Meet Kurt, our new Financial & Legal Controller

Meet Kurt Lang… He is one of the newest members to the Mosaic Digital Media team as our Financial & Legal Controller and we want to make sure that he was given a ‘proper’ introduction!

We sat down with him and asked some general question to help you get a better feel for who Kurt is and how he fits into the Mosaic landscape. So without further ado…


Hi Kurt, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“I had resigned from a previous role due to rapid expansion. The position had changed from credit control to mainly customer service and income reviews which I did not want to do.

Phil had said a role was available at Mosaic if I was interested, which would have various tasks, including credit control.

However, he did tell me a little white lie when I asked if Warrington was a longer drive for me than Bolton had been in my previous role – he said ‘just a little’!

Currently, I would say that the definition of my role is a combination of credit control, legal recoveries and sales ledger.

The credit-control aspect involves calls to clients who usually make manual payments. There may be a query preventing payments being made. I would liaise with my colleagues to resolve any such issue.

The legal aspect involves dealing with clients that refuse to pay for our services with no valid reason, using the court system to pursue payment or judgement in our favour.

The sales ledger role involves generating regular monthly invoices to clients and ADHOC invoices for additional services and products.

Payments into the bank for our invoices are then matched by myself against the client’s accounts on our Sage accountancy system.”


How have you found life at Mosaic so far? Obviously, it’s very different circumstances to start a new job in…?

“I have found Mosaic to be a pleasant and friendly place to work – almost worth the drive!”


What would you say your most significant strengths are and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“I would say my biggest strengths are adaptability and attention to detail. Phil made the role at Mosaic sound like a refreshing new challenge with other roles to be incorporated over time.”


You were familiar with Phil, our Finance Manager, before starting? How do you two know each other, and does it make it more comfortable starting a new job with a familiar face?

“I know Phil from when he was the accountant and investor/business partner of Compare Finance in Ramsbottom.

Phil and his business partner (that I knew previously) at Compare, had let me work part-time to earn some money and pay my mortgage, which was much appreciated!

Then they offered to make the job permanent, which was even more appreciated.  Unfortunately, the business sadly found itself heading into liquidation. We both went us our separate ways but stayed in touch after enjoying a strong working relationship together.

It has made it easier to start a new job with a familiar face. I have also known Jon for several years as we both worked for a large insolvency company for quite some time in Bury.”

Advent 2020 – Opening Your Digital Doors

Over the 12 days of Christmas, Frederic Austin was gifted many items from his true love. Although the gifts received were very odd (and hopefully he managed to keep the receipts) the fact of the matter still remains that his true love managed to get him all of these gifts.

In modern times obtaining gifts as normal as blueberry pie or as bizarre as 3 French hens can be a breeze with the power of eCommerce on the internet, but as the phrase goes: you have to be in it to win it.


Why should I get an eCommerce website?

Setting up an online eCommerce website is nigh essential in this day and age – especially with the current events as we all may agree. The year has been very tough for everybody and moreover for businesses without an online presence as they have had little to no way of making sales.

If there was ever a perfect time to get on-board the eCommerce train it was 20 years ago but the next best time is now. Opening your digital doors can be a daunting task for anybody who doesn’t know how to create an online presence but fortunately for you, we do!

We would encourage any business that sells a product or service to get an online eCommerce website and increase their sales significantly.


How do I get an eCommerce website?

Getting an eCommerce website is a doddle nowadays, there is a variety of options out there for you; admittedly some we recommend more than others. Whichever type of eCommerce website you choose to develop will always have its pros and cons.

The options we will cover are Online Website Builders, Web Design Agencies, Freelancers and Online Shops.


Online Website Builders

Online website builders such as Wix, Duda and Squarespace are a quick and easy way to build an eCommerce website with little to no coding or design skills. This can be a very tempting choice as it saves choosing a more costly option such as having it built by an agency or freelancer. The biggest issues with using website builders come with the lack of freedom given to you.

Your eCommerce website will not be able to have its own unique identity when building with a website builder as they work mostly from template designs with no room for freedom or custom designs. Other issues are arise are the guff that comes with the website and the lack of marketability it brings.

With the builder having to include all the possible code for all the choices it means your clientele are going to be caught in long loading times for assets not even present on the site. This will significantly slow the site down and this along with not being able to correctly SEO your site fully there is a very high chance it will be lost in the void of the deep web.


Website Design Agencies

Full discloser here – yes we are a web design agency and yes we can and will be happy to build an eCommerce website for you (you can contact us on 01925 563 960 or fill out our contact form here).

As biased as we may be, we still do truly believe that a website design agency is certainly the way to go when creating an eCommerce website for your business and here’s why. Agencies will have a dedicated team at the ready to build, develop and maintain your eCommerce site that no other covered option will allow.

Many large companies such as The Whitehouse (, The Walt Disney Company ( and The Rolling Stones ( have websites created by agencies – not only that but each of the aforementioned websites are built on WordPress, the same CMS platform used by us. As you may have guessed the biggest issue with using an agency to build your eCommerce website comes in the cost. As these websites are custom built from the ground up it can be a costly process.

The other issue is finding an agency who aren’t looking to take advantage of your lack of knowledge in the design field. We have heard stories from some of our clients of how Cowboy design agencies have taken advantage of them and have provided a less than acceptable build that barely works and doesn’t hold up to modern-day standards.

But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at just some of the high-quality eCommerce websites we have built:

Carlick Ecommerce


1985 Sports Ecommerce


Salford Red Devils Ecommerce



Another common way of having an eCommerce website built on your behalf is through the use of freelancers. Freelancers are website developers who are skilled in coding and design but instead of working for an agency they work for themselves.

Freelancers find themselves between agencies and online website builders in regards to affordability as they generally have fewer costs to upkeep. The major issue with using freelancers is there is no guarantee on the reliability and the responsiveness of the individual freelancer.

As they are usually sole traders it can be difficult to ensure you are using a trusted developer and you may fall victim to a scam or Cowboy developer so it’s always best to read reviews and see examples before going with one.


Online Shops

A final way of achieving an eCommerce online presence is not quite by owning a website but instead having an online shop on a website. Using websites such as Etsy and eBay can be a good way to start a small online shop, it is usually free or cheap to set one of these up but the major downsides come from not really having your own presence and instead of sharing a space with all your likeminded competitors, this doesn’t really give you many ways to pull out ahead of your competition when everybody is on equal footing.

We would recommend small online shops for any small crafts businesses and hobbyist traders who aren’t really looking to support a business and are more looking for a way to make money off their hobby.


What if I already have an eCommerce website?

Having an eCommerce website is only the foot in the door when it comes to your online presence. Making sure your website is kept up to date and is properly optimised for search engines is half the battle with any website, especially eCommerce websites. Always make sure you’re on top of your website maintenance and that your website is modernised to compete with the current trends. If in doubt give us a call on 01925 563 960 or fill out our contact form here and we will give you a free consultation.


In Conclusion

As we keep stating and will state again – getting an online presence with an eCommerce website is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury as times change and we advance further into the future. The popularity of online shopping has been skyrocketing in recent years with the easy accessibility and ease of use – physical stores are having a hard time competing without an eCommerce website.

Here at Mosaic we can help you design, build and create an eCommerce website so you can join the running with the future of commerce and overtake your competition. Call us on 01925 563 960 or fill out our contact form here to see how we can help you.

Black Friday: Is Your Website Prepared?

Black Friday sales have become a huge success globally and slowly seeped over the waters from the USA around four to five years ago.

So what is a Black Friday sale? This event is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and highly regarded as the floodgates to the Christmas shopping season. With the influx in technology and ever increasing for consumers to demand low prices, these types of sales are bigger than ever and appear both online and offline.

In the UK we have adopted this tradition of Black Friday as a way to buy goods at a reduced cost or as a merchant, to make as much profit prior to the Christmas period and typical quieter January after all the expense of December.

In this article, we are going to look a little deeper as to how you can make your website Black Friday ready for the internet as well as ensuring your website is ready for Cyber Monday and the rest of the festive period.


Is your hosting suitable?

Black Friday sales typically cause a frenzy of buyers to come to your website with one aim of grabbing a bargain as well as getting that perfect gift for a loved one. However, before you get carried away with offering rock bottom low prices you need to ask yourself one question, can your website handle the extra volume of visitors?

If your website is not suitable for high volumes of traffic you may need to look into having discussions with your hosting partners to figure out how you can get your website ready for the festive period. If you are paying a nominal fee for your hosting and expects this to handle 20-30% more traffic you may find yourself in a sticky situation where the website will crash whilst the visitors are browsing or at the checkout stages of your website causing a huge headache. Being prepare for the whole of the festive period and upgrading your hosting could be vital preparations and most reputable hosting companies will advise you based on your current amount of users what to expect during the Black Friday sales.

If you have the time to prepare for the festive period or know roughly how many users you would expect to your black Friday event, you can look into speaking with your hosting company to run some load/stress tests on your hosting platform. These load tests are designed to simulate real-life situations on servers to see how many users it can hold. By doing this you will alleviate the stress of a frantic sale and the website having downtime.

Other tools can also help get your website up and running if the worst-case scenario is your website goes down. If your website does fall over tools such as StatusCake will tell you if you have any downtime on the server. This means you do not have to wait for floods of complaints to come in or to keep refreshing to see if it has. This will email you and alert you if you have any issues.


Is your website prepared?

Once you have sorted the hardware and hosting provider for your website, you need to make sure is your website ready? You may have all the best hardware and hosting solutions in place but is your website the main issue? If your website performance or security is a problem this may cause you to have downtime during the Christmas period.


Website Performance

Having a suitable host provider is great preparations for a successful Black Friday event, however, if your website is poorly coded or has not been speed optimised this can have a huge impact on how site visitors use your website. Performance is key as shoppers will want to buy items quickly in fear of losing out on a particular purchase.

If your website sluggish this will instantly annoy people, causing them to go elsewhere, potentially a competitor. Using speed tools such as GT Metrix or Pagespeed will give your web designer a good indication of what things they need to do to improve the load time of the website as well as improve the overall score.


Website Design & Usability

Most website visitors nowadays look to do most of their Christmas shopping or find that perfect Black Friday deal on their mobile phone to and from work or on the school run. As we gravitate towards being hooked up to the internet most of the day people expect the website to work correctly whatever device they are using. If your website isn’t a bespoke purchase the likelihood is, the website may have some poor design choices for mobile and tablet users.

For a successful festive period, you need to make sure you are getting this right so that you do not exclude any potential customer from being to use your website in any form. If you have a website design agency such as Mosaic Digital Media we build all of our website with a mobile-first approach ensuring that no matter what device your eCommerce website is viewed on, your customer will have a good experience all-round.


Marketing & Design

Now you have all the hardware ready for your website, you now need to market your Black Friday and festive events. If you have a good following on social media platforms this will be a good place to start with generating additional attraction to your black Friday sales. An additional advantage on your website is to make sure all of your Black Friday deals are clear and visible once traffic does come through to your website.

I would also suggest looking at getting some good artwork generated to promote your event. Festive artwork and sale banners will help drive traffic to your website. Also whilst on your website create a call to action banners where if a site visitor clicks on a banner, it takes them through to all of the deals available.



In summary, Black Friday is a great kick-off event for the festive period. Utilising this to your advantage will help the sales of towards the end of the year and will always help your business in more difficult months where typically you see a decrease in sales.

If you want to find out more about how we can help your business contact us today.

Don’t let your brand presence D.I.E.

Spooky season is well and truly open us, so we thought it was only right to conjure up some terrifyingly terrific content in the form of our latest MDM blog!

Today, we’re going to be spinning a web, on the web, on how to not let your brand presence D.I.E. a dreadful death online and on your social channels.

You’ll notice we have spelt die in a rather odd manner. That’s because we feel that to keep your brand presence alive and kicking you should focus on Direction, Identity and Engagement!

So let’s get started before the Grim Reaper makes a deathly appearance…



Everything you do for your business both online and on social media should always have a clear direction. Take a few moments before posting or adding a new page to your site to think – why am I posting this? Who is it going to benefit? Does the page/post add value to what you already have?

If you’re happy with the answers to these questions, then you’re good to go on that post or adding that new page onto your site.

We’re not saying it’s easy (social media will try to divert your direction if it can!), but if you can keep your path clear of any distraction, your brand’s direction should shine through and keep your business on the straight and narrow.



Take time to consider the identity you want for your brand. Find websites that you like or social channels that post content that you find engaging. Crafting a brand identity is like a recipe – you can follow the instructions, but you can also add things you like and take away those ingredients you don’t!

On social media, strike a tone of voice that sits well with your audience. Working for a playful brand? Put some personality into it and show off all that’s good about you and the team around you.

Be consistent with the type of content you post, when you post and the templates/imagery you use. Find hashtags that suit your business and always keep an eye on the algorithms of your chosen platforms – they’ll catch you out if you’re not careful!

On the web and your social channels, choose some brand colours and stick to them across the board. Keep your site free of clutter and always focus on a user’s experience. A trick (or treat!) is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes on the page you are hoping to get customers to visit. Was the journey to the page easy or longwinded? How many clicks did it take? Always aim to make your site as user-friendly as possible. Your customers will thank you for it, and do a lot of your brand awareness for you off the back of it!

Staying strong and true to a brand identity you’ve taken time to develop, can be one of the best things you can do for a business both old and new.



At Mosaic Digital Media we are big believers in the opinion that people will buy from people first, business second. There’s no better way to engage your audience than focus on the people who make up your business!

Put your staff (if they aren’t too camera shy!), front and centre of your social posts. Keep an eye on what types of posts do well and the ones that don’t do quite so well. At the same time, don’t be too disheartened if you aren’t getting likes galore – they are not the be-all and end-all, trust us!

Think outside the box if you can. Everybody can do a #ThrowbackThursday post, but how can you do it differently? Can you jump on an existing big brand and use it to your advantage?

Engagement isn’t all about QUANTITY. It’s about QUALITY. Take your time, include a clear CTA (Call to Action) and above all else utilise your brand’s identity and give that the platform to shine at its most effective!


We’re Mosaic Digital Media and we’d like to help your brand navigate the scary seas of social media or the wicked woods of the web. Call us on 01925 563 960 or contact us online here and we’ll help to guide your brand back to crystal clear waters or brighter green pastures!

How a website can help your business thrive during COVID-19

2020. It’s not been the best, has it? However, at Mosaic Digital Media, we’re a very much ‘bright side of life‘ type of team. Which means we’ve spotted a somewhat silver lining in the dark clouds of Coronavirus, particularly if you have the capabilities of moving your business online.

All it takes is a dash of hope, a lick of luck and a really good web design team – we can definitely help you with the last part!

So if you’re struggling to see light in the current dark, let us be the torch to bring a brighter horizon into view…

To start with, let’s talk about turning one negative into a real positive and get your business thriving online during COVID-19!


Social-distanced shopping? Not so, online!

If you’re capable of selling products online and you’re not already doing so, you need to start selling online!

It’s a tricky time for shoppers at the moment and many, understandably, are nervous to venture out to shopping centres, supermarkets and the like.

To get the most out of your website and to put you in the best possible place to sell online, you’ll be needing eCommerce on your existing or new site.

Combined, we’ve got more than a decade’s worth of experience when it comes to building and designing eCommerce sites. We specialise in WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify, with both platforms giving you a variety of options.

We can help decide which of the above benefits you the most and the get to work on getting your business selling online.


Face to Face Mask Meetings? Stay safe with Virtual calls!

For many of us, the best way to get a feel of a business and a prospective new client is by meeting face to face.

This has been made very difficult for many businesses across the country, but it doesn’t mean an end to meetings!

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Google Hangout or Zoom, there’s plenty of platforms to take your meetings virtual. If you provide customer service, it’s also a great way to help respond to customer queries.


Working from home? It’s not all bad!

We’d all prefer to be in the office, but if you’re having to work from home, just think of the positives – for starters, as may tea breaks as you want!

Productivity doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re working from home. Your team can still be effective at working to deadlines, and keep the same levels of communication as you’d expect in an office.

Tools such as ClickUp, Slack and even your run of the mill email can all go a long way in ensuring your business and staff can work just as well at home as they do in the office!

However, all of this isn’t possible if your business hasn’t got a strong online process. To get you set-up to take on the challenge that this ‘new normal’ has brought, contact our Web or SEO team on 01925 563 960 or fill in our enquiry form here.

Why A Website Should Be The Hub of Your Business

‘Everything is digital nowadays’ – this isn’t a lyric from a late 90s Britpop song, but a statement of fact. Flicking through the pages of a telephone directory is long gone. Given the fast-paced nature of all of our modern lives, businesses have swiftly (in most cases) moved online and if you don’t regularly look to update yours, you could get left behind! – which is why it’s so important that a website is made the central hub of all that is great and good about your business!

Alongside your website and located somewhere on ideally, your chief partner in crime to your website should be Social Media – you can find out more on how we can help put the spark back into your social channels here.

However, there needs to be somewhere to drive all this social engagement and interaction to – a website! It is important not to rely solely on just a website or just your social media pages. Like most things in life (and business), it’s important to strike a balance between all of your digital marketing assets. Your website and social media should be as complementary to each other as strawberries and cream!

With all this being said (and the thought of strawberries and cream pushed firmly from our mind), here are our top tips on how to make a website the hub of your business, in a handy alphabetical format:


Authenticity –

Whether you own a quirky business which sells craft beer or a huge multi-conglomerate business, your website gives you a huge degree of credibility to consumers. Have you ever bought a product from Amazon without checking out at least one or two reviews before-hand? Not-likely!

A reviews and testimonials section on your website will make a potential customer more likely to trust that you are a genuine and legitimate business.

Central Self Drive Example of Testimonials/Review Page


Brand identity –

Your website is hugely representative of your business –it’s a platform which enables you to bring your brand identity to life. The flip side of this is having a poorly designed, broken website. Think of it this way, if you walked into a restaurant which had a broken sign and very slow service from the off-set, you would likely opt for the clean and welcoming restaurant over the road!

Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide Example of Brand Identity Website

Content –

This is a chance for you to promote your products and/or what your company is all about. Ensuring that your content is fresh and updated is essential. A blogs page is a fantastic tool to utilize for fresh content on a regular basis, as it can help to shape your company personality, provide useful tips to your customers and help drive traffic to your website – make sure your blogs are SEO optimized or all that new, clean content will go stale!

Luckily for you, we’ve got a page for that; right here

J Lowther & Sons Example of Blogs on Site


Delivery –

Your website, at the end of the day, is there to deliver results. This could mean a full e-Commerce website which has the ultimate goal of easy and fast purchase of products, or a friendly and relaxed WordPress website which is designed to slow down the user and deliver an enjoyable user experience.

In order for your website to deliver, it needs to be developed from the ground up, using the correct building blocks, taking time to build using the correct methods – it was the tortoise, not the hare that won the race!

Develop your site, the right way, with us at Mosaic Digital Media here...

1895 Sports Example of Website Delivery Mosaic Digital Media

Efficiency –

As long as your website is designed skillfully and to exacting specifications which you provide to us at the start of our relationship with your business, a website does all the hard work for you.

A website done right is an incredibly cost and time effective tool for your business. Your customers are able to explore and engage with your business from the comfort of their own home.

Example of efficient site behindsport Mosaic Digital Media


We hope this blog has helped to outline just how important your business website should be to you – if you’d like further advice on this, call us on 01925 563 960 or contact us online here.

Welcome Danielle!

At Mosaic Digital Media, we are big believers in the phrase, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. As such we love nothing better than sitting down with our newest team members and getting to know them a little better!

We’ve had two new editions to our team recently, James and first up, Danielle:

Hi Danielle, welcome to the Mosaic Digital Media team! How did the role come about and what would say the definition of your role is?

“I came across the role by contacting James direct as I worked with him in the past and I knew he was working in the same industry I wanted to be part of again.

My role is to bring new customers to Mosaic and make sure our clients are receiving the best service we can possibly give them.”

How have you settled in and have you enjoyed the job so far, (be honest!)

“Haha, I’m always honest! Yes, I’ve settled in very well, been made to feel like part of the family from the get-go!”


What would you say your biggest strengths are and why did you want to take up the position at Mosaic Digital Media?

“I’d say my biggest strengths are understanding a customer’s needs and finding a solution. I’m very much a people’s person, I love to talk – it’s been said, too much sometimes!”

Have you got any plans for the business that you can share with us?

“Yes, I have! I would like to focus on new/small businesses and offer a tailor-made package that offers websites, build hosting and social media. Everything a new company requires to get the best start and also gain the best audience. A product that works and does what it says on the tin!

I want Mosaic to be the go-to digital agency for all things account management. Keeping in constant contact with our clients to make sure they’re happy and everything is running as smoothly as it can be.

I want any new business that becomes a client of ours to feel like they are not just a number or a sale – they are part of us and we are part of them!”

You were already familiar with James, our new Digital Marketing Manager. Where did you meet and why do you think you work well together as a team?

“Yes, I and James worked together for seven years. When looking to return back to working full-time after starting a family, I reached out to James to see if he had any positions.

My time spent working with James previously was a happy one and I really enjoyed it. We bounce off each other and it doesn’t even feel like work it comes that natural!”


As Danielle has quite rightly said, at Mosaic Digital Media we want to be the go-to digital agency in Warrington – ‘not just a number or a sale, they are part of us and we are a part of them’.

If that’s the kind of business relationship that you’d like to be a part of, call us today on 01925 563 960 or send us a message online here.

The key to achieving a healthy balance with clients

Communication is one of the most vital factors which contribute to a healthy and happy relationship with clients, which is why at Mosaic Digital Media we strive to make a connection from your first meeting with us – although first, and foremost we are a business, we understand that all great client relationships are built on with strong interpersonal foundations!

When it comes to taking on new clients, it’s important to outline our and your expectations, as a business, early on. If we are able to start on the same page early on, the likelihood of problems arising in the future is a slim one. This is why we encourage you, the client to not be afraid to ask any questions you have from the off-set, no question is too big or small!

Two People in a New Client Meeting with Laptop

It is essential that there is a written record of the agreement that has been made between the company and the client – if you were a footballer, you wouldn’t sign for a team without having a contract! At Mosaic Digital Media, we provide written specifications which should be read and approved by the client before we proceed with any updates. Once we have this approval, it’s welcome on board and let our work together commence!

Another form of communication we use is email or WhatsApp. Dependant on your preference, we can discuss early on whether you’d prefer to be contacted on via email or have a WhatsApp group set up between ourselves and all the relevant people within your business.

Hands Typing On A Laptop

For example, after having a meeting with us, we will then send a follow-up email shortly after that will ensure that what has just been discussed is documented. This way, the information is fresh in your mind, and if there have been any miscommunications, they can be nipped in the bud quickly and easily rather than half-way through the project!

Customer Service skills are essential when dealing with any client. Positivity is key! Making sure that the office stays positive is something that we particularly excel in if we do say so ourselves!  The ability to be attentive and polite with customer requests are characteristics which should be instilled into employees in any reputable business and we are happy to say that all of our team share in this belief.

As long as the customers’ expectations are handled correctly from the off-set, issues surrounding work completion/demands should not become a problem! The way a digital marketing agency manages its clients time is crucial – too much on one, won’t leave you enough for another so balance is essential.  At Mosaic Digital Media, we use ClickUp to manage our workflow and Slack to communicate with each other internally to ensure that we all have an understanding of what we are working on at any given time.

Our SLA’s are made available to the client from the start, and we are available through email and telephone to handle any customer requests. We always provide admin-logins to your site should you want access to them, we are transparent with our customers from the start, and we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services with realistic deadlines.

Employees working In An Office



On receipt of the request (via or phone), we endeavour to respond with within 2 working hours (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00).

We will then review and schedule in any minor* fixes/tasks, updating the client via email.

We aim to complete, any minor fixes/tasks within 3 working days unless critical* (Dependant on us receiving all the necessary details and content in a timely manner).


Our support SLA times are as follows

Non-critical issues **:

  • Response within 2 working hours
  • Resolve within 72 working hours

Critical issues*:

  • Response within 2 working hours
  • Resolve within 48 working hours


Mosaic Digital Media contact details for existing clients: or call 01925 563 960. We will endeavour to acknowledge all enquiries within 2 working hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).

Think we could be the digital, design or social agency for your business? Contact us using our form here!

Facebook Update 2020

Roll out the blue carpet, Facebook is back and looking better than ever with the new slick monochromatic look that it has decided to sport for 2020. The new redesign is focused on making the desktop design have a similar appearance and feel to its mobile layout counter-part, but what exactly has changed?

The most immediate and noticeable change is how much more breathing room the main news feed has now. The old design used a boxed layout that constrained the content, not allowing it to expand to its full width and full potential.


Although boxed layouts used to be all the rage, they’ve become outdated and a thing of the past, making way for the pretty and popular full-width design. This new design opts to utilise the entire screen, placing the feed in the middle and parting the options and contacts sections to either side of the screen respectively.

The posts are now larger with an increased text size throughout the site allowing for an easier to read and more accessible experience for older audiences or those with eyesight difficulties.

Another prominent change made to the site is the inclusion of the new ‘groups’ tab. Although the groups’ tab has always been around before the redesign, it is clear that Facebook is pushing this feature to integrate it more with the core concept and use of the social media platform.

groups tab facebook redesign

The groups’ tab allows you to easily access the groups you are in, search for new groups to join and browse through the groups’ activity feed so you can keep up to date with the latest news that your interests and communities have to offer

The final and my favourite change that was made (or a feature that was added) is the inclusion of a dark mode! This feature does exactly what it says on the tin and allows the website to be turned ‘dark’.

The white and black colours get switched making it easier on the eyes especially during browsing at night time or in low light conditions. Don’t worry though! If you prefer using the light mode it is on by default or can be toggled in the account drop-down in the top right of the website.

Overall I believe this long-anticipated redesign is a huge step in the right direction for Facebook. It was in much need of an update to bring it with the times and it has more than just accomplished that goal. This glow-up has ensured that Facebook stays top dog of social media platforms now hosting a whopping 2.2 billion monthly active users!

Has the update been rolled out to you yet? What do you think of it?

Let us hear your thoughts on our Facebook page here!

How to deal with stress when working at home

Many of us are currently working at home and this tends to come with different types of stresses and worries than you might get working in an office.

With it being #StressAwarenessMonth, we have taken this opportunity to talk about the different ways that you can deal with stressful situations while working at home.


Lone Working

As most can imagine working from home brings an aspect of loneliness due to the lack of team interaction and social banter.

Starting a conversion via voice call or video chat, whether that be a daily meeting to discuss workflow or just a simple catch up with a work friend, can massively help to relieve some of the stresses of being alone and boost your mood.


Work/life balance

Knowing how to split your time up fairly is important when working remotely. If you are working too many hours without any time to relax and unwind you could overwork yourself and become restless and stressed.

Make sure that you are designating time for you and your mind to rest. This could be taking small breaks in the day or simply shutting off your computer at a certain time and not touching it again until the morning.

Taking holiday days can also be a good way to relieve the tension of working from home in the same way that it does when working from the office. Holidays, even if you aren’t going anywhere, allow you to enjoy your home as a place of rest and not just a place to work.


Be happy

Although working from home can be lonely it also gives you more freedom over the hours that you work, for example if you need that extra 10 minutes in bed then you can have it!

Take 20 minutes out from your busy working day to enjoy some yoga or meditation, these are great ways to release stress and tension.

Maintaining good mental health is just as important, if not more so, as the work you’re doing so make sure that your first priority is that you are happy and coping well!



Working from home can bring a new set of difficulties to the table but knowing how to cope with these new circumstances is part and parcel of working.

Talking to people daily (even if it is via video call!), having a healthy work to life balance and taking advantage of being at home are all great ways to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

We’ve teamed up with Salford Red Devils!

We are super excited to be working with a range of existing and new businesses in the North West this year, including our most recent venture working with Salford Red Devils and building them a brand new website to help improve the user journey as well as boost ticket sales & subscriptions!

A bit of background information for anyone who doesn’t know who Salford Red Devils are (where have you been?!)…

Formed in 1873, they have won six Championships and one Challenge Cup. Not to mention last season was hugely exciting for them and we are looking forward to a victorious 2020 season! With an incredible journey last year and more to come in 2020, the days of Salford Red Devils being known as the ‘underdogs’ are no longer.

The team also plays a huge role within the community, running a successful community programme engaging with more than 40,000 people each year across Salford, Greater Manchester and beyond via 10s of 1000s of delivery hours. Through its very own Foundation, the Red Devils are seen daily in schools, community groups and businesses delivering a multitude of projects ranging from schools coaching and dance to employment programmes and heritage schemes.

The professional rugby league club released their first 2020 line-up on Sunday the 5th of January where our name appears under Chris Atkin, signed for this season from Hull Kingston Rovers (Hull KR) – we are delighted to be sponsoring Chris and wish him the best of luck in his opening season with the Red Devils!

We couldn’t think of a better way to start this new decade, and on Sunday (26th January), Commerical Director, Stacey and, Managing Director, Richard were thrilled to be a part of the 2020 season launch at the home of Salford, the AJ Bell Stadium!

Make sure you keep up with our social channels to see progress and updates on Salford Red Devils:



Looking to find that killer pass or struggling to kick your digital marketing through the posts for a 2020 try? Give us a call on 01925 563 960 and arrange a 1-2-1 with one of our team.

Rich, Managing Director at Mosaic Digital Media, with Director of Ruby Operations, Ian Blease (left) & our star man, Chris Atkin (right)!

Rich, Managing Director at Mosaic Digital Media, with Director of Rugby Operations, Ian Blease (left) & our star man, Chris Atkin (right)!

Mosaic Digital Media 2019 round up

2019 has been a huge success for Mosaic Digital Media and we are so proud of the achievements we have made! It’s been a very busy year and it’s definitely been a team effort to get us up to this point, so we decided it was only fair that each of us gets involved doing a write up of 2019 and give a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2020!

So without further ado. keep reading to find out what Mosaic Digital Media got up to this year and what we have planned for next year, over to you #TeamMo…

Conor Clarke, Head of SEO

Conor On Team Achievements…

Team Player of the Month:

In 2019 we introduced ‘Team Player Of The Month’, where management decided who went above and beyond in the business. The decision was unanimous!

I was honoured to be awarded the first ‘Team Player Of  The Month’, take a look:

Here’s to seeing who January’s ‘Team Player Of The Month’ will be!

Digital Team of the Year Nomination:

Northern Dev Awards ( nominated us for the Digital Team of the Year. This was a proud time in the office, and we look forward to the results in 2020!

Mosaic did Movember:

In November of 2019, we decided to take part in Movember so as a team we shaved our faces on the first day and then grew a moustache throughout the month as well as raising money for the campaign. We aimed to raise £200 but as a total, we made £309! Take a look here:


Stacey Whitney, Head of operation

Stacey on BNI Mere…

BNI Mere meet every Thursday morning at the more social time of 10:30am. I have personally found the weekly meetings enjoyable and the members to be incredibly supportive. It’s amazing to have a whole room full of people who are happy to support each other by referring to businesses and inviting along new visitors to meet.

For example, Mark who is a Property Developer at Copperleaf is looking for the chapter to engage with tradesmen and architects to visit as a guest, therefore actively trying to encourage the growth of BNI and finding the right people.

BNI isn’t for everyone – I have heard that people find it a little repetitive and time-consuming but I find that BNI, and in fact any networking event,  is what you make of it! By listening, being specific and connecting with the right people I  have seen huge benefits in a short period of time. As well as BNI I have been involved with Seed Networking and real5 Northwich which has helped us expand our brand awareness and presence in Cheshire.

I look forward to being part of the ‘Mere’ family and making a difference in 2020.


James brewer, web development

James on New Team Players…

In 2019, the team here at Mosaic continued to grow, increasing our versatility with new skillsets and experience. Back in April, Thom joined the team part-time to help deliver some of our social campaigns.

Thom was a great fit for the team and was offered a full-time position in July as junior Digital Marketing Executive, where he has since begun working closely with our Account Manager, Negin and our Head of SEO, Conor Clarke.

In April, I joined Mosaic Digital Media as a junior Web Developer, becoming the third member of the development team headed by Liam.

Whilst undertaking smaller projects and learning from the other members of the development team, I’ve been able to learn new skills and have recently begun to undertake more visual design work.

Last but not least, our most recent recruit has been Janet Worrall who has joined team Mosaic as an Office Administrator. She has been helping out with the everyday running of Mosaic, here are a few words from Janet…

“Thrown in at the deep end it was either sink or swim! I am happy to say that I am still swimming especially ending my first week with the Christmas Party. I have felt very welcome and feel I have become part of the furniture, we have even done some serious office rearranging to ‘fit’ me in. I am, looking forward to the New Year and to my new career at Mosaic.”


Liam Wright, senior web developer

Liam On New Clients…

We have helped several new clients to meet there digital and marketing aims this year.

Earlier in the year, we help Grant Hodnett Nutrition (GHN) to rebuild their eCommerce store on Shopify. Throughout the year, we have worked with Grant to help GHN market their redesigned store and made amendments to the site to drive up conversion and user engagement.

We also helped 1895 Sports to build a new eCommerce store to advertise and sell their customised and branded sportswear. This was built from the ground up in WordPress using WooCommerce along with a bespoke design to match there branding, purpose and goals.

Most recently, we are working with Sam and Charlotte Fox to help promote the Warrington Buyers Club app which gives members access to various discounts throughout Warrington. Our Social Media and Marketing strategy has included creating unique & engaging imagery for both Social Media, print and email, helping to advertise their new app along with the incentivises for signing up, and delivering their #12DaysOfChristmas campaign. There are loads of prizes up for grabs so make sure you check out their Facebook and Instagram account for updates!

We have also been working with NW employers to build their new website to better advertise who they are along with the services they provide and the events they run. We are in the final stages of building their new site and hope to launch this for them in the New Year.


Negin Karimi, Account Manager

Negin on real5 Networking (Warrington & Northwich)…

2019 saw team Mosaic Digital Media joining the real5 Warrington group. I’ve had the privilege of representing Mosaic in the Warrington group for Web Design, Social Media Management and SEO marketing and I’ve loved every second of it! It was great to walk in and see a mixture of both familiar and brand new faces including Angela from Positive Lifestyle Rewards, Jen from The Modern World and Dave from Central Self Drive!

I’ve also had some amazing 121’s with the members of the group including Andy from Quickline Couriers, Helen from Easy Tots and Ellen from Spire HR. Looking forward to more of the same in the New Year.

This year we also launched real5 Networking in Northwich, with the group being headed up by our very own Managing Director, Richard Wilding and also our Head of Operations Stacey Whitney who both feel strongly about the launch because of their connections with the town.

We kick-started the launch of the Northwich group at Barons Quay Social on November 7th which was a roaring success and set the tone for the Northwich group! We were also delighted to make it into the Northwich Guardian.

Let’s hope 2020 brings more of the same success for real5 Northwich – the next real5 Networking Northwich lunch-time event is going to be held at The Hart Of Hartford on the 14th of January 2020, 12-2pm. Make sure you get a head start for January and book your place here:



Nathan Heyes, Web developer

Nathan on Charity Work…

Throughout 2019 we have, like in previous years, worked in supporting local charities. Every year we work with charities and help them get online or promote their cause with our digital expertise as a way of giving back to the community.

In 2018 we worked with Suicide Prevention Charity, Papyrus, building their website and providing them with web support. This year we have worked with the Warrington Wolves Foundation, the charity branch of Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club, who specialises in changing lives through sport. We’re currently in the process of revamping the website to help with the user-journey and look forward to these changes being made visible in 2020!

That’s not all the charitable work we have done though! A few months back we were approached by Mid-Cheshire Mind, a charity that focuses on mental health. We provided them with a website holding page and are working on building them a new website. The design has recently been signed off which we are excited about as we can get started with the build next year.

Finally, it wouldn’t be right if we just looked over the latest charitable cause we completed, our Reverse Christmas Calendar. For this event we decided for each of the 12 days we would accomplish a charitable cause, this ranged from donating food for Warrington Food Bank through to handing out mince pies to local businesses, see here: You can see a full round-up of each of the 12 days on Our Community page.


Thomas Dorsett, Marketing Executive

Thom On What’s To Come In 2020!

What a 2019 we’ve had and what a 2020 we’ve got ahead of us…

First up, we recently launched our ‘#2020in2020’  campaign which is all about advising businesses to have clear 20/20 vision on their 2020 digital marketing campaigns to help achieve the best results next year.

By encouraging businesses to see the bigger picture we are hoping that businesses will slow-down on just buying a website and instead consider investing in a digital marketing strategy…

We have adapted the way we work and tend to work on a monthly basis, using your budget to come up with a digital marketing strategy that will best utilise our expertise including SEO, Social Media and Web Design.

Our dream team, office girl power duo of Negin and Stacey aka #Nacey, also have an exciting venture they’ll be undertaking in Warrington as ‘Digital Doctors’. That’s all we’re saying for now, watch this space!

We’ll also be donning our best Wacky Races-esque costumes for Northwich Krazy Races 2020 – with the help of Richard ‘Dastardly’ Wilding, team ‘Mean Mo-chine’ are determined to win and blow the rest of the competition out of the water. Fighting talk indeed!

Finally from all of us at Team Mo, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing some familiar and new faces in 2020.


Phew! That’s it for our 2019 review with a sneak peek of what we have stored for next year. We are back from our Christmas holidays on Thursday the 2nd of January where you can call us on 01925 563960 to start planning your digital journey!