Ultimate Guide to Threads

The launch of the Threads App by Instagram was (in our opinion) a quiet launch, not many people other than creators knew this was happening, yet hundreds of thousands showed up. 

What is the new Threads app?

Threads is a new text-focused social media app created by the Instagram team, both owned by Meta.

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, says, “For those of you trying to think about what to post here on Threads versus on Instagram, my take is it’s less about text versus photos and videos and more about what public conversations you want to have. Do you want to engage in more of a back-and-forth, Threads make sense. If not, great, probably Instagram…”

While Threads is a text and conversational-focused platform, there are still features for photos and video. We’re particularly fond of the picture carousel user experience design on Threads. 

Unlike Instagram, you can see multiple parts of the carousel before you start swiping, making it great for making quick points and asking questions to start conversations. We’ll get into more Threads features later in this blog.

How do I get engagement on Threads? 

Initial engagement was off the charts and has now dipped slightly, but then again, compared to other social media platforms, it’s one of the most engaging platforms at the moment. This isn’t a trend that has dropped off, everyone loves Threads and keeps showing back up.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, says, “I’m very optimistic about how the Threads community is coming together. Early growth was off the charts, but more importantly, 10s of millions now return daily. That’s way ahead of what we expected. The rest of the year focuses on improving the basics and retention. It’ll take time to stabilize, but once we nail that, we’ll focus on growing the community. We’ve run this playbook many times (FB, IG, Stories, Reels, etc) and I’m confident Threads is on a good path too.”

Threads has, so far, been the fastest growing app with 10 million sign-ups in 7 hours and 100 million in 5 days, isn’t that insane?!

That’s why we believe joining sooner rather than later is better. By jumping into the game early, you’ll have a head start, and don’t worry if you’ve not joined yet, but what are you waiting for? 

Threads will help you to connect and converse with your desired community. This can be great for connecting likewise businesses or starting conversations with your customers, clients and all potential clients. 

Unlike the comments section on other social media platforms, there is no room for photo/ video distractions to get in the way of stopping the conversations you want to start or be involved in. 

Ultimately Threads was only launched 2 weeks ago, we’re all still learning how we want Threads to work for us and how Meta wants Threads to function. 

We’d say, just like all other social media platforms, interaction is key (and consistency of course)! 

After all, that’s exactly what Threads is all about, conversations! Make sure you’re not only starting a conversation, but you’re replying to your community and getting involved in the wider community’s conversations. 

Features We Love!

Threads is the first app created where you’re able to transfer a following. While Threads is not Instagram, it is closely intertwined as it was made by the team at Instagram and owned by Meta. 

This makes joining Threads super tailored because as you join Threads via your Instagram account, you’re given the option to follow everyone you follow there, likewise, your followers are given the same option. 

As they join Threads, you’ll gain a following that are already wanting to see more of you!

As we’re all entitled to free speech on Threads, sometimes hateful and untrue comments can get us down. 

To protect your mental health, Threads has a feature to limit who you let speak into your life. Before posting a Thread, you can limit replies to “Anyone”, “Profiles that follow you” and “Only people you’ve mentioned in your Thread” this helps keeps conversations friendly and personalised to your preference.

For those of you who don’t know, hidden words are a great feature that allows you to hide replies or messages using specific words on both Instagram and Threads. 

You can also add your own custom words to the list if you’re getting harassed or brigaded and need some help managing all the inbound comments.

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, says they’re integrating safety features like hidden words, restrict, and community guidelines, emphasising that Threads should be “friendly and open.” 

Saving the best until last, we love that your username is transferable! No more different usernames across platforms or trying to come up with a clever way of making it as similar as you can make it to another platform. 

If you’re @mosaicdigitalmedia on Instagram, you’re @mosaicdigitalmedia on Threads, too, we’re in love!

What Threads features are being worked on?

The creators of Threads have acknowledged that there are some major general features which most social media platforms have, missing from Threads. 

All things we mention, Threads have said they are working on and will add to the app soon (we hope!). Below we’ll go through some that we feel are important…

There are no hashtags on Threads. Because we’re used to hashtags for things like discoverability and tagging posts, it’s unusual that when you’re using a #hashtag that it’s not clickable. 

At the moment on Threads, hashtags won’t boost your post any further. Our theory is that when (and if) hashtags become a feature, everyone who has already used that hashtag will appear in those results automatically, as Instagram’s CEO uses hashtags on Threads while knowing they are not currently active. Shown here:

Hidden gem: Those of you who don’t know hidden words is a great feature that allows you to hide replies or messages using specific words on both Instagram and Threads. You can also add your own custom words to the list if you’re getting harassed or brigaded I need some help managing all the inbound. 💎 #hiddengems.

After all, that’s just speculation, but of course, there is no harm (and no gain at the moment) of using hashtags on Threads.

Secondly, one limitation of Threads is that posts cannot be edited once they have been posted. This is uncommon compared to other social media platforms, where you usually have the option to edit your posts after they are published. 

Whether you need to correct spelling mistakes, improve grammar, or refine terminology, editing capabilities are currently unavailable on Threads.

While Threads has been released in more than 100 countries, at the moment, there is no translation feature on Threads. 

For an app that is for community conversation, we believe the translation feature is crucial in the company’s mission. 

Threads is currently unavailable in the EU (European Union), which may be the reason for holding off on the translation feature, but who knows. 

We hope this feature is added sooner rather than later as global conversations can occur when we all understand one another.

A commonly asked question is “if I delete my Threads account, will it delete my Instagram account?” Instagram’s Help Centre says “You can only de-activate your profile once a week. 

By deactivating your Threads profile, you hide your profile and content from being visible on Threads. You also have the option to delete individual posts – all without deleting your Instagram account. 

As Threads is powered by Instagram, you will have to delete your Instagram account to delete your Threads profile and data. Note that we’re looking into a way to delete your Threads profile separately.

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Mosaic Digital Media 2019 round up

2019 has been a huge success for Mosaic Digital Media and we are so proud of the achievements we have made! It’s been a very busy year and it’s definitely been a team effort to get us up to this point, so we decided it was only fair that each of us gets involved doing a write up of 2019 and give a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2020!

So without further ado. keep reading to find out what Mosaic Digital Media got up to this year and what we have planned for next year, over to you #TeamMo…

Conor Clarke, Head of SEO

Conor On Team Achievements…

Team Player of the Month:

In 2019 we introduced ‘Team Player Of The Month’, where management decided who went above and beyond in the business. The decision was unanimous!

I was honoured to be awarded the first ‘Team Player Of  The Month’, take a look: https://www.instagram.com/p/B6Irsn1BjtA/

Here’s to seeing who January’s ‘Team Player Of The Month’ will be!

Digital Team of the Year Nomination:

Northern Dev Awards (https://northerndevawards.co.uk/) nominated us for the Digital Team of the Year. This was a proud time in the office, and we look forward to the results in 2020!

Mosaic did Movember:

In November of 2019, we decided to take part in Movember so as a team we shaved our faces on the first day and then grew a moustache throughout the month as well as raising money for the campaign. We aimed to raise £200 but as a total, we made £309! Take a look here: https://www.justgiving.com/team/MosaicDigitalMedia


Stacey Whitney, Head of operation

Stacey on BNI Mere…

BNI Mere meet every Thursday morning at the more social time of 10:30am. I have personally found the weekly meetings enjoyable and the members to be incredibly supportive. It’s amazing to have a whole room full of people who are happy to support each other by referring to businesses and inviting along new visitors to meet.

For example, Mark who is a Property Developer at Copperleaf is looking for the chapter to engage with tradesmen and architects to visit as a guest, therefore actively trying to encourage the growth of BNI and finding the right people.

BNI isn’t for everyone – I have heard that people find it a little repetitive and time-consuming but I find that BNI, and in fact any networking event,  is what you make of it! By listening, being specific and connecting with the right people I  have seen huge benefits in a short period of time. As well as BNI I have been involved with Seed Networking and real5 Northwich which has helped us expand our brand awareness and presence in Cheshire.

I look forward to being part of the ‘Mere’ family and making a difference in 2020.


James brewer, web development

James on New Team Players…

In 2019, the team here at Mosaic continued to grow, increasing our versatility with new skillsets and experience. Back in April, Thom joined the team part-time to help deliver some of our social campaigns.

Thom was a great fit for the team and was offered a full-time position in July as junior Digital Marketing Executive, where he has since begun working closely with our Account Manager, Negin and our Head of SEO, Conor Clarke.

In April, I joined Mosaic Digital Media as a junior Web Developer, becoming the third member of the development team headed by Liam.

Whilst undertaking smaller projects and learning from the other members of the development team, I’ve been able to learn new skills and have recently begun to undertake more visual design work.

Last but not least, our most recent recruit has been Janet Worrall who has joined team Mosaic as an Office Administrator. She has been helping out with the everyday running of Mosaic, here are a few words from Janet…

“Thrown in at the deep end it was either sink or swim! I am happy to say that I am still swimming especially ending my first week with the Christmas Party. I have felt very welcome and feel I have become part of the furniture, we have even done some serious office rearranging to ‘fit’ me in. I am, looking forward to the New Year and to my new career at Mosaic.”


Liam Wright, senior web developer

Liam On New Clients…

We have helped several new clients to meet there digital and marketing aims this year.

Earlier in the year, we help Grant Hodnett Nutrition (GHN) to rebuild their eCommerce store on Shopify. Throughout the year, we have worked with Grant to help GHN market their redesigned store and made amendments to the site to drive up conversion and user engagement.

We also helped 1895 Sports to build a new eCommerce store to advertise and sell their customised and branded sportswear. This was built from the ground up in WordPress using WooCommerce along with a bespoke design to match there branding, purpose and goals.

Most recently, we are working with Sam and Charlotte Fox to help promote the Warrington Buyers Club app which gives members access to various discounts throughout Warrington. Our Social Media and Marketing strategy has included creating unique & engaging imagery for both Social Media, print and email, helping to advertise their new app along with the incentivises for signing up, and delivering their #12DaysOfChristmas campaign. There are loads of prizes up for grabs so make sure you check out their Facebook and Instagram account for updates!

We have also been working with NW employers to build their new website to better advertise who they are along with the services they provide and the events they run. We are in the final stages of building their new site and hope to launch this for them in the New Year.


Negin Karimi, Account Manager

Negin on real5 Networking (Warrington & Northwich)…

2019 saw team Mosaic Digital Media joining the real5 Warrington group. I’ve had the privilege of representing Mosaic in the Warrington group for Web Design, Social Media Management and SEO marketing and I’ve loved every second of it! It was great to walk in and see a mixture of both familiar and brand new faces including Angela from Positive Lifestyle Rewards, Jen from The Modern World and Dave from Central Self Drive!

I’ve also had some amazing 121’s with the members of the group including Andy from Quickline Couriers, Helen from Easy Tots and Ellen from Spire HR. Looking forward to more of the same in the New Year.

This year we also launched real5 Networking in Northwich, with the group being headed up by our very own Managing Director, Richard Wilding and also our Head of Operations Stacey Whitney who both feel strongly about the launch because of their connections with the town.

We kick-started the launch of the Northwich group at Barons Quay Social on November 7th which was a roaring success and set the tone for the Northwich group! We were also delighted to make it into the Northwich Guardian.

Let’s hope 2020 brings more of the same success for real5 Northwich – the next real5 Networking Northwich lunch-time event is going to be held at The Hart Of Hartford on the 14th of January 2020, 12-2pm. Make sure you get a head start for January and book your place here: https://real5-networking-northwich.eventbrite.co.uk



Nathan Heyes, Web developer

Nathan on Charity Work…

Throughout 2019 we have, like in previous years, worked in supporting local charities. Every year we work with charities and help them get online or promote their cause with our digital expertise as a way of giving back to the community.

In 2018 we worked with Suicide Prevention Charity, Papyrus, building their website and providing them with web support. This year we have worked with the Warrington Wolves Foundation, the charity branch of Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club, who specialises in changing lives through sport. We’re currently in the process of revamping the website to help with the user-journey and look forward to these changes being made visible in 2020!

That’s not all the charitable work we have done though! A few months back we were approached by Mid-Cheshire Mind, a charity that focuses on mental health. We provided them with a website holding page and are working on building them a new website. The design has recently been signed off which we are excited about as we can get started with the build next year.

Finally, it wouldn’t be right if we just looked over the latest charitable cause we completed, our Reverse Christmas Calendar. For this event we decided for each of the 12 days we would accomplish a charitable cause, this ranged from donating food for Warrington Food Bank through to handing out mince pies to local businesses, see here: https://mosaic-old.sgc.mosaicsample.co.uk/reverse-advent-calendar-day-2/. You can see a full round-up of each of the 12 days on Our Community page.


Thomas Dorsett, Marketing Executive

Thom On What’s To Come In 2020!

What a 2019 we’ve had and what a 2020 we’ve got ahead of us…

First up, we recently launched our ‘#2020in2020’  campaign which is all about advising businesses to have clear 20/20 vision on their 2020 digital marketing campaigns to help achieve the best results next year.

By encouraging businesses to see the bigger picture we are hoping that businesses will slow-down on just buying a website and instead consider investing in a digital marketing strategy…

We have adapted the way we work and tend to work on a monthly basis, using your budget to come up with a digital marketing strategy that will best utilise our expertise including SEO, Social Media and Web Design.

Our dream team, office girl power duo of Negin and Stacey aka #Nacey, also have an exciting venture they’ll be undertaking in Warrington as ‘Digital Doctors’. That’s all we’re saying for now, watch this space!

We’ll also be donning our best Wacky Races-esque costumes for Northwich Krazy Races 2020 – with the help of Richard ‘Dastardly’ Wilding, team ‘Mean Mo-chine’ are determined to win and blow the rest of the competition out of the water. Fighting talk indeed!

Finally from all of us at Team Mo, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing some familiar and new faces in 2020.


Phew! That’s it for our 2019 review with a sneak peek of what we have stored for next year. We are back from our Christmas holidays on Thursday the 2nd of January where you can call us on 01925 563960 to start planning your digital journey!

Mosaic Digital Media joins up with BNI Mere

In an effort to improve our ever-growing presence across Cheshire, we are delighted to confirm we have joined the excellent BNI Mere, adding yet another string to our networking bow.

The move will hopefully give us a chance to reach out further to local businesses, as well as sharing web design & SEO marketing insights (as well as clients) with over 16 other members of BNI Mere.

Who are BNI Mere?

BNI Mere is a group of local businesses who actively support each other by recommending clients and people who may need help. They are also great bunch of people, who are all genuinely interested in each other.

This works well as some of your clients may need help from another business that is in the room, or vice versa.

As an award-winning chapter in 2018, BNI Mere has passed over £3 million worth of business since 2012, and that’s great news for the local community. They have 19 members who have passed over £500,000 of business in the last year alone.

It’s making sure money is going back into local businesses, and not into the hands of huge multi-national companies.

They hold weekly meetings every Thursday at 10:30am, and this will serve as an ideal opportunity to discuss ideas and plans over a cuppa, all in a laidback and friendly environment.

Why is it beneficial to Mosaic Digital Media?

It’s important for us to build relationships and synergies with other local business, which may then lead to new business. These days, no one likes being sold to, but we believe every new business opportunity starts with a smile and listening to the needs of others. We are eager to share our web design & SEO expertise, so by networking, we can chat to all different kinds of people and industries.

Cheshire is a thriving hub for business right now, and we want to break away from the big cities, focusing our efforts on the local towns and communities, like Mere.

We’ve met some of our best and most talented clients this way, and we are hoping to meet even more through this weekly networking event.

The expertise we’ll learn from others in attendance will also be beneficial, and we’re hoping that other attendees can learn something from us in the process.

Can I join BNI Mere and how much does it cost?

If you’re interested, contact Stacey via email on stacey@mosaicdigitalmedia.co.uk to arrange an invitation.

Some seats we’d like to fill are…

  • Conveyancing Solicitor
  • Recruitment Agency
  • Surveyor
  • Estate Agent
  • Plumber/Heating Engineer
  • Electrician
  • Builder
  • Architect
  • Landscape Gardener
  • Physiotherapist
  • Personal Trainer

So get in touch if you’d like to join. Once on board, all you need is to pay the annual fee to join, and then a small fee each week to cover the cost of the meeting room and lunch.