4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are one of the most diverse and helpful pieces of technology that we have today – and, admittedly, they’re on our person 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Over 80% of the population owns a smartphone, and we use them for everything, from simply checking the time, to sending emails, to checking up on social media. They’re pretty useful little tools to keep on top of all aspects of life, personal and business. This being said, as a business owner, you’ve probably considered the benefits of having a mobile app at some point.

Not only will an app potentially reach out to even more customers and clients, but the convenience of an on-the-go mobile app will be a gift to your current customers.

Here at Mosaic, we design personalised mobile apps with you in mind, to fit your unique requirements. If you’re unsure of the advantages to having an app for your business, we’ve rounded out the best ones.



1. They Present New Oppurtunities

Your customers will be thanking you for creating a helpful and convenient way to shop your products on the go, but what other ways can an app add to your business? An example would be a loyalty scheme – you could create one within your app that rewards your most loyal and dedicated customers with points that can be spent on items, or special discounts on the products they love.

2. Build Your Brand

Your new mobile app will help you to spread awareness of your brand and communicate with your customers. Mobile apps, like any product with your name or logo on it, will strengthen your brand and educate your customers on what your goals are as a business.

3. Communication

Mobile apps are also a great way to personalize your customers experience. Apps can basically perform as an alternative to customer service – your app will be functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and won’t be subject to an employee’s mood or temperament. Apps also give consistency in customer service, as they will always present the same familiar platform with which your customers can interact as they please.

4. Increase Income

Thanks to your app, customers will be able to access your products at all hours of the day. Not only will this increase satisfaction, but the likelihood is that it’ll increase your profit, too. Customer satisfaction and sales always come hand in hand, and if your customers feel happy then they’ll keep buying your products.