Get your followers’ fingers clicking with social share buttons!

Sharing is caring | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Captivating Captions

Yes, we know this might contradict our previous paragraphs on images, but think of social media in Warrington as like going fishing.

Here us out:

  • Image = Hook
  • Caption = Line
  • CTA = Sinker

See, you see? It makes sense, right? Obviously, we’re not comparing your followers to fish, but the principle remains the same. Great image, poor caption; no share. Poor image, great caption; still no share.

Bringing a visually enticing image together with a captivating caption is the perfect recipe for shares galore from your followers!

Speaking of recipes…

Captivating Captions | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

The Perfect Mixture

When it comes to social media content, it’s all about getting the perfect mixture.

This mixture consists of:

  • Evergreen Content – Content that has no ‘expiry date’; it remains relevant regardless of the time or season.
  • Trending Content – Content that does have an expiry date; this content has to be shared as soon as a trend starts or is trending. Failure to be quick off the mark is a wasted opportunity rendering any content you had planned obsolete.

Keep in mind this perfect mixture when planning your next social media calendar, and we’re sure you’ll see shares start popping up on posts!

The Perfect Mixture | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Original Sauce

No, not HP or Heinz. Your own original sauce!

People like sharing content that their followers and friends have never seen before, so always aim to be 100% original with the content you put.

As Dr Seuss once said, today you are you; that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!

Original Sauce | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media


Here’s another stat-attack to get your head around: Infographic posts get around 3x more shares than any other type of social media post.

We all love to learn, and infographics provide key stats and facts that your audience will want to know about!

Infographics | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Tell A Story

Telling stories is something we humans have done since the dawn of time, so we should be pretty good at it by now!

By evoking emotion in your captions, you encourage your audience to feel something as they read.

Happy, sad, joy or despair, whatever story you’re trying to tell, do it with emotion!

Tell A Story | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Remember who you are (Simba)!

Lion King | Mufasa | Social Media Warrington

Just as Simba had to remember who he was, so does your social media agency in Warrington!

What do you care about? What are your values? Are you serious or light-hearted?

Brainstorm who your digital agency is. Once you know the answers to all your questions, it’s time to get posting your splendidly shareable content!

Remember who you are | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Need some help and advice with your social media in Warrington? Call 01925 563 960 or click here.

New Year, New Branding!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have seen we have changed a few things within Mosaic’s branding. Before the new year, we took the time to reflect on ourselves, and we felt it was time for some branding TLC. 

A new logo and colour palette. A shiny new website and mock-ups of updated social accounts. We treated ourselves to a fresh new look, so let us walk you through it. 

Say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022!

Rebranding Mosaic | Mosaic Digital Media

Wow! Look at that glow up! We’re so pleased with the new branding as it opens up new opportunities to show you what we can do. 

Instagram Branding

Not only did we upgrade the logo and colour palette, we planned out how we were going to tease the rebranding. 

Of course, as our name is Mosaic, we thought it would only be fitting to create a mosaic over on our Instagram. We archived all our old posts, keeping our followers on edge and excited for the next piece to the puzzle to be posted.

Mosaic Digital Media | Instagram page, old and new branding

Side by side comparison confirms that we have made the right decision. With a bio refresh and a lovely 9.2k following (we’re manifesting this growth in 2022), we’re excited to post content on our socials again!

Our first posts revealed our new highlight covers and colour palette with our new logo faintly behind. Having these as reels enabled us to reach a larger audience. We will definitely be implementing more reels into our content strategy going forward.

As you can see, the puzzle complete will show our new branding as a whole when our followers look at our feed.

Mosaic Digital Media | Instagram Logo Reveal

Why make the highlight posts as reels, I hear you ask? Well, as Instagram’s algorithm continues to change, we have to make an effort to keep up! Now reels are being pushed we want to try and use that to help us reach more of our target audience. We also want to make content that’s more engaging and interesting.

Facebook Branding

After the initial reveal posts, we wanted to keep a theme throughout. Here were the initial ideas for what we came up with:

Mosaic Digital Media | Facebook New Logo Reveal Posts

Twitter Branding

With Twitter, we had all three posts together in a thread. This being pinned to the top of the page means all the information wouldn’t be missed.

Mosaic Digital Media | Twitter Thread, Logo Reveal

If this blog has got you excited about your business’ potential for a branding glow-up, don’t hesitate to contact Mosaic! Call us on 01925 563 960 or contact us to start your 2022 the right way here.

Video Content in Warrington at Mosaic Digital Media

Here at Mosaic Digital Media, we want to continue to strive for bigger and better! That is why we have been delving deep into the world of video content in Warrington.

Offering clients personalised videos showcasing their business, brand, and values allows us to reach new audiences and new levels with their video content in Warrington.

From videos fit for your website to sharable content on clients social media profiles, the possibilities for your marketing strategy are limitless.

What is the process when producing a video?

Like with everything, there’s always a method behind the madness. Below is a breakdown of the steps we take to create a fantastic video:

  • Plan –

When planning a video, the first question should be ‘What story are you trying to tell your audience?’. Once that question is answered, we let the ideas flow and get to storyboarding. A storyboard allows the clients and ourselves to visualise the video on paper before any filming commitments are made. This makes the planning process more manageable, as altering shots drawn on a storyboard is a lot easier than re-filming.

  • Filming –

Once the plan is set in place, the physical filming takes place. Through our meticulous planning, each shot of the storyboard is captured. Filming is a methodical process, not only what is in front of the camera but also what is behind it. The lighting, the sound, the location, all these factors are so important when filming a video you want to share with your audience.

  • Editing

The filming is done, and that’s it. The End. We’re only joking. Editing is where the magic happens! Turning eight hours of raw footage into a video that might be a few seconds/minutes long. The story is created by piecing the videos together to convey the goals of the video brief. Using different eye-catching transitions and including engaging graphics add value to any video.

  • Sharing

There’s no use in having a great video if no one can watch it! We recommend utilising video content on all relevant platforms by sharing it with as many people as possible. There’s no limit on how many times your video can be viewed, so the more you share, the more people will see your business!

Why will videos benefit your business?

The rise in short-form content has become popular over the last few years, thanks to apps such as TikTok and Instagram. With both apps having a massive amount of users (Instagram with 28.81 million and TikTok with 1 billion active users), every feature of these platforms should be utilised to gain as much as you can from them.

Including a video on your website will improve your site’s ranking due to the amount of time a user is spending on it. People prefer video content over emails nowadays, so why not share your business in a visually engaging form?

We’re here to help

Mosaic know how confusing keeping up with the best marketing strategies can be, so leave it to us to get you and your business where it needs to be.

Please give us a call on 01925 563 960 or contact us to start your video journey today here.

Meet Jess – Graduate Social Media Executive

At Mosaic Digital Media we are always looking for new talent, and we recently welcomed Jess to the team as a Graduate Social Media Executive.

We sat down with Jess to get to know her a little bit better…

Hi Jess, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“I have always been a creative person, but I never considered creating content for Social Media a job up until a few months ago.

I didn’t expect anything to come from a simple message I sent to the Mosaic team on Instagram. But after I was invited in for a quick chat, I was invited back for a formal interview and was offered the job!

Currently, creating content for businesses social accounts is my primary role, which allows me to constantly be creative, from the actual images to the text content to go with them.

I also have a background in video editing, which is a new aspect I can bring to the team! I’m excited to start creating video content for businesses, from brand videos on their websites to TikTok and Reels videos!

There are so many aspects to Social Media I really enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like work to me!”

How have you found life at Mosaic so far?

“I felt so welcomed on my first day! I received a ‘Good Luck’ card and welcome mug, which I really wasn’t expecting. The good luck card must be working because so far, everything’s going really well!

Everyone is so lovely, and it feels like I’ve been here for years rather than days; I fit right in.”

What would you say your most significant strengths are, and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“With a few years of video editing experience, I will be enabling businesses to showcase who they are and what they do in video format. Videos are highly beneficial in today’s world for any business to reach bigger audiences.

Short-form videos have rapidly increased in popularity over the past year or so, and I’m sure I can speak on behalf of most people when I say that TikTok is VERY addictive! It makes sense to put the hundreds of hours I’ve spent on TikTok to some use!”

To speak to Jess about all things social media and video, call 01925 563 960 or use our contact form here.

Social Media Management – The Ultimate Guide

Social Media Management. It’s easy, right? Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye, is what we’ll say for starters!

Here at Mosaic Digital Media, we want potential and existing clients to know about our processes for your accounts from the get-go.

This ensures a business relationship that is smooth sailing and one that is very unlikely to encounter choppy waters on our journey to digital marketing paradise together!

So what is that journey going to look like? Let’s find out:


What we need from you –

Before taking on any potential new client for Social Media Management, our social team need several items from our in-house ‘social checklist’. This is to commence work on your accounts in the best possible shape and get you and your business results sooner!

For businesses with existing social profiles:

  • Assets – What we mean by assets is any company logos, photos, videos or other creatives that you have on file. These could be anything from headshots of your team, ‘on the job’ photos for those in a trade, or more commercial assets such as branding and graphics.
  • Admin Access/Logins – We’ll be in a bit of a pickle if we can’t access your social accounts! For Facebook and LinkedIn, we’ll need you to grant admin access to members of our social team. In addition, we’ll need login details for all other social media such as Instagram and Twitter, including usernames and passwords.
  • Contact information for WhatsApp group (setup optional) – We’re big believers in communication at Mosaic Digital Media. We think WhatsApp is a great tool to communicate with our customers for content as well as provide updates on current and continuing work. If this isn’t for you and your business, we’ll stick to good, old-fashioned email!

For businesses needing social accounts setup:

  • Assets (see above)
  • Bio/About You Description – You know your business best. By leaning on your insider knowledge, we can put together the best possible bio/about you description.
  • Website – We always recommend having a website in place to direct potential customers to your business or product.
  • Admin Access/Logins – During the setup of any social accounts, we’ll need to know who, from your business, will be requiring admin access/logins.
  • Contact details – Any social account page needs contact details for potential customers to get in touch with your business. A phone number and/or email is always an excellent place to start.
  • Location – You need to tell your customers where you are so they can purchase your goods or services in person. Providing our team with your registered business address will help any customers find you easily.
  • Opening Hours – Like the above, you’ll lose business if a customer doesn’t know when you are open and closed! Keeping these updated is vital for all your social media channels.
  • Services – Letting potential customers know what services you provide and how you can help them is a great way to get your business name out there on social media!
  • Contact information for WhatsApp group (set-up optional)


Unique Content – Why do we require it, and how long does it take?

Unique Content is at the heart and soul of any reputable digital marketing campaign. It is a dream phrase for our social team!

Having unique content sent to us from your business lets our creative juices flow freely. From that, we create text and graphics that are unique to you and your company’s social pages.

Posting unique content also eliminates the threat of plagiarism from any rival companies. However, there is also a chance that your pages can be penalised or, at worst taken down, for posting consistent copied content from other sources.

Unique content may take longer to prepare and perfect, but the results speak for themselves. For example, see below a recent screengrab from one of our current client’s Facebook page:

These results are even more impressive when we tell you they ALL came from organic, unique content!


Graphics –

A social media post without a graphic, creative, or image is, in our opinion, not worth posting in the first place.

Social media, by its very nature, is a visual medium. The more creative and interactive your image, the more attention it draws from customers, both old and new.

Think of it like this – if John Travolta hadn’t worn that white disco suit in Saturday Night Fever and instead opted for a bog-standard pain of jeans, would you remember it? The answer is, without a doubt, no!

Good social media sticks in the user’s mind and grabs their attention to ultimately act on the CTA (Call to Action) in your post. This could be to call, click a link or buy a product.

Likes & Shares – What you need to know

It can be easy for clients new to social media to get hung up on the number of likes that any given post may get.

The key takeaway when it comes to social media likes is always to remember quality over quantity. For example, you could get 1000 likes but only two conversions or 10 likes with 5 conversions. Conversions are the name of the game in social media, so try not to get yourself in a tizz about likes!

Shares are far more important for your social media content. Shares can expand your audience reach hugely, and our social team take time to find the most relevant groups for your business.

This ensures that your posts are being seen by users most likely to interact and ultimately purchase from your business, whether that’s a product or service.


I advertise on Google, so why do I need social media profiles?

Advertising on Google is fantastic for business, so that is a tremendous start! From an SEO perspective, we asked our Head of SEO Marketing, Conor, for his thoughts:

“Having an active social media presence will play a large part in advertising on Google organically. Therefore, showing that your online business presence is active and constantly updating is key for SEO marketing.”

Working hand in hand, active social media profiles alongside Google Ads will ensure you gain maximum exposure and results for your business.

When we say ‘active’, we mean posting content regularly and responding to customer enquiries promptly.


What does a ‘good post’ and a ‘bad post’ look like?

A ‘good post’ is engaging to the eye, to read and if often interactive. One of our most successful accounts and ongoing campaigns are local Italian restaurant, Donatello Italian Ristorante.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Donatello (@donatellorestaurant)

This success we feel is down to a collaborative working relationship with our client and within our in-house teams.

The client has encouraged us to be creative with the content they provide. That confidence has allowed our marketing team to flourish and create fantastic content that pleases the client and their customers too!

Bad social media is posting inappropriate, offensive or simply unsuitable for work content to a business profile.

Couple that with poor imagery/creatives, and you get something like this, now infamous LinkedIn post from a regional Pure Gym.

Our biggest tip for ‘good’ social media content? Know your client and know your audience. Think like a user. What social media content do you typically like, retweet or share?

Create high-quality imagery alongside concise text that gets your call to action across, and you’re onto a winner!


Do you monitor analytics from my social media profiles?

We do! Our team are experts in utilising a reporting tool called SEMrush. SEMrush monitors both SEO and SMO performance and collates this information into a monthly report, which we then send to you, the client, for review.

All social media providers also provide analytics via their desktop and app versions, which we can also include in monthly reporting.

Analytics is a fantastic tool to monitor what is working and what isn’t on your social media and SEO campaigns. We then take this information and iron out the creases to make next month’s results even better!


Social Media at Mosaic Digital Media is exactly what your business could be crying out for! To discuss your requirements with our client management team or even just for a friendly chat, via Zoom or in person, call 01925 563 960 or click here.