How To Choose The Right Keywords For Your Website

SEO can be a daunting process if it’s something you’re completely new to, especially when it comes to choosing the right keywords for your website.

There are many different areas to consider when it comes to SEO and in this blog, we aim to break down the process behind making sure you choose the correct keywords for your company website.

Knowing your Audience

This is the most important part of the process. If you put yourself in the shoes of the customer looking for a certain product or service, what search terms are you most likely to search to find that product? These search terms are a great place to start when it comes to choosing the right keywords for your business.

What demographic do the customers you are trying to target fall under? A more formal audience may require a website with more elegance and sophistication whereas an informal audience will cater for a quirky or friendly feel from your website.

By doing this we can make sure, once you have chosen your keywords accordingly, that we can then target these keywords for optimization on Google, Bing and other search directories.


Products Terminology

Following on from our previous point, what you think your product name is, might be completely different from your audience. Using the correct amount of jargon is important when deciding on the right keywords.

If you want to sell your products to people looking for a specific product, using the jargon or technical name of the product is best practice. This is more than likely a potential keyword your customer will be typing into a search engine to find that product or service.

When promoting products to your audience it would also make sense to hold back on jargon and use simplified terminology or words to make it easier for them to find.

A simple way to look at is, you wouldn’t type in a full, grammatically correct sentence to search for a dishwasher in Warrington, would you?

It would also be beneficial to use your target audience as guidance. If you work in an industry selling washing machine parts, for example, a plumber would need that exact parts technical name to make sure it fits correctly.

In this instance, we would expect this user to conduct a Google search using that product name as their keyword. If you are selling a service such as driving lessons, it is not as important to specify it as a “DSA Approved Driving lesson to standards A112”. Your target audience will be simply expecting keywords such as “driving Lessons Warrington”, for example.


What are your competitors using?

What works for your competitors can work for you right? If you have competitors that already have an online presence and you are looking to compete with them in search results then chances are that you will want similar keywords.

There are simple site analysis tools such as and can give you an insight into which keywords your competitors are ranking for and may you give you ideas on how your business could match this or potentially use variations that may plug a gap in the market.


Keyword Difficulty

When deciding on the best keywords for your website, you need to make sure that you do your research before committing to using a specific keyword.

Some keywords have a high volume of results, which in turn makes the keyword more difficult to rank and obtain a successful page position on Google, Bing and other search engine platforms.

You want to try to find a keyword, which isn’t too competitive and won’t be too difficult to rank for. A middle-ground keyword, if you like! This is where we come in, we have specific tools that can tell us the level of difficulty it will be to rank for a certain keyword or phrase.

We can then decide whether we try to hit the term or if we go for something similar but with less competition and a higher success rate of achieving an optimised position on Google.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when choosing the right keywords and we’ve only really scratched the service! Hopefully, we have given you a basic understanding of SEO and how to choose the right keywords for your business.

Looking to get more advanced? Call our Head of SEO, Conor on 01925 563 960 or contact us here.

Our Guide to Working Week Hashtags

Using trending and popular working Week Hashtags are a great way of improving your social media engagement, particularly on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

Every day of the week has a different trending hashtag and we are here to tell you the best ones that will improve your social media engagements quickly and easily.

Monday Hashtags


Everyone experiences the Monday blues when hearing there alarm going off in the morning or heading to a full day of work after a great weekend!


The opposite to #MondayBlues if you are in work on a Monday and you’re actually having fun!


Sharing a motivational or inspiring message to people using the hashtag. Popular with fitness bloggers to showcase progress made through exercise programmes.


Tuesday Hashtags


The ultimate hashtag for travel bloggers, influencers or just generally people who love to travel. Train, Plane, Bike, Car, however, you choose to travel let the world know with this hashtag!


This hashtag is used to show a before and after picture to show the progression. You can show any form of transformation, from a new home project to a more personal transformation. The choice is yours!


Great for business pages to share tips and advice. This could as simple as how to hashtag or a full tutorial video on a certain subject.


Wednesday Hashtags


Similar to #MondayMotivation, people share their words of wisdom. This is a great hashtag for businesses to jump on to develop your brand and put across what it is you are trying to achieve as a company.


This is the peak of the week as it is the middle of the working week. We all get that feeling on a Wednesday or is it just us?


Wednesday Workout is exactly what it says on the tin! Popular with fitness bloggers, influencers, and generally keep-fit fanatics. This can either be posted alongside a photo or video.


Thursday Hashtags


This is to show old photos or memories. The photo we’ve chosen as an example, from former X-Factor contestant Katie Waissel got 1.5k retweets and 11k likes! We think it probably helps that a certain Harry Styles is in the photo…


A way of sharing your thoughts with all of your followers. Think Wednesday Wisdom on a Thursday, easy!


Friday Hashtags


Share your feelings about your upcoming weekend.


Can be shared on its own or combined with #FridayFeeling but everybody loves a Friday, so there will always be something to share from the office!


Thank God It’s Friday is an expression heard up and down the land, on a Friday, at about 5pm! So take advantage and create a social post using your happier-than-usual colleagues!

We think we’ll end it there on the happiest of hashtags. Looking to take advantage of hashtags? Get in touch with us here or call us on 01925 563 960!

How blogs can help with your digital marketing

Blogs? What can they do for my Digital Marketing? It turns out, quite a lot! Underestimate the humble blog at your peril, we say at Mosaic Digital Media. Here we’ve put together five ways that blogs really can help your digital marketing strategy.


Improve your online visibility

If there’s one thing Google values above all else, when it comes to your site’s SEO it’s fresh content – imagine if Google had a nose, fresh content would be like freshly-baked bread to us mere mortals!

Blogs are fantastic because there’s always something you can write about that relates to your business, digital marketing and any products and services that you offer. Whether it’s giving an opinion or statistics, a tutorial or a news piece, blogs are a key tool in putting your business and its values across in an easy, accessible way.

Weekly, monthly or however often you can spare, fresh content shoots your site up Google’s rankings quicker than a chart-topping single. However, this will only happen if your blog content is SEO-friendly, so make sure your keywords are slotted in nicely into your latest blog.

The beauty with having blogs on your site that include your keywords is that when potential customers are searching for products or services related to your business, you’ll be one of the first results to appear – winner winner, chicken dinner, we say!


They are the perfect vehicle to boost website traffic

Following on nicely from our previous point, once your blog is out in the big wide world, get sharing! Social media is such a powerful tool for your digital marketing and blogs make for great content. All you need is a brief, catchy description of the content in your blog. Try to catch the attention of new and existing customers, pop a link in and voila, you’ve got traffic to your site!

Hopefully, your description will catch the attention of many, with the more shares, likes, retweets and comments your post gets equal an increase in website traffic and new business. You can track the direct traffic you receive from your blog posts by using Google’s Campaign URL Builder.

Don’t forget you can try and get your blog posts on other websites. The more blogs you have published, the more links you have to your site and its services!


Give your brand a unique voice

Let’s face it, there’s lots of competition out there when it comes to Digital Marketing. You can make your business stand out by creating a unique voice in your content. The best way to get this across is, you guessed it, blogs!

Blogs are the perfect opportunity to showcase the best of your brand and what you are trying to achieve for your company. For example, it is the writer of this blog’s belief that people will always buy from people, some put some personality into it!

You can also use blogs to direct the reader to certain products or services that you are keen to push, alert them to any events you may have planned or encourage them to join in the discussion of a certain topic.


Help out your audience

It sounds simple but the time and effort you’ve put into writing a blog that will hopefully prove beneficial to your audience, speaks volumes.

You can go even further in future blogs by sharing industry knowledge or tips. As a very well-known supermarket says, every little helps!


Blogs = Lead Generation!

Like a mad professor, blogs are a concoction of brand awareness, improving your search engine visibility and driving website traffic. All this goes towards generating new leads for your business.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, content is king when it comes to incorporating blogs into your Digital Marketing strategy. The more up to date and unique the better!

Speaking of kings, we don’t want to brag but here at Mosaic Digital Media, we are blogging royalty. To get the royal seal of approval on your Digital Marketing blogs, call us on 01925 563 960 or message us right here:


Hashtags and how to use them

Ah, the humble hashtag, once a funny looking thing on your mobile that you hardly ever used or knew what its function was. Now, they’re everywhere you look, whether that’s for personal or business use (unless you have been living under a rock!). The explosion of social media has given the hashtag a new lease of life and our Junior Social Media Executive Tom (aka Thom) is going to talk you through best practice and how best to use the little blighters on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Have a listen here to our latest episode of The MoPod on Hashtags here:


What is a hashtag?

The hashtag original use was that of a hash mark or another way to indicate the pound sign, e.g. ‘#3.00′. It was Twitter that instigated the use of the hashtag in 2007, as a way for users to communicate with each other about subjects that they had a mutual interest in.

To give a current example, if you wanted to discuss the hit BBC show, Peaky Blinders you would start, include or end the tweet with ‘#PeakyBlinders’. When other users, use and click the same hashtag, the tweet you have published will then be seen (as long as your Twitter account visibility is public) far and wide by other Peaky fans allowing you to join the conversation!

Other social channels of the back of the success of its new-found use, started using the hashtag, so much so, that after years in the doldrums the humble hashtag found its place in the Oxford English Dictionary in 2010! The definition is:

hashtag n. (on social media web sites and applications): a word or phrase preceded by a hash and used to identify messages relating to a specific topic; (also) the hash symbol itself when used in this way’.


How to use hashtags on Twitter –

As stated earlier, this is where the rebirth of the hashtag began. The following are tips to help you get the most out of them on Twitter:

  • Tweets with hashtags have a 40% chance of being retweeted compared to those that do not include hashtags (25%)
  • The golden number of hashtags appears to be 1 or 2 – tweets with this number have a 21% higher engagement rate compared to those with three or more.
  • Conversely, tweets with 3 or more see an average 17% drop in engagement
  • Keep an eye on the ‘Trends’ sidebar – that’s where the top hashtags of the day, in your region are kept. There may be one that is relevant to your tweet that you can jump on below:

  • If your hashtag is more than one word, it’s recommended to write it as such, eg. You have a radio show on a Wednesday and your show is called ‘Wake Up Wednesdays’ so you could use the hashtag #WakeupWednesdays – this is predominantly for a simple reason, it’s easier to read for the user!

(Stats and figures used from


How to use hashtags on Instagram –

This is where if you looove a hashtag you can go wild (but not too wild!). It seems that the magic number for hashtags on Instagram is 11 or more (see photo below), but if you’re looking to start a group around your brand, use lots of hashtags! Here are some tips on how to maximise your hashtags on Instagram:

  • Make sure your hashtags are related – When you’ve written your catchy caption for your sparkly new post, you can then add your hashtags. Try to include all the hashtags you think are relevant to your post, relevant being the keyword!

So for example if you bake cakes, tag your photo with hashtags related to baking and cakes, it’s really that simple!

  • Hashtags can also be added into the comments – If you feel as though adding hashtags into a post may look a bit messy, you can declutter by adding them into the comments of your post, after it’s been posted, instead.
  • The maximum of hashtags on Instagram is 30! – As good as this may be, excessive hashtags may look messy and also can come across annoying; so stick to that magic number of 11 or more!

 Although if you are a new profile or business are looking to gain followers quickly or build a group around a new product, then hashtag away!

(Image used courtesy of


How to use hashtags on LinkedIn –

Hashtags were introduced to LinkedIn in 2018, to connect members with relevant careers, blogs, news and other members.

You can also follow hashtags through your member profile, so some examples for Mosaic Digital Media could be, ‘digital media’, ‘social media’, ‘web design’ etc. This allows members to keep up to date with content that is relevant to their chosen career.

Here are some tips for hashtags on LinkedIn:

  • Choose your hashtags wisely – It’s simple. Relevancy is always key with hashtags.
  • Keep it professional – LinkedIn is for professionals so keep the funny stuff back.
  • If you’re struggling, go with the recommended hashtags – This handy little feature will pop up when you go to write a hashtag, so take LinkedIn’s advice!
  • Don’t forget, add to articles too! – Just before you are about to publish an article you can add hashtags in the ‘tell your network what your article is about’ field. This will allow members to find your article when they search the word or phrase you’ve hashtagged. The only downside is you can’t edit hashtags once they’ve been published so choose wisely!

We hope this has satisfied your hashtag needs. If you’re curious about Facebook and whether it’s a yes or a no to hashtags, stay tuned for our future blog! Still struggling? Get in touch with our in-house social media whizz-kids here.

Top Tips for Digital Marketing in 2020

We’re way into the first month of the New Year, a new decade even! That being said, nothing stays still long enough in our line of work, so without further ado, here are our top tips for Digital Marketing in 2020:


Customer Experience

The customer is king in 2020. Marketing isn’t what it used to be. No more hard sells and tempting ‘buy this now’ ads. It’s all about providing a fantastic, tailored customer experience. If the customer experience is a good one, they’ll tell their friends and colleagues and come back with new business.

So what does a customer experience look like in 2020? Well, traditional marketing tactics such as personalisation, brand image and design are all still key but simple things like a friendly service with a strong knowledge base intertwined are things that matter to potential and existing clients.

Combine the new and the old for the complete customer experience. Take advantage of the new by making sure your tech is up to scratch for example; keep the old-fashioned values of a 1-2-1 with a listening ear that cares and understands; your customers will thank you for it!


Employee Engagement

In order to have happy customers, you need happy employees. It might sound simple but one unhappy staff member could seriously hamper your digital marketing strategy.

Your employees are the face of your brand, so shine the spotlight on them! People will always want to deal with passionate people, it’s a fact of life. Putting your employees’ front and centre of your digital marketing strategy will pay dividends in the long run.

Social Media posts that include your staff, be that photos or videos show that your company isn’t faceless and engagement is always high, like this

Instagram Post Digital Marketing Top Tips

Take the time to involve all your employees into your business and its mission and values. Happy staff who love their job will put this into their work which customers will see and reap the benefits of!



As the old maybe ancient saying goes ‘a picture can paint a thousand words’. To this day, that still rings true with a whopping 180% increased engagement on posts that include an image versus those that don’t!

Adding visuals, whether this is infographics, images or video, to the written word not only makes your content look more appealing it also can help your message be understood better.


Live Video

Following on nicely from our previous point, video content has never been in more demand by your customers than it is now. Live video is hugely popular with Facebook Live’s video view count rising to two billion last year (May 2019).

Video is also the way in which customers enjoy learning about your products the most from, you only have to look at the success through which companies get when they are endorsed through video, be that in ‘try-on haul’ or ‘product review/unboxing’.

Live video also makes the viewer feel ‘a part of the family’, engaging and influencing content rather than just watching it. It also makes your target audience feel like they’re missing something if they don’t tap that live link. It could be a new product or some exciting news but they’re not going to know if they don’t watch!

Podcasts are a fantastic way to engage your audience too, and that’s why we have started ‘The MoPod’ which is a podcast that is revolved around learning more about digital marketing and how we think it can help you as a business.

So there you have it, take what you need from these Digital Marketing top tips and 2020 will be your year – that’s something we’d love to be a part of! Call us on 01925 563960 to book a free 1-2-1 and talk strategy with one of our experts today.


Mo, Mo, Mo, Merry Christmas from Mosaic

The season to be jolly is very nearly upon us and we’re already feeling festive in the Mosaic office – but what do we have planned for Christmas? Well, we’ll tell you!

This Christmas, we’re going to give back for 12 days to charities and causes we care about. We’ve got everything covered from trees to mince pies, cards to Christmas dinner. We’re even donating blood!

So what are we going to be doing?

For our long-term friends Papyrus, (whose website we built way back in 2017, how time flies!), we’ll be taking part in their ‘MYSECRETSANTA’ text campaign. Closer to home, we’re planning on bringing Christmas cheer to all by handing out mince pies to our neighbours in Tannery Court.

Our team aren’t going to be naughty but nice by leaving positive messages for each other in and around the office.

Every Christmas too many trees are sacrificed for our pleasure so we’d like to do something a little bit differently this year. For all 12 of our team members, we are going to donate a tree to, helping our planet in the process.

For the dinner instead of having one ourselves, we’re donating one item each to Warrington Foodbank to create the perfect Christmas dinner for those who otherwise might not get one!

Two members of our team, James and Conor, parts of our Web Design and SEO teams respectively, have decided to become blood donors and in the process help the NHS and their local blood banks with one of the most precious commodities, for those who need it most.

We’re also going to be sending Christmas cards to our clients but not just any old card, cards designed by our new friends at St. Luke’s Hospice! You may have seen earlier this month that we took part in the charity’s ‘Bring a Pound to Work Day’ which was a great success with a team photo to boot…

Finally, for our friends over the road at Warrington Wolves Foundation, we’re going to shout about the great work the Foundation does when it comes to male mental health and its ‘Offload’ programme, tackling the stigmas surrounding men and their mental wellbeing, not just in the game of rugby league but beyond to…

The causes that we’ve spoken about above are just a handful of the charities and good deeds that we are going to be helping this Christmas. To keep updated on our actions keep an eye on our social channels!

And Merry Christmas from all of us at Mosaic Digital Media!

The Phoenix That Became A Dragon For A Day!

The newest member of Team Mosaic and Director of our Northwich office, Gareth Phoenix took part in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style event hosted by the Cheshire and Warrington Pledge.

The Pledge Partnership puts businesses at the centre of inspiring, informing and speaking to the next generation of potential employees in the Cheshire and Warrington area.

We sat Gareth down at our Northwich office to discuss the event in which in his own words, left him ‘feeling inspired’!


Which event did you attend and where was it?

The event was the Northwich NCS (National Citizen Service) Autumn cohort held at Barnton Life Church.


What did your role as a ‘dragon’ involve?

Listening to pitches from two groups of 15-16 year-olds, who were pitching ideas to raise funds for nominated charities. We had to give feedback and advice on how to tackle any potential issues and how best to maximise their event and funds.

The second half of the day consisted of 1-2-1 ‘interviews’ on how the course has benefitted each group member and also offering them some advice on their futures too.

Gareth from Northwich office with students 2


What do the students do as part of the course?

The course aims to teach skills such as team-building and individual skills that they can take into later life. This includes a short trip away where they complete different exercises in team-building, intending to break down barriers, such as fear of heights by taking on abseiling!


What was the highlight of the event for you?

100 %, the students! They were truly inspiring from wanting to better themselves, overcoming fears and building relationships but also their determination to help and raise awareness for some very important charities.

So impressed was ‘Mr. Northwich’ that Gareth donated to both groups chosen charity causes on behalf of Mosaic Digital Media, which all of us in Team Mo are fully in support of

If you’d like to find more about the work that The Pledge do, head to their site here:

If you would like to get in touch with Gareth for any community work, Web Design or Digital Marketing enquiries, then you can reach our Northwich Office on 01606 604 612.

4 simple steps to getting verified on Instagram

Is it to do with the number of likes on your posts? No. Instagram verification for any business is the cherry on top of the cake. It shows your current and prospective followers that you’re a legitimate, trusted business. In other words, the blue tick signifies the ‘authentic presence of [a brand]’, that your followers can purchase from worry-free.

In this blog, we’re going to show you how (although not guaranteed, as we’ll discuss further on) you can gain that holy-grail, blue tick!

Here is our step by step guide to requesting page verification from Instagram:

Step One – Log in and Request Verification

The first part is fairly self-explanatory. If you have two accounts, i.e. a personal and a business account, make sure you’re logged into your business account. Then click on the ‘menu’ icon; we’ve shown you how below:

Instagram Verification Step 1

Step Two – Click on the Settings ‘gear’ icon

Once you’ve clicked on the ‘menu’ icon, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see a settings option in the shape of a ‘gear’; give that a click – here’s a screenshot!

Instagram Verification 2

Step Three – Click ‘Account’ and then ‘Request Verification’

Next, you’ll need to click on ‘Account’; see below:

Instagram verification step 3

Then you’ll need to click on ‘Request Verification’; we’ve shown you here:

Instagram verification step 4

But this is where you need to pay attention a little bit more as, let’s be honest, the steps so far have been relatively simple!

3a. Confirm your identity:

Instagram verification step 5

Here’s where you have to confirm to Instagram that you are who you say you are, you will need to have some form of I.D. to hand:

  • Full name: This is your full name as it appears on your passport, driving licence or any other form of government-issued identification.
  • Known As: This is where you would enter your business name, so as an example, we would enter ‘Mosaic Digital Media’.
  • Category: You can choose from any of the following – news/media, sports, government/politics, music, fashion, entertainment, blogger/influencer, business/brand/organization or other. Pick the one that that is most appropriate to your business and is most relevant to the content on your page. So, as much as Negin our Social Account Manager is a talented singer on the down-low, we’d choose ‘business/brand/organization’ here:

3b. Upload a photo of your I.D. –

Instagram verification step 6

Next, in your quest to getting your Instagram profile verified, you need to upload a photo. For personal use, this would be a form of I.D. e.g. a drivers licence or passport. However, as we’re concentrating on getting your business verified, you can upload any of the following:

  • A Tax Return
  • A Utility Bill
  • Articles of Incorporation – (the legal process used to form a corporate entity or company).

Whichever one you choose from the above, make sure the name of your business is clearly visible and readable, and that it matches the name you entered earlier on.

Step Four – Press Send!

Now you’ve done all the hard work (top tip: double-check all the info you’ve entered in the previous step is correct), you can press ‘Send’ and cross your fingers!

Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t hear back straight away. There’s no specific time-frame on when Instagram will make a decision on your verification request. From their point of view, they are doing there due diligence to “confirm the authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and notability” of your business.

To help them see all of that and grant your business verification, you can:

  • Make sure your profile is complete
  • Have an engaging and descriptive bio – try to condense your businesses’ CTA, products/services/aims, as best you can and make it engaging. Throw in some emoji’s (where applicable), particularly if you’re listing your services.
  • Post regularly
  • Try to get your followers up – even though there is no set amount of followers you need to be considered for Instagram verification, one key facet they will look at is how ‘noteworthy’ your account is. Nothing says noteworthiness like followers!

So that’s it! Our step by step guide to getting your business page verified on Instagram. We hope this makes the process simple and wish you luck in getting the blue tick!

If you haven’t got the time to manage your Instagram account, don’t DIY it, get the professionals in!

Give us a call on 01925 563 960 or contact us here!

Thom’s First Month

Mini Bio

Name: Thomas Arthur Dorsett (I’m known as Thom in the office)
Age: My face may say 19/20, but unfortunately, I’m 26
Football team: The one true love of my life, Fulham Football Club. COYW!
Countries visited: That’s a toughie! I’m not as well-travelled as I’d like to be. Probably about 10, I think.
Favourite film: Very difficult to narrow it down to one, but Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor is an unbelievable film.
Favourite podcast: Shout out to the @Fulhamish boys!


Question 1. What do you do?

I’m the Junior Social Media and Marketing Executive in the office. I’ve also started my SEO training with our Head of SEO, Conor. That’s been interesting so far and I’m looking forward to starting to work with it. I’ve sort of gained a reputation already for making what could be considered the menial subject matter more exciting than it is! I love that no idea is seen as a bad idea too.

Question 2. What’s your background?

My background career-wise has been in customer service up until now. I graduated from the University of Cumbria in 2014 with a degree in Journalism and to be honest, I’ve been somewhat unlucky in getting through doors in that career path; the adage of, ‘who you know, rather than what you know’ springs to mind! I dipped my toe into Social Media for a short period and found it suited my skills and I wanted to find a way back into it – enter Mosaic Digital Media!

Question 3. What are the characteristics of good social media?

I’m no expert (yet) but I think the characteristics of good social media are when it’s personable and less automated. Some of the best accounts I follow are when you can tell that there’s a genuine personality behind the screen, and I like bringing mine to the accounts I work on.

I think it needs to be visual and interactive too, making the most of quality photos/videos and using the people behind the business as content. As a consumer, I think the more I know about the people and personalities behind it, the more I’m going to want to do business with them/purchase from them.

Question 4. What do you like about working at Mosaic Digital Media?

It is early days, but from when I started part-time, I’ve been made to feel welcome. There’s a real family feel about the place and we’ve got a super cool office!

I also like that there are so many creative personalities here. I wanted to work somewhere where creativity is encouraged, no matter how left-field, and it certainly is here!

Question 5. When you’re not working, what do you like to do to relax?

I’m one of those people that’s passionate about pretty much everything in their life so I haven’t got a single hobby. Music is a huge thing in my life, so I’m regularly at gigs with mates. Don’t mind a solo trip to the cinema now and again. Now I’ve got weekends free, for the first time in years, I’ll be heading up and down the country following my one true love…Fulham Football Club!

I’m a bit of a dancer on the quiet too, so if I’m out, you’ll find me on that dancefloor!

A Deeper Purple – Tom’s Magical Mystery Tour to Mosaic!

My name is Tom Dorsett (known as Thom in the office) and I have recently joined Mosaic Digital Media as a Junior Marketing Executive. I’ve definitely taken a magical mystery tour when it comes to getting into my desired career path, so I thought I would share it with you all!

I studied Journalism at the University of Cumbria and graduated in 2014. Initially, I wanted to get into football journalism because of my lifelong passion for the sport and in particular, Fulham FC! At University I had several part-time jobs that were all customer-facing. I was a Student Ambassador, which involved encouraging prospective students to sign up on Open Days. I also worked in the campus art supply shop.

After this, I got a permanent part-time job at a Sainsbury’s Local that was close to my student digs. It not only provided me with a reasonable monthly wage but also the chance to build relationships with people from all walks of life. I can still remember certain customers now; the older gentleman that would come in for his Sunday morning paper after his bike ride; the town’s successful footballer and his wife, who thought I was hilarious (naturally).

When the time came to graduate and head home, I decided to stay at Sainsbury’s and transferred to their Chapelford store in Warrington. Again, I built some fantastic relationships with customers and staff but was ideally looking for full-time work.

My first step into the digital marketing world was through my Mum’s partner, who in passing conversation said to me ‘Have you thought about Social Media?’ – No, I hadn’t really.

I went in for an interview with CH1ChesterBID and instantly hit it off with the management team there – I don’t think we spoke that much about the job, other than that it was maternity cover. We all clicked straight away and it was probably one of the easiest interviews I’ve ever had!

I’d never worked on social media before but had obviously used it personally every day so this was the best of both worlds. It allowed me to be super creative both in my content writing and in creating photo and videos. I’ve always been passionate, creative and full of ideas so being ‘let off the leash’ with social media was great.

Unfortunately, the job in Chester eventually came to an end and I found myself back at Sainsbury’s. I’m a true believer that being in a job that makes you happy is important and I was enjoying being back at Sainsbury’s for the time being so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next…

My sister asked Negin, our Account Manager and all-round whizz kid here at Mosaic Digital Media, whether any jobs were going. I sent an email with my CV and thought nothing more of it as let’s be honest, how many CV’s do we all send off and not hear back from?

Then out of the blue, Negin came back with a job offer, part-time to start with. I joined in April and instantly loved it, the office is one of the funkiest around, the people are great and from very early on felt like I’d found what I’d been looking for in a job.

Despite being wanted permanently by Sainbury’s, I decided to take the plunge with Mosaic but saying a definite goodbye was hard for me to do, particularly to customers who I’d known for years.

I had to catch the boat this time before I missed it again, however, with this particular boat a deeper, groovier shade of purple to my previous uniform…