How to increase your ecommerce Warrington purchases using social media!

At Mosaic Digital Media, we believe social ecommerce Warrington is the next leading market.

Unique checkout experiences will continue to embrace the consumers, and marketers will need to understand the motivations and reasons behind this to build a rewarding strategy for your ecommerce site.

Brand awareness is essential to securing more purchases on social media

Social media’s increased traffic and popularity are directly linked to spending more time shopping online.

Social platforms are a critical tool for marketers in the ecommerce market. Products are embedded within an endless feed of posts from friends and family to grasp the reader and make you stop to see the brands you already know.

Consumers may learn about your products without social through another channel, such as paid or organic SEO.

An essential element of marketing strategy is social for consumers to turn to for quick and easy access to your products.

Research shows that 80% of consumers agree that brand awareness makes them more likely to buy on social media.

Consumers discover products in various ways, depending on multiple audiences. In-feed ads, discovery pages, posts from influencers/creators are all ways consumers buy their products.

A social commerce strategy is essential to promote your products.

Using a social strategy allows you to market your most popular content in relevant posts when consumers are ready to purchase.

Retail therapy is another significant element of social commerce due to the impactful events across the world.

Consumers look to cheer themselves up by shopping online, which acts as a much-needed stress reprieve.

Targeting products to consumers’ interests is crucial when shopping for personal enjoyment. Algorithm and social-driven strategies are vital in maximising this market.

Your target audience is the key to your marketing strategy and analysing audience data is necessary. Understanding what consumers are looking for is vital due to various social commerce behaviours.

A successful social commerce strategy is knowing what you require for your target audience to hit the “buy now” button.

Social media management tools can track behaviours across platforms. You can plan product listings and strategies to target consumers’ interests.

Product listings need to be effective for consumers to buy your products. Visual, detailed product listing should be standard for your marketing strategy. Detailing of your product is required for consumers to buy it.

The leading three social media brands, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have multiple strategies that can be used for your social ecommerce Warrington, including product live videos and tagging product listings into posts from customers.

A social commerce strategy promotes the use of video and photo advertising.

Utilising social media platforms will help promote your product to another level.

Consumers use social media for a social impact on their lives, interacting with others and being inspired by content creators and brands to purchase new items.

The user-friendly impact of online shopping means brands and marketers will have to analyse and interpret consumers’ purchase decisions.

Analysing data will help you reach and exceed your targets to ensure more sales for your business.

Alterations to your social commerce strategy can accelerate your business to the next level.

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Meet Andy – SEO Executive

Another new face at Mosaic Digital Media! We welcomed Andy this week as our new SEO Warrington Executive.

So without further delay, we’d like to welcome Andy to the Mosaic team!

Hi Andy, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“I saw the role on Indeed and I thought that with my previous experience working with SEO at university that I would be able to transfer those skills as well as gain new valuable skills with the job.

I have a lot to learn on multiple areas of the job role and I am looking forward to learning and adding those critical skills to my repertoire.

My definition of the role would be a SEO Executive is someone who improves clients websites through optimizing SEO tools. The role liaises with the digital and website team in order to produce the best standard of website for clients”.

How have you found life at Mosaic so far?

“At Mosaic Digital Media, I have been welcomed with open arms by everyone in the company. From a new water bottle to a welcoming card!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first day at Mosaic Digital Media and I am looking forward to my future with the company! I have been shown my role and made to be very welcome in my new role”.

What would you say your most significant strengths are, and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“I would say I am a very motivated person and I am always looking for work to do. I am also a great team worker and I work better when working within a team – when conversing in a team I find that I am able to use the ideas that are put forward to help improve my work and also contribute to others.

I also am very open to learning and at Mosaic Digital Media, I’m hoping to learn plenty of new skills that will make me the best possible version of myself I can be!

This area of work is something I am passionate about and I wanted to find a role in the industry and this is the place to be. I also researched the team ethic and environment and from what I saw online – it transfers to the office. I’m very happy about this and it is the perfect role for me as my first job in the industry!”

To speak to Andy about growing your search campaign organically, call 01925 563 960 or use our contact form here.

How to make your social media content splendidly shareable!

It’s the dream of all social media Warrington marketers; to have that one post that soars to unparalleled social heights!

But, what if you could make EVERY post splendidly shareable! In our latest Mosaic Digital Media blog, we’ll share our top nine tips on how to get your social media in Warrington seen locally, but also nationally!

So, step one…

Useful Content

Your latest social media post might feel useful to you, but is it useful to your followers?

Have your target audience in mind before sharing a post; even having a quick check on your follow count can help.

Targeting a specific section of your followers with content they care about or are interested in is a surefire way to get some easy share wins!

Useful Content | Social Media in Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Visually Interesting

Did you know that a blog or article with just 75-100 words gets double the amount of social shares as opposed to those that don’t?

Mindblowing right! A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes, and in today’s fast-paced world, it’s never been more accurate.

An eye-catching image can do so much more than a clever caption; think about it, scrolling through Instagram, do you notice the caption or the image first?

We’re betting you all said image! Get your creatives on point, and the shares will soon start to flood in…

Visually Interesting | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Sharing is caring

It may sound simple, but the easier you make it for your followers to share your content, the likelier they are to actually act on those impulses and share!

Adding social share buttons to your website makes sharing your latest blog post or article easy to share straight to your audience’s chosen platform.

A five-minute job with the possibility of countless results? Get your followers’ fingers clicking with social share buttons!

Sharing is caring | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Captivating Captions

Yes, we know this might contradict our previous paragraphs on images, but think of social media in Warrington as like going fishing.

Here us out:

  • Image = Hook
  • Caption = Line
  • CTA = Sinker

See, you see? It makes sense, right? Obviously, we’re not comparing your followers to fish, but the principle remains the same. Great image, poor caption; no share. Poor image, great caption; still no share.

Bringing a visually enticing image together with a captivating caption is the perfect recipe for shares galore from your followers!

Speaking of recipes…

Captivating Captions | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

The Perfect Mixture

When it comes to social media content, it’s all about getting the perfect mixture.

This mixture consists of:

  • Evergreen Content – Content that has no ‘expiry date’; it remains relevant regardless of the time or season.
  • Trending Content – Content that does have an expiry date; this content has to be shared as soon as a trend starts or is trending. Failure to be quick off the mark is a wasted opportunity rendering any content you had planned obsolete.

Keep in mind this perfect mixture when planning your next social media calendar, and we’re sure you’ll see shares start popping up on posts!

The Perfect Mixture | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Original Sauce

No, not HP or Heinz. Your own original sauce!

People like sharing content that their followers and friends have never seen before, so always aim to be 100% original with the content you put.

As Dr Seuss once said, today you are you; that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!

Original Sauce | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media


Here’s another stat-attack to get your head around: Infographic posts get around 3x more shares than any other type of social media post.

We all love to learn, and infographics provide key stats and facts that your audience will want to know about!

Infographics | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Tell A Story

Telling stories is something we humans have done since the dawn of time, so we should be pretty good at it by now!

By evoking emotion in your captions, you encourage your audience to feel something as they read.

Happy, sad, joy or despair, whatever story you’re trying to tell, do it with emotion!

Tell A Story | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Remember who you are (Simba)!

Lion King | Mufasa | Social Media Warrington

Just as Simba had to remember who he was, so does your social media agency in Warrington!

What do you care about? What are your values? Are you serious or light-hearted?

Brainstorm who your digital agency is. Once you know the answers to all your questions, it’s time to get posting your splendidly shareable content!

Remember who you are | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Need some help and advice with your social media in Warrington? Call 01925 563 960 or click here.

New Year, New Branding!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have seen we have changed a few things within Mosaic’s branding. Before the new year, we took the time to reflect on ourselves, and we felt it was time for some branding TLC. 

A new logo and colour palette. A shiny new website and mock-ups of updated social accounts. We treated ourselves to a fresh new look, so let us walk you through it. 

Say goodbye to 2021 and hello to 2022!

Rebranding Mosaic | Mosaic Digital Media

Wow! Look at that glow up! We’re so pleased with the new branding as it opens up new opportunities to show you what we can do. 

Instagram Branding

Not only did we upgrade the logo and colour palette, we planned out how we were going to tease the rebranding. 

Of course, as our name is Mosaic, we thought it would only be fitting to create a mosaic over on our Instagram. We archived all our old posts, keeping our followers on edge and excited for the next piece to the puzzle to be posted.

Mosaic Digital Media | Instagram page, old and new branding

Side by side comparison confirms that we have made the right decision. With a bio refresh and a lovely 9.2k following (we’re manifesting this growth in 2022), we’re excited to post content on our socials again!

Our first posts revealed our new highlight covers and colour palette with our new logo faintly behind. Having these as reels enabled us to reach a larger audience. We will definitely be implementing more reels into our content strategy going forward.

As you can see, the puzzle complete will show our new branding as a whole when our followers look at our feed.

Mosaic Digital Media | Instagram Logo Reveal

Why make the highlight posts as reels, I hear you ask? Well, as Instagram’s algorithm continues to change, we have to make an effort to keep up! Now reels are being pushed we want to try and use that to help us reach more of our target audience. We also want to make content that’s more engaging and interesting.

Facebook Branding

After the initial reveal posts, we wanted to keep a theme throughout. Here were the initial ideas for what we came up with:

Mosaic Digital Media | Facebook New Logo Reveal Posts

Twitter Branding

With Twitter, we had all three posts together in a thread. This being pinned to the top of the page means all the information wouldn’t be missed.

Mosaic Digital Media | Twitter Thread, Logo Reveal

If this blog has got you excited about your business’ potential for a branding glow-up, don’t hesitate to contact Mosaic! Call us on 01925 563 960 or contact us to start your 2022 the right way here.

Video Content in Warrington at Mosaic Digital Media

Here at Mosaic Digital Media, we want to continue to strive for bigger and better! That is why we have been delving deep into the world of video content in Warrington.

Offering clients personalised videos showcasing their business, brand, and values allows us to reach new audiences and new levels with their video content in Warrington.

From videos fit for your website to sharable content on clients social media profiles, the possibilities for your marketing strategy are limitless.

What is the process when producing a video?

Like with everything, there’s always a method behind the madness. Below is a breakdown of the steps we take to create a fantastic video:

  • Plan –

When planning a video, the first question should be ‘What story are you trying to tell your audience?’. Once that question is answered, we let the ideas flow and get to storyboarding. A storyboard allows the clients and ourselves to visualise the video on paper before any filming commitments are made. This makes the planning process more manageable, as altering shots drawn on a storyboard is a lot easier than re-filming.

  • Filming –

Once the plan is set in place, the physical filming takes place. Through our meticulous planning, each shot of the storyboard is captured. Filming is a methodical process, not only what is in front of the camera but also what is behind it. The lighting, the sound, the location, all these factors are so important when filming a video you want to share with your audience.

  • Editing

The filming is done, and that’s it. The End. We’re only joking. Editing is where the magic happens! Turning eight hours of raw footage into a video that might be a few seconds/minutes long. The story is created by piecing the videos together to convey the goals of the video brief. Using different eye-catching transitions and including engaging graphics add value to any video.

  • Sharing

There’s no use in having a great video if no one can watch it! We recommend utilising video content on all relevant platforms by sharing it with as many people as possible. There’s no limit on how many times your video can be viewed, so the more you share, the more people will see your business!

Why will videos benefit your business?

The rise in short-form content has become popular over the last few years, thanks to apps such as TikTok and Instagram. With both apps having a massive amount of users (Instagram with 28.81 million and TikTok with 1 billion active users), every feature of these platforms should be utilised to gain as much as you can from them.

Including a video on your website will improve your site’s ranking due to the amount of time a user is spending on it. People prefer video content over emails nowadays, so why not share your business in a visually engaging form?

We’re here to help

Mosaic know how confusing keeping up with the best marketing strategies can be, so leave it to us to get you and your business where it needs to be.

Please give us a call on 01925 563 960 or contact us to start your video journey today here.

Meet Jay – Junior Web Developer

Another new face at Mosaic Digital Media! We welcomed Jay this week as our new Junior Web Developer.

So without further delay, we’d like to welcome Jay to the Mosaic team!

Hi Jay, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“After graduating from University, I was looking for my first role within the industry. Still, I wasn’t sure which path I would like to take. After making sure my coding skills were good enough, I realised I enjoyed Web Development.

After this, I spent some time looking for roles that would suit my skills and match what I was looking for in a workplace. When I came across Mosaic, it stood out as the perfect role to learn and develop my skills whilst also growing within the company.”

How have you found life at Mosaic so far?

“As it is my first day today, I haven’t had much time within Mosaic. But so far, it has already been amazing, with the team being incredibly welcoming and friendly. I can’t wait to spend more time here!”

What would you say your most significant strengths are, and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“My greatest strength is my problem-solving skills, as they are a vital part of any developer role. Having gained a lot of experience and skills throughout University, I spent time strengthening these skills. I cannot wait to learn even more from the great team at Mosaic.”


To speak to Jay about his growing Web Developer skills, call 01925 563 960 or use our contact form here.

Meet Jess – Graduate Social Media Executive

At Mosaic Digital Media we are always looking for new talent, and we recently welcomed Jess to the team as a Graduate Social Media Executive.

We sat down with Jess to get to know her a little bit better…

Hi Jess, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“I have always been a creative person, but I never considered creating content for Social Media a job up until a few months ago.

I didn’t expect anything to come from a simple message I sent to the Mosaic team on Instagram. But after I was invited in for a quick chat, I was invited back for a formal interview and was offered the job!

Currently, creating content for businesses social accounts is my primary role, which allows me to constantly be creative, from the actual images to the text content to go with them.

I also have a background in video editing, which is a new aspect I can bring to the team! I’m excited to start creating video content for businesses, from brand videos on their websites to TikTok and Reels videos!

There are so many aspects to Social Media I really enjoy, so it doesn’t feel like work to me!”

How have you found life at Mosaic so far?

“I felt so welcomed on my first day! I received a ‘Good Luck’ card and welcome mug, which I really wasn’t expecting. The good luck card must be working because so far, everything’s going really well!

Everyone is so lovely, and it feels like I’ve been here for years rather than days; I fit right in.”

What would you say your most significant strengths are, and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“With a few years of video editing experience, I will be enabling businesses to showcase who they are and what they do in video format. Videos are highly beneficial in today’s world for any business to reach bigger audiences.

Short-form videos have rapidly increased in popularity over the past year or so, and I’m sure I can speak on behalf of most people when I say that TikTok is VERY addictive! It makes sense to put the hundreds of hours I’ve spent on TikTok to some use!”

To speak to Jess about all things social media and video, call 01925 563 960 or use our contact form here.

Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy

Autumn, the season of transition, the time of year where we reap the rewards of the seeds we’ve sowed; the final stretch into the winter months and the perfect time to refine your marketing strategy for the coming year. The summer sun has set upon the horizon and the season of selling has arisen. It’s time to make autumn the season of success.

Autumn is the most imperative time of year for preparing a marketing strategy since just around the corner skulk the most prestigious and prominent occasions; Halloween, Bonfire Night, Black Friday, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day and Easter. These renowned events are crucial when it comes to getting your name out there and getting sales in.

As a successful business, it is your due diligence to make sure your company has a marketing strategy in place that will help expand, promote and grow your enterprise and not miss out on any potential conversions. Of course you aren’t alone in this seasonal strategy to secure the shoppers as we are with you every step of the way in our guide to create a successful marketing strategy!


What is a marketing strategy?

Before the first golden leaf falls from the great oak we need to cover exactly what we mean by marketing strategy. When we say marketing strategy we are referring to a business’s method of converting prospective customers into consumers or clients. The strategy itself tends to be a well thought out process including documentation on all the main aspects of a business such as the target market, brand message and mission statement. A fundamental part of developing a marketing strategy is not forgetting the 4 Ps of marketing: Price, product, place and promotion.


How to create a marketing strategy

A marketing strategy contains many moving parts and can be a daunting task for any business but we cannot stress the vitality of the assignment at hand. The marketing strategy will pave the way on how your business will act and behave so it’s always a wise idea to get everything sorted sooner rather than later. Every element a successful marketing strategy should be included has been written with a brief breakdown below:


Marketing Mix (4 Ps)

The marketing mix is identifying each of the main aspects of your business using the characteristics of price, product, place and promotion. Though these are the 4 main Ps, it is often times broken down into other categories too for extra depth and clarity.

Example: Price – The price of our service is bespoke to the customer’s needs starting at £500 with a pay over 12 month option, Product – We are offering custom coded websites and graphic design, Place – Sold directly from website via form or number, Promotion – Dedicated landing page, social media advertisements, natural SEO from blog key terms (and if you’re reading this then its worked!)


Target Market

Prospective clients or existing customers that share similar characteristics to be marketed towards.

Example: The target market for my brand are young women between 18 and 30.


SWOT Analysis

SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and as the titles may suggest this analysis is to highlight each of the internal (strengths & weaknesses) and external (opportunities & threats) factors of your business.

Example: Strength – high customer retention rate, Weakness – high production costs lead to higher prices, Opportunity – market trends have been directed towards our industry, Threat – new competition has diversified the market


Marketing Goals

Setting a selection of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Time-bound) goals for your company that support your business model.

For example: By the end of December we want to have sold 300 units.


Market Analysis

A market analysis is the identification of any elements out of your control that may impact your business, usually negatively.

Example: Due to the move away from plastic waste, we need an alternate solution for our packaging.


Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis is recognising each of the top competitors in your industry and the potential threats they possess. This will assess where you stand in the overall market. A good way to do this is by ranking them on their strengths and weaknesses. This could be assessed using a price to benefit ratio.

Example: Low price – high benefit, high price – high benefit, low price – low benefit, high price – low benefit


We’re here to help

We know that creating a marketing strategy is an intimidating and demanding task but a clear path to success will help your business grow exponentially. If you are struggling to create a marketing strategy we are here to help!

Mosaic are experts when it comes to business management and we can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses throughout your company and work alongside you to rectify any issues to help you thrive. Please give us a call on 01925 563 960 or contact us to allow us to work alongside you in growing your business.

Branding Guidelines – The Olympic Games of Graphic Design

From Athens to Tokyo and everywhere in between, competition thrives. Be this be the physical prowess of Olympians through to the mental fortitude of chess champions there is always opposition. Naturally the primary competition we will be focused on within this blog is the challenge of successful branding.

An often overlooked but vitally important aspect of the marketing war is the embodiment of the brand itself – the brand identity. Countless times we have encountered a mishmash medley of mediocre marketing posts just haphazardly smashed together with hope to hook a hapless patron. Each ‘design’ had no heart or soul, no purpose or poise – simply created to, often unsuccessfully, catch a quick sale or to remain somewhat relevant.

It’s just a logo/font/colour, it doesn’t have to be fancy” is often the words uttered by the culprits of these heinous crimes. Well fret no more – we are here to tell you why it IS important that your brand guidelines are on form and how we can help you go for gold in creating a successful brand identity.


Target Shooting

The first pit stop in our pentathlon of project pointers is pinpointing a plan to pursue your target market (phew that’s a lot of Ps). To put it simply, we need to sort out who you are trying to target with your brand. This is the core foundation of your brand identity.

It is very easy to skip over this step as it may seem tedious, boring or obvious to you but without a core market in mind the rest of your brand will crumble. Now it is true that your audience may change as your brand grows and develops and that is a good thing, but it doesn’t mean you should say your target audience is everybody. Believe us when we say it’s very unlikely to be everybody!

How do I go about doing market research?” I hear you ask. As obvious as it may sound it is literally in the name – you need to research the market. Have a look at products or services similar to the one you’re planning to offer, ask around and see who would benefit from what you’re offering or even make use of the plethora of online tools at your deposal.

Remember, this step is vital in creating a successful brand identity – there is no sense in marketing fish food to a gymnast.


Climbing the Ranks

Now we have the pitons in place it’s time to attach the rope to the harness and start the long climb up the corporate cliff. In other words, we are ready to figure out your branding identity using the 3 Ps – purpose, position and personality.

By this point, you should already have a general-purpose of what you’re offering, be it a product or a service but we need a clear and specific goal in order to best embody the brands vision. Think of a purpose as a reason – what are the reasons that the world needs your brand and how will it benefit others?

Brand positioning is all about the old adage; be in the right place at the right time. That principle applies here too, this time however we can influence what the right place is with our brand identity and position. In essence, it’s what position does your brand fit into the current market?

Branding personality may sound like an oddity at first, how can a brand have a persona if it doesn’t really exist? Well you would be surprised on how huge of a roll a brand personality plays in the modern corporate world, it encapsulates the tone of voice you are setting within your business and keeps your marketing communications clean and consistent. Giving your brand a personality is a solid way to ensure customers don’t have trouble connecting with your brand. A good way to think this is what would my brand be like if it was a person?


Triathlon of Design

Armed with this newfound knowledge of your envisioned brand it’s time to move onto the fun part of the process – bringing your brand identity to life. As a graphic designer by trade it may be obvious why I find this aspect of brand creation the most enjoyable but that isn’t to say it isn’t any less challenging or important than the other steps. Like a set of hurdles, each one needs to be conquered before you move on to the next. As the title may suggest this section is split into the main 3 aspects of your visible branding identity; colours, fonts and logo.

There are over 10 million shades of colour visible to the human eye yet when picking for your brand identity we recommend avoid choosing any more than 4 where possible. Having a small subset of specific shades selected ensures people remember you when they see those particular colours as they associate them with your brand.

A common misconception people is mixing up typefaces and fonts. Although basically interchangeable there is some slight differences between them. A typeface is just simply the name of the lettering styled used, such as we use ‘Montserrat’. A font goes into more specifics about the typeface, dictating the weight and size of the typeface, so for example we use ‘Montserrat 16pt regular’. For your branding identity, you will have to find typefaces that match the atheistic and personality of your brand then compile it down into a list of fonts that you wish to use.

The logo, the face of your brand, the signature to your identity – this is what you will be seen as. As daunting as it may sound at first, it is much easier to overcomplicate a logo than it is to make it stand out amongst the crowd. Although we can’t tell you exactly how to go away and create a logo since everybody’s brand is different, we can definitely point you in the right direction – just think about what we have covered in the previous points then create a visual representation of this.

There is a lot more thought and effort that has to go into choosing these fonts, colours and logo designs than you may believe and that’s where we come in. We have many years’ experience in creating identities for companies and can use our expert knowledge and advice to set your brand out to the field on the right foot with our branding identity guidelines. Call us today on 01925 563 960 or contact us to see how we can help you.


Synchronised Scripting

As far as the main planning for your brand identity is concerned you have past the post on that front, from this point on its plain sailing to the top. Well we say plain sailing but it’s going to be rough waters but with enough determination and clever marketing you can surely reach the top.

That puts us on to one of our final points, consistency in your fonts. As we covered earlier it is extremely important that you keep your brand consistent and on point; stick with the fonts you’ve chosen and try not to stray from your own path. One of the most common ways a brand fails is by muddying its identity and this usually comes from losing its brand consistency. If you want your brand identity to truly look professional – keep it consistent.


The Branding Marathon

Here you stand, gold in hand, on a podium, with your brand. You’ve made it to the top and now you’re here; what next? You may be sick of hearing us say this now but the keys to the kingdom lie in consistency. All that’s left once you’ve created your brand identity and followed our guide is to keep it up and carry on putting your brand out there. Don’t stray from your plan and everything should work out.

If you need any help in creating your Olympic level branding and bringing home the gold then don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get you on the champions’ path in no time! Call us today on 01925 563 960 or contact us to see how we can help you.


Prestige Award Winners!

We are delighted to announce that our Web Design and Development team consisting of Liam, Nathan, and James have won the Website Specialist of the Year in the North West and Manchester region.


Prestige Award Winners!


The award was presented to Liam(Web Development Manager), Conor (Head of Marketing) and Danielle (Business Development Manager) at the Corporate LiveWire Prestige Awards 2020/21, hosted at Nunsmere Hall in Cheshire.

A huge congratulations to the entire web design and development team. We’re all so proud of you all, and this award is thoroughly deserved for the continued hard work and determination you all put in daily for each and every project and client you work with! To find out more about the Prestige Awards, visit their site here:

Celebrating Pride in the Workplace

In the wind fly the colourful flags of equality as the month-long celebration of parity and pride begins. For those participating in pride month or even just observing and supporting, we stand with you.

To celebrate and promote the awareness of pride month ourselves, we have decided to collate our most colourful and progressive projects into one place to show our colours and what makes us who we are.


Papyrus website


There is no better way to start this showcase off other than with one of our most prized websites, PAPYRUS ( We love this website for so many reasons; the colours, the cause and the client, to name a few. This Warrington based suicide prevention charity raises awareness of young suicides and offers support towards those in need or struggling.

When the opportunity arose to work with this client, we jumped right on it. We are in full support of raising awareness for a cause like this and wanted to use our collective talents to help promote safety and prevent young suicide. The entire team here enjoyed creating and developing this colourful website and were further inspired by the good cause it represented.


Love Luminaires Instagram

Love Luminaires

It would be a mistake if we neglected to mention the incredible work we have accomplished alongside the fantastic people over at Love Luminaires ( The development of this client has only recently started with a whole new website on the way in addition to the social work we are creating. Though the client is only small, the message they are pushing undoubtedly is not; the neon rainbow light up for grabs is more than just a light; it’s a symbol of hope and fairness.

The idea was birthed at the beginning of the pandemic to show support and encouragement toward the hard workers over at the NHS and the persistence of the key workers that carried on working through the tough times, risking their own health for the economy. The rainbow symbolises so much more though, it represents the meaning of pride and equality, showing support for the LGBT+ community.


Central Self Drive Website

Central Self Drive

Although it doesn’t seem inherently apparent why we chose this website to showcase from first glance, we assure you it is worthy of mention. Central Self Drive ( may not be as vibrant or as domestic as the other projects we have chosen, but it is certainly as supportive as the others. At face value, this may look like a van hire company, and it is, but it’s the work they do behind the scenes which is what we consider genuinely noteworthy.

Central Self Drive have participated in many charity events and are forever updating us with their latest goodwill gestures they have accomplished to give back to the community. From working with Warrington Disability Partnership to helping a young person achieve her go-karting dreams, their generosity knows no bounds. For this, we believe they are worthy of a mention.

The truth is that we are proud of all the projects that we are part of, no matter how big or small the client may be. We are passionate about working with businesses that promote kindness and charity as it allows communities to be brought together and gives back to the planet.

So if you have a project that needs assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01925 563 963 or Contact Us to discuss how we can help you. From all of us here at Mosaic, we all wish you a happy pride month!

How to improve your businesses online presence

In recent years, with the help of a few certain global events, the online business industry has boomed phenomenally.

Businesses have taken to the masses to get a standing online as they have now started to realise that this is the future of commerce. It’s not just corporations that have capitalised on this realisation, however; many start-ups and sole traders have also set up a foothold in the online market.

Many people believe that the internet works on a first come first serve basis and any new businesses will be lost in the Deep Web but this isn’t the case at all, in fact, due to the location-based search that many popular search engines incorporate – their business may even be the first result people see!

In a commercial sense, it is nigh essential at this point for businesses to have even some sort of online presence. This is where we come in, in this blog we are going to help you begin your journey into the online world of commerce.


Know Your Business

As obvious as it may sound, this vital step is something that people often overlook or ignore as it isn’t directly online or even physical, in fact, it is only a thought – know what you want to do.

Knowing what you want to do may sound simple and in theory, it is but when it comes to the practice many start-ups fall short of their target and end up folding. According to official statistics, 21.5% of start-up businesses fold on their first year of trading and this is largely due to the lack of research and thought put into things before starting out.

It is essential when marketing your business to target the right audience and to do so with a niche concept or offer something none of your competitors does. So before you even think about getting yourself online first think about do you really know your business?


Getting Yourself Out There

Now that you have your plan of action all sorted and ready, it’s time to get into the fun stuff.

Getting yourself online. If alarm bells are already ringing as you worry about your budget for a website and how they’re expensive an unaffordable right now – don’t fret!

Having a website may be one of the best forms of marketing but it’s not the only way you can get online, cheaper options are available and depending on how much free time you have on your hands, so are free options. Just some of the forms of online presences include Websites, Social Media Profiles, Business Directory Listings, Google Maps Locations and Online Adverts.

Naturally, each of these forms of online presence has its benefits and drawbacks, some more than others. We can’t give you the absolute best form of presence for your business without knowing the company but we can assure you we give all our clients our expert advice on what will work best for them.

We would highly recommend you research each of these forms of online presences to determine what ones will work best for your business. Don’t feel you are limited to only one form either, the more places you can promote yourself the more likely your business will receive the traction it needs to take off.

If you would like our expert assistance in getting your business online you can always call us on 01925 563 960 or email us at and kick-start your journey to becoming a successful online business.


Keeping It Up

Once you have picked the online channels that are best for your business and have established the foundations on them, it isn’t over; it’s only just begun.

To keep your business relevant online you need to keep your presence known. This is done by supplying fresh new content to whatever forms of online presence you have chosen. Examples of this would be adding blog posts to your website, writing posts on your social media pages or creating fresh new adverts for every campaign you run.

Believe us when we say we cannot stress the importance of this. Some businesses believe it’s a good way to save money by doing all the content work in house as they don’t realise the real difficulty or importance behind it. Once the content starts to become less and fade away so does your online presence.

What does fresh content do exactly? It benefits your business not only by letting people know you’re still active and trading and not even by letting people know what your business specialises in – although it does do both of these things.

Its main benefit comes from keeping your online presence relevant and known. Every social media post you write for your business is a way to increase your engagement with customers and potential customers which in turn increases how known you are online.


Keeping It Up (Websites)

For websites, the most important factor for increasing your online presence is by using a skilled process known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

This is what makes or breaks your online website presence. Though having a website is objectively the best form of an online presence you can have it is also understandably the hardest to maintain.

Search Engines such as Google are a highly competitive market with everybody trying to compete for the number one spot, this means with a website you will especially have to be on your A-game if managing it yourself.

If you are thinking about creating a website, social media business profile or any other form of online presence and would like us to manage it for you then please feel free to contact us on 01925 563 960 or contact us here to utilise our expertise and get yourself the business you deserve.