How to make your social media content splendidly shareable!

It’s the dream of all social media Warrington marketers; to have that one post that soars to unparalleled social heights!

But, what if you could make EVERY post splendidly shareable! In our latest Mosaic Digital Media blog, we’ll share our top nine tips on how to get your social media in Warrington seen locally, but also nationally!

So, step one…

Useful Content

Your latest social media post might feel useful to you, but is it useful to your followers?

Have your target audience in mind before sharing a post; even having a quick check on your follow count can help.

Targeting a specific section of your followers with content they care about or are interested in is a surefire way to get some easy share wins!

Useful Content | Social Media in Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Visually Interesting

Did you know that a blog or article with just 75-100 words gets double the amount of social shares as opposed to those that don’t?

Mindblowing right! A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes, and in today’s fast-paced world, it’s never been more accurate.

An eye-catching image can do so much more than a clever caption; think about it, scrolling through Instagram, do you notice the caption or the image first?

We’re betting you all said image! Get your creatives on point, and the shares will soon start to flood in…

Visually Interesting | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Sharing is caring

It may sound simple, but the easier you make it for your followers to share your content, the likelier they are to actually act on those impulses and share!

Adding social share buttons to your website makes sharing your latest blog post or article easy to share straight to your audience’s chosen platform.

A five-minute job with the possibility of countless results? Get your followers’ fingers clicking with social share buttons!

Sharing is caring | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Captivating Captions

Yes, we know this might contradict our previous paragraphs on images, but think of social media in Warrington as like going fishing.

Here us out:

  • Image = Hook
  • Caption = Line
  • CTA = Sinker

See, you see? It makes sense, right? Obviously, we’re not comparing your followers to fish, but the principle remains the same. Great image, poor caption; no share. Poor image, great caption; still no share.

Bringing a visually enticing image together with a captivating caption is the perfect recipe for shares galore from your followers!

Speaking of recipes…

Captivating Captions | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

The Perfect Mixture

When it comes to social media content, it’s all about getting the perfect mixture.

This mixture consists of:

  • Evergreen Content – Content that has no ‘expiry date’; it remains relevant regardless of the time or season.
  • Trending Content – Content that does have an expiry date; this content has to be shared as soon as a trend starts or is trending. Failure to be quick off the mark is a wasted opportunity rendering any content you had planned obsolete.

Keep in mind this perfect mixture when planning your next social media calendar, and we’re sure you’ll see shares start popping up on posts!

The Perfect Mixture | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Original Sauce

No, not HP or Heinz. Your own original sauce!

People like sharing content that their followers and friends have never seen before, so always aim to be 100% original with the content you put.

As Dr Seuss once said, today you are you; that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!

Original Sauce | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media


Here’s another stat-attack to get your head around: Infographic posts get around 3x more shares than any other type of social media post.

We all love to learn, and infographics provide key stats and facts that your audience will want to know about!

Infographics | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Tell A Story

Telling stories is something we humans have done since the dawn of time, so we should be pretty good at it by now!

By evoking emotion in your captions, you encourage your audience to feel something as they read.

Happy, sad, joy or despair, whatever story you’re trying to tell, do it with emotion!

Tell A Story | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

Remember who you are (Simba)!

Lion King | Mufasa | Social Media Warrington

Just as Simba had to remember who he was, so does your social media agency in Warrington!

What do you care about? What are your values? Are you serious or light-hearted?

Brainstorm who your digital agency is. Once you know the answers to all your questions, it’s time to get posting your splendidly shareable content!

Remember who you are | Social Media Warrington | Mosaic Digital Media

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Social Media Management – The Ultimate Guide

Social Media Management. It’s easy, right? Well, there’s more to it than meets the eye, is what we’ll say for starters!

Here at Mosaic Digital Media, we want potential and existing clients to know about our processes for your accounts from the get-go.

This ensures a business relationship that is smooth sailing and one that is very unlikely to encounter choppy waters on our journey to digital marketing paradise together!

So what is that journey going to look like? Let’s find out:


What we need from you –

Before taking on any potential new client for Social Media Management, our social team need several items from our in-house ‘social checklist’. This is to commence work on your accounts in the best possible shape and get you and your business results sooner!

For businesses with existing social profiles:

  • Assets – What we mean by assets is any company logos, photos, videos or other creatives that you have on file. These could be anything from headshots of your team, ‘on the job’ photos for those in a trade, or more commercial assets such as branding and graphics.
  • Admin Access/Logins – We’ll be in a bit of a pickle if we can’t access your social accounts! For Facebook and LinkedIn, we’ll need you to grant admin access to members of our social team. In addition, we’ll need login details for all other social media such as Instagram and Twitter, including usernames and passwords.
  • Contact information for WhatsApp group (setup optional) – We’re big believers in communication at Mosaic Digital Media. We think WhatsApp is a great tool to communicate with our customers for content as well as provide updates on current and continuing work. If this isn’t for you and your business, we’ll stick to good, old-fashioned email!

For businesses needing social accounts setup:

  • Assets (see above)
  • Bio/About You Description – You know your business best. By leaning on your insider knowledge, we can put together the best possible bio/about you description.
  • Website – We always recommend having a website in place to direct potential customers to your business or product.
  • Admin Access/Logins – During the setup of any social accounts, we’ll need to know who, from your business, will be requiring admin access/logins.
  • Contact details – Any social account page needs contact details for potential customers to get in touch with your business. A phone number and/or email is always an excellent place to start.
  • Location – You need to tell your customers where you are so they can purchase your goods or services in person. Providing our team with your registered business address will help any customers find you easily.
  • Opening Hours – Like the above, you’ll lose business if a customer doesn’t know when you are open and closed! Keeping these updated is vital for all your social media channels.
  • Services – Letting potential customers know what services you provide and how you can help them is a great way to get your business name out there on social media!
  • Contact information for WhatsApp group (set-up optional)


Unique Content – Why do we require it, and how long does it take?

Unique Content is at the heart and soul of any reputable digital marketing campaign. It is a dream phrase for our social team!

Having unique content sent to us from your business lets our creative juices flow freely. From that, we create text and graphics that are unique to you and your company’s social pages.

Posting unique content also eliminates the threat of plagiarism from any rival companies. However, there is also a chance that your pages can be penalised or, at worst taken down, for posting consistent copied content from other sources.

Unique content may take longer to prepare and perfect, but the results speak for themselves. For example, see below a recent screengrab from one of our current client’s Facebook page:

These results are even more impressive when we tell you they ALL came from organic, unique content!


Graphics –

A social media post without a graphic, creative, or image is, in our opinion, not worth posting in the first place.

Social media, by its very nature, is a visual medium. The more creative and interactive your image, the more attention it draws from customers, both old and new.

Think of it like this – if John Travolta hadn’t worn that white disco suit in Saturday Night Fever and instead opted for a bog-standard pain of jeans, would you remember it? The answer is, without a doubt, no!

Good social media sticks in the user’s mind and grabs their attention to ultimately act on the CTA (Call to Action) in your post. This could be to call, click a link or buy a product.

Likes & Shares – What you need to know

It can be easy for clients new to social media to get hung up on the number of likes that any given post may get.

The key takeaway when it comes to social media likes is always to remember quality over quantity. For example, you could get 1000 likes but only two conversions or 10 likes with 5 conversions. Conversions are the name of the game in social media, so try not to get yourself in a tizz about likes!

Shares are far more important for your social media content. Shares can expand your audience reach hugely, and our social team take time to find the most relevant groups for your business.

This ensures that your posts are being seen by users most likely to interact and ultimately purchase from your business, whether that’s a product or service.


I advertise on Google, so why do I need social media profiles?

Advertising on Google is fantastic for business, so that is a tremendous start! From an SEO perspective, we asked our Head of SEO Marketing, Conor, for his thoughts:

“Having an active social media presence will play a large part in advertising on Google organically. Therefore, showing that your online business presence is active and constantly updating is key for SEO marketing.”

Working hand in hand, active social media profiles alongside Google Ads will ensure you gain maximum exposure and results for your business.

When we say ‘active’, we mean posting content regularly and responding to customer enquiries promptly.


What does a ‘good post’ and a ‘bad post’ look like?

A ‘good post’ is engaging to the eye, to read and if often interactive. One of our most successful accounts and ongoing campaigns are local Italian restaurant, Donatello Italian Ristorante.

This success we feel is down to a collaborative working relationship with our client and within our in-house teams.

The client has encouraged us to be creative with the content they provide. That confidence has allowed our marketing team to flourish and create fantastic content that pleases the client and their customers too!

Bad social media is posting inappropriate, offensive or simply unsuitable for work content to a business profile.

Couple that with poor imagery/creatives, and you get something like this, now infamous LinkedIn post from a regional Pure Gym.

Our biggest tip for ‘good’ social media content? Know your client and know your audience. Think like a user. What social media content do you typically like, retweet or share?

Create high-quality imagery alongside concise text that gets your call to action across, and you’re onto a winner!


Do you monitor analytics from my social media profiles?

We do! Our team are experts in utilising a reporting tool called SEMrush. SEMrush monitors both SEO and SMO performance and collates this information into a monthly report, which we then send to you, the client, for review.

All social media providers also provide analytics via their desktop and app versions, which we can also include in monthly reporting.

Analytics is a fantastic tool to monitor what is working and what isn’t on your social media and SEO campaigns. We then take this information and iron out the creases to make next month’s results even better!


Social Media at Mosaic Digital Media is exactly what your business could be crying out for! To discuss your requirements with our client management team or even just for a friendly chat, via Zoom or in person, call 01925 563 960 or click here.

Video on Social Media – The Do’s and Don’ts

Video and Social Media aren’t new acquaintances. It’s still one of the best ways to engage your audience; a picture may paint a thousand words, but a video does that and more!

Our latest MDM blog will discuss the four leading big hitters that a business should look to have a digital presence on; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.



Facebook actually looks to help you make your video content the best it can be when you come to upload.

By making recommendations on video quality, length and also offering easy editing tools, you can make your video content the best it can be, very easily. Again, Facebook can do much of the legwork for you. If you’re confident enough and regularly look to live stream content, you can also use the Creator Studio feature.

For live video, you still have the option of Facebook Live as well as being able to post videos to your page’s story, much the same as you would on Instagram. A story video should be SSSshort, snappy and straight to the point!



Like Facebook, you should look to follow the three S’s when posting video content on Twitter.

This is particularly true if you have a budget for promoted tweets. Many major businesses utilise video to advertise their latest products in an eye-catching manner.

Twitter now also has the option to Fleet. A feature much the same as the Instagram Story, it’s still relatively early days for the Fleet, and only time will tell if the feature becomes a success for Twitter.

The use of GIFS and strong image creatives, is still in our opinion, the best way to engage your audience on Twitter. However, with that being said, it’s always best to mix and match your content to find the best fit for your business!



In our opinion, the best platform to showcase your video content and here’s why:

  • Reels: Reels are probably, in our opinion, the best feature currently available for your video content. Allowing your business to showcase exactly what it’s all about in short video format, you can add rights-free music and the most relevant hashtags to the post. We’ve recently seen a considerable increase in engagement on one of our current client’s accounts, just through the use of reels!
  • IGTV: IGTV is your go-to option for longer videos, such as Q&As or meets the team features. Anything over two minutes will be converted to an IGTV video.



LinkedIn and video aren’t really the best of friends. For whatever reason, video content has never really taken off on LinkedIn.

For individuals and recruiters, video messages are often used to entice potential new recruits.

‘Selfie’ videos have the potential to engage a business audience directly if you’re talking about a currently trending topic in your area of expertise.

Like Twitter, the use of strong creatives and appropriate hashtags is still the best way to go for engagement on LinkedIn.

Could your digital presence benefit from some visually striking video? Call our social media marketing team today on 01925 563 960 or send us a message online here!

How long does it take to design and build a website?

One question we get asked more than any other when it comes to Web Design is ‘how long does a website take to build?’

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer for this. Many contributing factors add up to determine how long a website build will take to complete.

As one great proverb says, it was the tortoise, not the hare, that won the race. We take the time necessary to build bespoke websites that fit our client’s needs and brief to a tee.

In our latest MDM blog, with our expert Web team’s input, we break down what exactly determines the length of a website build and what you can expect when you come on board with Mosaic Digital Media for a website build.


Website Design and Build Misunderstanding


Website Design and Build Misunderstanding

One of the biggest misunderstandings for delivering a website is that one person is solely responsible from the first contact to the website going live. This may be the case for a freelancer or a very new start-up. Still, with an established business such as Mosaic Digital Media, we have a team of people who have the best skill sets to do particular tasks.

A single person cannot guarantee to give you the same level of expertise across all the different critical areas involved in building a website. Having a team in which each member has a unique skill set means that the overall timescale is significantly less.

Spreading the workload and assigning each team member with the task that suits them best means that you’re getting the best website possible for your business!


Website Builds - A Step by Step Guide


Website Builds – A Step by Step Guide

So how exactly do you build a website? Here’s how we at Mosaic Digital Media go about building bespoke websites that showcase the best a business has to offer:

Initial Consultation –

There’s no way a website can be built without first gaining an understanding of the business it’s being built for! In your first meeting with us, we’ll ask you to provide specifications of what exactly you need from a website. This will form the backbone of our Web Team’s design process and will be something to refer back to for guidance if required.

Research –

After this meeting, our team of designers will brainstorm and research two key questions; can we build this and build it to the client’s timeframe? If both answers are yes, it’s time to come up with a build proposal!

Build Proposal –

This will be given in the form of a document that will include everything you need to know regarding the work being undertaken on your site, including timescales and intended cost. Once this is agreed upon by both parties, we’ll get to work!

Client Content –

To start our website design for your business, our Web Team will need the following content to create your bespoke site:

  • Business Logo
  • Contact information for your business
  • Colour schemes/branding guidelines
  • Image library for use across the website
  • Page content
  • Example website designs and why you like them
Website Planning –

Now we have all the content, our team can start to plan the foundations of your site. We’ll review all the content we’ve been given along with any specs provided to make sure we fully understand the job at hand.

Website Design –

Now the fun starts! Our team of designers will begin to build a mock-up of your new site. Using the info provided by you, this mock-up will include, as an example, the first design of your homepage and an internal page design. These will then be sent to the client for a first look – your site will stay in this design process until you are happy to sign off a bespoke design that fits your business like a glove!

Website Build –

Once a design has been approved, it will then be given to the front-end developers within our team, who will take these flat designs and turn them into a fully functioning site.

Testing –

We’re quite the perfectionists at Mosaic Digital Media and won’t allow a website to go to any of our clients until it’s passed our rigorous testing; this includes:

  • Functionality tests; e.g. contact forms, sliders, bespoke integrations
  • Responsive testing; check visibility on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Browser testing; e.g. Chrome, Safari.
  • Load testing; time it takes the site to load fully.
 Website Go-Live –

This is the final stage for all website builds. Still, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is completed, just yet! This is where we make the final checks and go over your site with a fine-tooth comb. Minor snags such as grammatical or spelling errors will be spotted and updated and any minor bugs found during testing. Once the website has been live for some time, the client may request new features, additional website content or minor image changes in the website. Please do bear in mind, however, we do not put website’s live on a Friday, and if we do, this will only be in exceptional circumstances.

Once your new website is live, there may be minor changes along the way. Still, you now have a fully functioning bespoke website that is unique to your business!

Your website can now be handed to other members of our in-house teams, such as SEO and Social Media. This is to fully optimize your site for both SEO and Social Media integration.

Got a website that needs a new lease of life? Contact us today on 01925 563 960 or click here to book a consultation with our Web Team!

The Guide To Social Media Image Sizes

Whether it’s news updates, brand promotions, videos or even memes, knowing the basics of image design just isn’t enough!

Nowadays you need to be aware of what sizes these social media images need to be! Similar to Goldy locks and the 3 bears, we need to make sure that the images are not too small (so that they don’t pixelate), too big (so that we can’t upload them), but just right!

With the millions of people and businesses posting images repetitively on social media every day, it’s important that the images you use are eye-catching! Remember you’ve not got long to get people attention… According to Creative Cultivate, you’ve only got about around 2.7 seconds to get people’s attention.

With everyone doing a ‘quick scroll’ through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you need to make sure your brand is noticeable and advertised as one to remember.



According to Statista, Facebook is the largest social media network in the world with 2.3 billion active users.

With the potential of 2.3 billion people seeing your page, it’s vital to get your ‘best side’ on the images your posting. One thing to remember when choosing the right images is whether it looks alright on mobile as well as desktop. The variation in size can be a large contributor to making the images look distorted.

Little Reminder: Don’t forget that your profile picture will cover a select part of your cover photo, make sure that it’s not covering any important information. Better still, if done right, you can have a little fun with the 2 images sitting together.

facebook social media size

Image Size Details:

  • Cover photo: 820 px wide by 312 px tall
  • Profile image: 180 px wide by 180 px tall
  • Highlighted image: 1200 px wide by 717 px tall
  • Shared image: 1200 px wide by 630 px tall
  • Shared link thumbnail image: 1200 px wide by 628 px tall



Twitter is great for following trends and sharing news updates as and when they happen. There are in fact 336 million monthly active users on Twitter in 2018.

Your Twitter profile will have a profile picture, this will be used to represent your brand. Also, you will have a header photo that is much larger than the profile picture, this is similar to how the Facebook profile is constructed.

twitter social media size

Image Size Details:

  • Header photo: 1500 px wide by 500 px tall
  • Profile image: 400 px wide by 400 px tall
  • In-stream photo: 440 px wide by 220 px tall



Linkedin… the social media network for all things business! With 500 million users LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world.

Your Linkedin profile you will have a photo of yourself or of your business logo, this can people who know you by face to find you! The background image is an awkward shape but if you get the image to fit it will work really well!

linkedin social media size

Image Size Details:

  • Header photo: 1584 px wide by 396 px tall
  • Profile image: 300 px wide by 300 px tall
  • Company cover photo: 1192 px wide by 220 px tall
  • Shared Image: 1200px wide by 627 px tall



Whether you want a perfect profile photo or a landscape shot of that new office layout, Instagram’s sizing can suit all your business profile needs.

You can also get creative with Instagram’s filter features as well as the recently released Luxe editing tool – sharpening both contrast, brightness and HDR range…

Instagram social media size

Image Size Details:

  • Profile picture: 180 px wide by 180 px tall
  • Square photo size: 1080 px wide by 1080 px tall
  • Portrait photo size: 1080 px wide by 1350 px tall
  • Fullscreen story image: 1080 px wide by 1920 px tall

Using all of these social media platforms can be a good place to market your business from! Us at Mosaic help businesses find your online presence and develop it with them!

If you need some help when it comes to creating, setting up and posting on social media, then you can contact us here, or call us on 01925 563 960 to get some more information.

Don’t let your brand presence D.I.E.

Spooky season is well and truly open us, so we thought it was only right to conjure up some terrifyingly terrific content in the form of our latest MDM blog!

Today, we’re going to be spinning a web, on the web, on how to not let your brand presence D.I.E. a dreadful death online and on your social channels.

You’ll notice we have spelt die in a rather odd manner. That’s because we feel that to keep your brand presence alive and kicking you should focus on Direction, Identity and Engagement!

So let’s get started before the Grim Reaper makes a deathly appearance…



Everything you do for your business both online and on social media should always have a clear direction. Take a few moments before posting or adding a new page to your site to think – why am I posting this? Who is it going to benefit? Does the page/post add value to what you already have?

If you’re happy with the answers to these questions, then you’re good to go on that post or adding that new page onto your site.

We’re not saying it’s easy (social media will try to divert your direction if it can!), but if you can keep your path clear of any distraction, your brand’s direction should shine through and keep your business on the straight and narrow.



Take time to consider the identity you want for your brand. Find websites that you like or social channels that post content that you find engaging. Crafting a brand identity is like a recipe – you can follow the instructions, but you can also add things you like and take away those ingredients you don’t!

On social media, strike a tone of voice that sits well with your audience. Working for a playful brand? Put some personality into it and show off all that’s good about you and the team around you.

Be consistent with the type of content you post, when you post and the templates/imagery you use. Find hashtags that suit your business and always keep an eye on the algorithms of your chosen platforms – they’ll catch you out if you’re not careful!

On the web and your social channels, choose some brand colours and stick to them across the board. Keep your site free of clutter and always focus on a user’s experience. A trick (or treat!) is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes on the page you are hoping to get customers to visit. Was the journey to the page easy or longwinded? How many clicks did it take? Always aim to make your site as user-friendly as possible. Your customers will thank you for it, and do a lot of your brand awareness for you off the back of it!

Staying strong and true to a brand identity you’ve taken time to develop, can be one of the best things you can do for a business both old and new.



At Mosaic Digital Media we are big believers in the opinion that people will buy from people first, business second. There’s no better way to engage your audience than focus on the people who make up your business!

Put your staff (if they aren’t too camera shy!), front and centre of your social posts. Keep an eye on what types of posts do well and the ones that don’t do quite so well. At the same time, don’t be too disheartened if you aren’t getting likes galore – they are not the be-all and end-all, trust us!

Think outside the box if you can. Everybody can do a #ThrowbackThursday post, but how can you do it differently? Can you jump on an existing big brand and use it to your advantage?

Engagement isn’t all about QUANTITY. It’s about QUALITY. Take your time, include a clear CTA (Call to Action) and above all else utilise your brand’s identity and give that the platform to shine at its most effective!


We’re Mosaic Digital Media and we’d like to help your brand navigate the scary seas of social media or the wicked woods of the web. Call us on 01925 563 960 or contact us online here and we’ll help to guide your brand back to crystal clear waters or brighter green pastures!

How a website can help your business thrive during COVID-19

2020. It’s not been the best, has it? However, at Mosaic Digital Media, we’re a very much ‘bright side of life‘ type of team. Which means we’ve spotted a somewhat silver lining in the dark clouds of Coronavirus, particularly if you have the capabilities of moving your business online.

All it takes is a dash of hope, a lick of luck and a really good web design team – we can definitely help you with the last part!

So if you’re struggling to see light in the current dark, let us be the torch to bring a brighter horizon into view…

To start with, let’s talk about turning one negative into a real positive and get your business thriving online during COVID-19!


Social-distanced shopping? Not so, online!

If you’re capable of selling products online and you’re not already doing so, you need to start selling online!

It’s a tricky time for shoppers at the moment and many, understandably, are nervous to venture out to shopping centres, supermarkets and the like.

To get the most out of your website and to put you in the best possible place to sell online, you’ll be needing eCommerce on your existing or new site.

Combined, we’ve got more than a decade’s worth of experience when it comes to building and designing eCommerce sites. We specialise in WordPress WooCommerce and Shopify, with both platforms giving you a variety of options.

We can help decide which of the above benefits you the most and the get to work on getting your business selling online.


Face to Face Mask Meetings? Stay safe with Virtual calls!

For many of us, the best way to get a feel of a business and a prospective new client is by meeting face to face.

This has been made very difficult for many businesses across the country, but it doesn’t mean an end to meetings!

Whether it’s WhatsApp, Google Hangout or Zoom, there’s plenty of platforms to take your meetings virtual. If you provide customer service, it’s also a great way to help respond to customer queries.


Working from home? It’s not all bad!

We’d all prefer to be in the office, but if you’re having to work from home, just think of the positives – for starters, as may tea breaks as you want!

Productivity doesn’t have to suffer just because you’re working from home. Your team can still be effective at working to deadlines, and keep the same levels of communication as you’d expect in an office.

Tools such as ClickUp, Slack and even your run of the mill email can all go a long way in ensuring your business and staff can work just as well at home as they do in the office!

However, all of this isn’t possible if your business hasn’t got a strong online process. To get you set-up to take on the challenge that this ‘new normal’ has brought, contact our Web or SEO team on 01925 563 960 or fill in our enquiry form here.

Why A Website Should Be The Hub of Your Business

‘Everything is digital nowadays’ – this isn’t a lyric from a late 90s Britpop song, but a statement of fact. Flicking through the pages of a telephone directory is long gone. Given the fast-paced nature of all of our modern lives, businesses have swiftly (in most cases) moved online and if you don’t regularly look to update yours, you could get left behind! – which is why it’s so important that a website is made the central hub of all that is great and good about your business!

Alongside your website and located somewhere on ideally, your chief partner in crime to your website should be Social Media – you can find out more on how we can help put the spark back into your social channels here.

However, there needs to be somewhere to drive all this social engagement and interaction to – a website! It is important not to rely solely on just a website or just your social media pages. Like most things in life (and business), it’s important to strike a balance between all of your digital marketing assets. Your website and social media should be as complementary to each other as strawberries and cream!

With all this being said (and the thought of strawberries and cream pushed firmly from our mind), here are our top tips on how to make a website the hub of your business, in a handy alphabetical format:


Authenticity –

Whether you own a quirky business which sells craft beer or a huge multi-conglomerate business, your website gives you a huge degree of credibility to consumers. Have you ever bought a product from Amazon without checking out at least one or two reviews before-hand? Not-likely!

A reviews and testimonials section on your website will make a potential customer more likely to trust that you are a genuine and legitimate business.

Central Self Drive Example of Testimonials/Review Page


Brand identity –

Your website is hugely representative of your business –it’s a platform which enables you to bring your brand identity to life. The flip side of this is having a poorly designed, broken website. Think of it this way, if you walked into a restaurant which had a broken sign and very slow service from the off-set, you would likely opt for the clean and welcoming restaurant over the road!

Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide Example of Brand Identity Website

Content –

This is a chance for you to promote your products and/or what your company is all about. Ensuring that your content is fresh and updated is essential. A blogs page is a fantastic tool to utilize for fresh content on a regular basis, as it can help to shape your company personality, provide useful tips to your customers and help drive traffic to your website – make sure your blogs are SEO optimized or all that new, clean content will go stale!

Luckily for you, we’ve got a page for that; right here

J Lowther & Sons Example of Blogs on Site


Delivery –

Your website, at the end of the day, is there to deliver results. This could mean a full e-Commerce website which has the ultimate goal of easy and fast purchase of products, or a friendly and relaxed WordPress website which is designed to slow down the user and deliver an enjoyable user experience.

In order for your website to deliver, it needs to be developed from the ground up, using the correct building blocks, taking time to build using the correct methods – it was the tortoise, not the hare that won the race!

Develop your site, the right way, with us at Mosaic Digital Media here...

1895 Sports Example of Website Delivery Mosaic Digital Media

Efficiency –

As long as your website is designed skillfully and to exacting specifications which you provide to us at the start of our relationship with your business, a website does all the hard work for you.

A website done right is an incredibly cost and time effective tool for your business. Your customers are able to explore and engage with your business from the comfort of their own home.

Example of efficient site behindsport Mosaic Digital Media


We hope this blog has helped to outline just how important your business website should be to you – if you’d like further advice on this, call us on 01925 563 960 or contact us online here.

Welcome Danielle!

At Mosaic Digital Media, we are big believers in the phrase, ‘teamwork makes the dream work’. As such we love nothing better than sitting down with our newest team members and getting to know them a little better!

We’ve had two new editions to our team recently, James and first up, Danielle:

Hi Danielle, welcome to the Mosaic Digital Media team! How did the role come about and what would say the definition of your role is?

“I came across the role by contacting James direct as I worked with him in the past and I knew he was working in the same industry I wanted to be part of again.

My role is to bring new customers to Mosaic and make sure our clients are receiving the best service we can possibly give them.”

How have you settled in and have you enjoyed the job so far, (be honest!)

“Haha, I’m always honest! Yes, I’ve settled in very well, been made to feel like part of the family from the get-go!”


What would you say your biggest strengths are and why did you want to take up the position at Mosaic Digital Media?

“I’d say my biggest strengths are understanding a customer’s needs and finding a solution. I’m very much a people’s person, I love to talk – it’s been said, too much sometimes!”

Have you got any plans for the business that you can share with us?

“Yes, I have! I would like to focus on new/small businesses and offer a tailor-made package that offers websites, build hosting and social media. Everything a new company requires to get the best start and also gain the best audience. A product that works and does what it says on the tin!

I want Mosaic to be the go-to digital agency for all things account management. Keeping in constant contact with our clients to make sure they’re happy and everything is running as smoothly as it can be.

I want any new business that becomes a client of ours to feel like they are not just a number or a sale – they are part of us and we are part of them!”

You were already familiar with James, our new Digital Marketing Manager. Where did you meet and why do you think you work well together as a team?

“Yes, I and James worked together for seven years. When looking to return back to working full-time after starting a family, I reached out to James to see if he had any positions.

My time spent working with James previously was a happy one and I really enjoyed it. We bounce off each other and it doesn’t even feel like work it comes that natural!”


As Danielle has quite rightly said, at Mosaic Digital Media we want to be the go-to digital agency in Warrington – ‘not just a number or a sale, they are part of us and we are a part of them’.

If that’s the kind of business relationship that you’d like to be a part of, call us today on 01925 563 960 or send us a message online here.

The key to achieving a healthy balance with clients

Communication is one of the most vital factors which contribute to a healthy and happy relationship with clients, which is why at Mosaic Digital Media we strive to make a connection from your first meeting with us – although first, and foremost we are a business, we understand that all great client relationships are built on with strong interpersonal foundations!

When it comes to taking on new clients, it’s important to outline our and your expectations, as a business, early on. If we are able to start on the same page early on, the likelihood of problems arising in the future is a slim one. This is why we encourage you, the client to not be afraid to ask any questions you have from the off-set, no question is too big or small!

Two People in a New Client Meeting with Laptop

It is essential that there is a written record of the agreement that has been made between the company and the client – if you were a footballer, you wouldn’t sign for a team without having a contract! At Mosaic Digital Media, we provide written specifications which should be read and approved by the client before we proceed with any updates. Once we have this approval, it’s welcome on board and let our work together commence!

Another form of communication we use is email or WhatsApp. Dependant on your preference, we can discuss early on whether you’d prefer to be contacted on via email or have a WhatsApp group set up between ourselves and all the relevant people within your business.

Hands Typing On A Laptop

For example, after having a meeting with us, we will then send a follow-up email shortly after that will ensure that what has just been discussed is documented. This way, the information is fresh in your mind, and if there have been any miscommunications, they can be nipped in the bud quickly and easily rather than half-way through the project!

Customer Service skills are essential when dealing with any client. Positivity is key! Making sure that the office stays positive is something that we particularly excel in if we do say so ourselves!  The ability to be attentive and polite with customer requests are characteristics which should be instilled into employees in any reputable business and we are happy to say that all of our team share in this belief.

As long as the customers’ expectations are handled correctly from the off-set, issues surrounding work completion/demands should not become a problem! The way a digital marketing agency manages its clients time is crucial – too much on one, won’t leave you enough for another so balance is essential.  At Mosaic Digital Media, we use ClickUp to manage our workflow and Slack to communicate with each other internally to ensure that we all have an understanding of what we are working on at any given time.

Our SLA’s are made available to the client from the start, and we are available through email and telephone to handle any customer requests. We always provide admin-logins to your site should you want access to them, we are transparent with our customers from the start, and we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services with realistic deadlines.

Employees working In An Office



On receipt of the request (via or phone), we endeavour to respond with within 2 working hours (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00).

We will then review and schedule in any minor* fixes/tasks, updating the client via email.

We aim to complete, any minor fixes/tasks within 3 working days unless critical* (Dependant on us receiving all the necessary details and content in a timely manner).


Our support SLA times are as follows

Non-critical issues **:

  • Response within 2 working hours
  • Resolve within 72 working hours

Critical issues*:

  • Response within 2 working hours
  • Resolve within 48 working hours


Mosaic Digital Media contact details for existing clients: or call 01925 563 960. We will endeavour to acknowledge all enquiries within 2 working hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).

Think we could be the digital, design or social agency for your business? Contact us using our form here!

Why Digital Marketing is important

Why Digital Marketing is important? That’s a great question and one we are more than willing to answer!

Here at Mosaic Digital Media, Digital Marketing is what we do and we love it. The beauty of Digital Marketing is the scope for creativity is huge and if there’s one thing TeamMo has got in abundance it’s creativity!

So without further ado, let us outline why digital marketing is important to agencies such as ourselves and what they can do for you and your business:


Designing a Website

Every business big or small should have a website, it’s a crucial part of owning and growing a business. Our web design team will work closely with you from start to finish to develop a user-friendly and conversion-driven website. Any changes you may like to make throughout the process can be catered for as well, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Whether it’s a one-paged website or a complex design website, our team can design and build a website to your exact specifications. From Eccomerce sites to WordPress sites, our team has experience in building and designing numerous sites for many different types of business.

Bespoke and unique to you, your site will be designed to reflect all that is brilliant about your business! Your website will act as a central hub for driving all your digital marketing efforts towards converting into new business.

Web Design Digital marketing warrington



SEO (search engine optimisation) is vital for any website. Without a strong SEO strategy, your site and business are going to struggle to get found on the web. Google has very strict algorithms when it comes to SEO, but one thing Google’s crawl bots love the most is fresh content!

Our Head of SEO, Conor can put together a dynamic SEO campaign to help drive traffic and conversions of the highest level, whilst working alongside the rest of our digital marketing team.

Our team all work closely alongside each other so each has transferable skills that they can put towards making your brand and business the best it can be!

SEO Syntor Fine Chemicals



Social media optimisation is all about promoting yourself and your business on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

Social Media is everywhere you look and is universal to all ages. This use of social media is only going to become more and more ingrained in our daily lives and this is why digital marketing is so important to for business, as you can be found in peoples, lives almost all the time.

When it comes to producing creative and unique content, there’s nobody better than our very own Thom! Thom really is one of kind and is constantly bringing fresh ideas to the table and always aims to give your social profiles a distinct personality!


The Creative People

… Is exactly what we are at Mosaic Digital Media! Design, Digital or Social, we can take your business to the next level. We’ve told you why digital marketing is important to business, now it’s up to you! Call us today on 01925 563 960 or contact us here.

How to Use Your LinkedIn Account Effectively

Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, LinkedIn’s audience is very much B2B (Business to business), so your posts and engagements on the platform must reflect this.

LinkedIn is fast becoming a social media platform and the place to go to help boost your recruitment and establishing client connections.

So when it comes to your digital marketing strategy, you’d do well not to forget about the importance of LinkedIn! Out of all the social media platforms out there, LinkedIn is the one where you want to showcase everything brilliant about your business, and employees for that matter!

In this blog, we’ve got five top tips on using LinkedIn more effectively as a business and as an individual…


Appropriate Imagery

This one might sound obvious – but you must choose an appropriate image for both your profiles, personal and business. As the old saying goes first impressions count!

This will be dependent on what the purpose of your LinkedIn account is. If you are a professional company, keeping your banner and profile picture linked in (excuse the pun!) with your branding is essential – using your company logo as your profile picture is the safest bet if you’re unsure!

By using your logo and brand, this portrays a professional image of your business. Also if people recognise your brand and logo on your social profile, this will only go towards increasing engagement on your business page and connection requests on your personal profile.


Utilise the space on your account

Company Page

LinkedIn is effectively more space to advertise your business – listing the services you provide is essential. Keep your summary brief and to the point and make sure you provide a website URL, contact number and email address on your page (depending on which of these is available and relevant).

Find the balance between cramming too much information on your profile and wasting valuable space. For example, although you may want to keep your banner image relevantly plain and professional-looking you could add any other social icons on there such as Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn also has huge benefits for businesses in that you can post job adverts directly onto your page and into your follower’s feed.

Each of your connections on your page will receive a notification of your job advert equally free advertisement, saving you money on any additional recruitment costs!

Personal Account

Make sure you have added relevant skills to your profile. This opens up the opportunity for other people to endorse your skills and ultimately shows off your strengths to potential employers.

Be sure to consistently share your company updates onto your personal profile. This not only increases your company’s brand awareness and engagement but also shows that you’re an active employee.

This is not only beneficial to your company but also beneficial to you – particularly if you are looking for a career change!


Relevant posts

Be conscious that the content you are posting is engaging – people are more likely to follow your account if the information they are reading is useful to them.

Jumping on trending topics is essential – it’s no use writing about a hot topic five days after it trended!

LinkedIn has recommended hashtags which can your article get engagement from those that will find it most relevant.


Be Consistent

If you are posting new updates daily, weekly or monthly, consistency is key! Even if you are not posting fresh content every day, allocating 15-30 minutes of your day to share and comment on relevant articles or find new connections is a great way to keep your LinkedIn account up to date.


Grow your connections

Whether you met someone at a trade show, conference or charity event, why not follow it up with a personalised connection request? Similarly, if you have recently connected with a former colleague then search through their connections and see if any are relevant to you.

Once you make a connection make sure you follow it up with a message – you’d be surprised what opportunities this can open up!

In summary, LinkedIn is a great social media platform with huge potential for companies, recruiters and personal accounts.

Need help with your LinkedIn account or social media? Get in touch today or connect with us on LinkedIn here!