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4 Simple Tips to Becoming a Pro Networker

4 Simple Tips to Becoming a Pro Networker | Mosaic Digital Media

Networking, when done well, can provide a multitude of opportunities for your business development. A big mistake businesses can make is not dedicated enough time to networking because the short-term benefits are not immediately obvious. Yet, networking offers a valuable way of expanding your knowledge, meeting new people, building a reputation for your business and meeting potential clients.

Keep reading to check out some of our latest tips to help you to best maximise your networking opportunities…

Set realistic goals

If you are just branching out into the networker world then it’s a good idea to ease yourself in rather than go over-board and try to attend every single networking event in sight! By doing this, you risk burning out and losing interest in networking altogether.

Make sure to take the time to research networking events in your area and to set up a networking calendar on your desktop and phone so that you avoid missing important events.

Another tip is to vary the types of networking events that you attend. This will not only prevent boredom, but it will also help you to see which event is best suited to you and your business.

Don’t just collect cards

Let’s say you’ve made it to your first networking event, you’re stood facing a room full of people who all seem to be deep in conversation and you feel really out of place… we’ve all been there.

Everyone is in the same boat and is at the event for the same reason, to speak to new people – don’t be afraid to get involved. The general consensus is that if people are talking in an open-circle then it’s just general chit-chat and you are free to make your way over and join in.

The best advice we can give for a first-time and experienced networker is to LISTEN to what other people have to say.


Make sure you take a note of the people who you felt could contribute positively to your business or anyone that you feel could benefit from your services. You can do this via email, LinkedIn or even a phone call.

Get networking!

A good networking event will present you with new opportunities, a great networking event will leave you feeling inspired.

Don’t feel disheartened if you didn’t pick up any new business from the networking events you attended, if you got one fresh idea for your business then the event was worth going to. Remember, everyone are focused on their own business.

Your goal as a business is to see how you can add value to other peoples businesses or lives, not to repeat the same sales pitch to every person you meet!

Need a helping hand?

If you’re looking to branch out into the networking world, or you’re already a seasoned networker on the look-out for new events in the Warrington area, we are hosting our own networking event on May 17th. The event will provide the opportunity to mingle with other attendees, listen to our wonderful guest speakers talk about how digital marketing has helped them and have a nosy at our new office.

We hope to see you there!

Click to register:

How to Grow Your Business Using Paid Social Media Ads

Grow Your Business Using Paid Social Media Ads | Mosaic Digital Media

We all like getting the most from our money, which is why it is important that if you have an allocated budget for paid ads on social media it should get spent in the right way. It’s important to pick the method of advertising which is the right fit for you and your business. Here is an overview of the main types of social media paid advertising and an overview of which we think works best.


Businesses can target users with Facebook Ads by location, demographics, age, gender, interests, behaviour, and connections. Facebook’s ad management tool also allows you to do A-B testing and track the results of your ads, helping you to determine which types of ads are working best and increase or reduce your budget accordingly.

With over 1 billion active users, if your business deals primarily with the everyday consumer then it is worth considering using paid ads on Facebook when considering where your marketing budget is best spent!


With 560 million professionals using LinkedIn and 4 out of 5 LinkedIn members driving business decisions, LinkedIn is the number one platform for B2B lead generation. Using LinkedIn you are able to boost your content so that it reaches a targeted audience as well as deliver personalised messages which drive conversions.

Use real, member-generated demographic data to reach the right audience: job title, company, industry, seniority, and more. Using the campaign manager, you can then track your ads and discover how many people your campaign reached and how many conversions you received from the ad.


You might have noticed that ads are becoming a lot more frequent on Instagram, appearing on your feed as a photo, video or carousel and can also appear within the stories. With generation-z’s attention span diminishing by the year, Instagram is on trend being all about visuals, which is why if your content is visually engaging then it can prove to be a very effective form of advertising. Since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012 it has grown from strength to strength, and the connection also means that you can send your advertisements out to Instagram without even having an Instagram account set up!

The Verdict

It’s impossible to say which works best as it really is dependent on who your target audience is and what budget you have in mind. However, we can say from our own experience managing paid ads that Facebook provides the most user-friendly service, with clear instructions on how to create the ad and track results easily.

A top tip is to not rely too heavily on ads as these don’t appear on your timeline and are often the most ‘salesy’ types of posts, so make sure you are posting organic content consistently on your timeline as well as acquiring as many reviews as possible to create trust points with your audience.

If you are looking for a company to manage your social media account(s) then feel free to pick up the phone and chat to one of our team members – 01925 563960

Social Media trends to watch for in 2019

Social Media trends to watch for in 2019

We are going to be exploring some of the more important social media trends to watch for in 2019. Some of these new trends could massively impact your progress, so hopefully, keeping up with some of the following will give your social media campaign that little boost it deserves!


Generation Z are a hard audience to please. People spend their time scrolling through social media channels waiting for something to grab them, and losing interest when this doesn’t happen within a short space of time… 8 seconds to be precise.

This is why we have seen video take to the forefront in 2018, and why we will see this trend continue to take lead in 2019. In fact, TechMagnate has predicted that video marketing will draw more than 80% of the internet traffic across the world by 2019.

Businesses tend to associate video marketing with beauty channels because of the growing number of vloggers which have dominated YouTube.

Yet video marketing, when done in the right way, can be an effective way to engage with your audience in a short amount of time. If you’re not willing to get in front of the camera, then animations may be the way forward for you in 2019!


We have seen Snapchat explore Augmented Reality (AR) based interaction and we will continue to see the likes of Facebook and Instagram make use of AR as a way of keeping up with new technology in order to spark the interest of Gen-Z. We have also seen a growth in the number of voice assist devices appearing in people’s homes. With Alexa becoming an extended member of everyday households, businesses will need to re-vamp their media strategies to keep up with the changes. Click to read our blog which explores whether voice search will change the way we search for businesses and products.

Influencer Marketing

We have continued to see influencers shape trends in the market in 2018. Influencer marketing will continue to dominate social media in 2019, yet we are starting to see progress and change in the world of influencers from the way in which influencers are transforming and developing their personal brands into full-on business ventures – a trend that will more than likely take precedence in 2019. Influencers are making use of multimedia platforms, mainly videos and podcasts, and using them as a way of presenting themselves as thought-leaders and consequently turning their success on social media into profitable revenue streams.

So, what does this mean for your business? As well as keeping up with the advances and developments in your own specialist sector, you need to keep aware of social media trends and technological advancements in order to be a thought-leader in your industry!

Generating new business through your LinkedIn profile

Generating new business through your LinkedIn profile

Keep your profile up to scratch

It’s easy to brush over the basics of your LinkedIn profile. It can’t make that much of a difference, right? Wrong!

Would you give someone a business card or send someone a CV with incorrect information on it? Nope, so make sure all of your details, including your work experience, job title and skills are up to date.

The Headline of your LinkedIn needs to get to the point. If you’re aiming to promote a product which may prove useful to your followers, then you can skip over your job title (this can feature further down the page) and get straight to -what it is you are actually providing. Here is a good example:

linkedin profile

The next section will be your summary, which is your chance to expand further on the services you provide and direct people on how to get in touch with you.

Grow your connections

If you’re attending a business event or have just finished up at a meeting, a great tip is to click on the ‘Find nearby’ button on the LinkedIn App on your phone, this will pull up all nearby LinkedIn profiles using Wi-Fi and make it easier to connect. Setting yourself a goal of connecting with 5 new people a day is a quick and easy way of growing your connections over time.

Engaging content

Keeping active on LinkedIn by posting from your account is important yet most people seem to avoid it! Make sure you keep up to date with relevant industry news to present yourself as a thought-leader in your sector. Also liking, sharing, tagging and commenting on other peoples posts is very important as this will appear on other peoples timelines.

Don’t be afraid to post more ‘experimental’ content. LinkedIn has evolved and is becoming a lot more sociable, so yes, you can post a picture of your dog without feeling that it isn’t ‘professional’! People buy people, so giving your profile some personality won’t hurt. Plus sales post after sales post becomes boring and extremely repetitive!

Even posting a powerful quote is a great way of providing inspiration and reaching more people on LinkedIn.

Follow up on connections and interactions

Once you have connected with someone don’t let it become stagnant. If you see a way that you can add value to their business or vice-versa, then drop them a message thanking them for the connection along with a quick intro on who you are and whether they would like to further the discussion. Drop in a free tip or piece of advice if you are feeling generous!

How can Mosaic help?

If you are still left feeling confused or simply don’t have the time to manage your social media accounts then give us a call on 01925 563 960 or click here to see how we can help.

Opus Diem Launch in Warrington

Opus Diem Launch in Warrington

Carpe Diem has launched a new digital co-working space in the centre of Warrington, Opus Diem. The cosy environment within the Pyramid Arts Centre is complete with co-working spaces, interactive meeting rooms, pods, chill-out spaces and a giant hall, giving the opportunity to entrepreneurs and creative thinkers to share ideas, work together and hold events such as last night’s #OpusOpenHouse.

We at Mosaic Digital Media are looking forward to making use of the new prospect, which will prove to be a great way of pulling together the digital community in Warrington.



To kick-start the launch of #OpusOpenHouse last night, we had the opportunity to listen to three very different but equally engaging and thought-evoking speakers, each with different values and thoughts to offer.

The first speaker was Ian Carroll from Solutioneers UK, who is dedicated to quantifying and visualising work processes in order to increase productivity in the workplace.



He began by demonstrating why it is important to improve quality and productivity using a ‘pull’ process rather than the ‘push’ routine which most companies find themselves in.

We are all guilty of leaving a task unfinished before moving onto the next, right? Carroll stated it is essential to only take on a few tasks at a time. He also encourages team members to physically stand up and view the board of work at the beginning of the day, which stimulates team members to communicate more with each other and prioritise which tasks to complete first.

Dr Amy from Hoo Are Yoo was up next – she had us in stitches during her speech. Amy brought to light the psychopathic and narcissistic qualities that you can spot online, using Donald Trump as a very valid example!



Did you know that 65% of current jobs will not exist in 12 years?  For this reason, it is essential that we make sure kids (who are dead set on being vloggers nowadays!) are equipped for the digital shift, which has already started. This means introducing new curriculum, such as coding, into schools.

Using Lego, Gareth from the Creative Hut exemplified that creativity and innovation declines with age, stressing that we must connect with our inner child in order to allow the creativity to flow in our working environment. The simple task of making a duck out of Lego brought to light the numerous ways in which one process can be accomplished, validating that it is important not to block your creativity or give in to the temptation of following the crowd.



The launch of Opus is a game-changer for Warrington. The new space allows for different thinkers – such as the three individual influencers who spoke at last night’s launch – to be able to share their ideas and collaborate with each other.  At the heart of Warrington and in the midst of the growing Cultural Quarter, the space is also a great way of encouraging Warrington to support local businesses – perfectly illustrated by the home distilled gin that we were served by 3 Pugs Gin as the event came to a finish.

As a full-service digital agency who are able to provide innovative Web Design, SEO, eCommerce and effective social media campaigns we are very excited to join forces with the digital community and be part of the exciting wider digital movement in Warrington!




Organic vs. Paid Social Media

Organic vs. Paid Social Media

Organic vs. Paid – Which is best?

There are benefits to both organic and paid social media which is why businesses are often left feeling confused about which approach to take when planning an effective marketing campaign. Businesses are often misled by companies who maintain that paid ads are the only way forward or that organic social media alone is enough. This blog will help to identify what exactly each approach consists of and which approach is the best to go for!


Organic refers to any social media content which is not ‘boosted’ with money. This can be anything from posting from your Facebook business account with some narrative and an attached picture to commenting on another company’s post on LinkedIn. Sharing, liking, retweeting and liking other profiles all fall under organic social media. Organic posts are great for creating brand awareness. The biggest benefit of organic social media is that no matter how much content you post or time you spend interacting with other profiles it will not come at an additional cost.


Paid media consists of any online marketing which involves a paid placement. This could be boosted posts, ads which are optimized for clicks, lead generation forms, video ads or a PPC campaign. PPC, or pay-per-click, is a form of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. The benefit of paid media is that your desired audience can be targeted by a variety of demographic factors including age, gender and location.

Which works best?

Every company is different and what works for one company will not work for another, however, the best social media strategy will consist of a combination of organic and paid posts. Regardless of whether you are going to be using paid ads alongside your campaign, you should always have a solid organic social media marketing campaign planned out. This may consist of sharing upcoming events, growing your follower count through competitions, increasing brand awareness through posting regularly and improving your company’s reputation through responding to inboxes, customer reviews and comments. The paid ads should come as a supplementary to the organic social media.

At Mosaic, we manage various social media accounts, from a vehicle rental company in Warrington to financial consultancy based in Florida.

If you want to increase your company’s brand awareness and gain more of a digital presence but need help managing the relevant social media accounts then get in touch.

How can blogging help your business?

How can blogging help your business?

Whether you write the blogs for your website internally or outsource, blogging is an essential component of a successful Digital Marketing campaign. Here are 5 ways blogging can help to develop and shape your business.

Increases your online visibility

Google likes fresh content – therefore updating your website weekly, or even monthly, will prove favourable if you want your website to appear higher on the search engine rankings. If the blogs are SEO friendly then even better! People who are entering keywords associated with your product or service are more likely to come across your website if it has the correct keywords implemented in the content.

Drives traffic to your website

If your blog is being posted directly on your website, then it can be shared on social media platforms via a brief summary and direct link to the blog. The more people that retweet, share, comment and interact with your blog the better chance you have of driving traffic to your website. A great way of tracking how much traffic is going to your website directly as a result of your blog is by using Google’s Campaign URL Builder.

Why not try and get your blog posts on other websites? The more blogs you have out there, the more links to your site you have!

Develop your brand

The tone of the blog will depend on your brand – but whatever the context is, blogs are a perfect opportunity for you to shape your company brand and expand on what your company is all about. They are also a chance for you to guide the reader or consumer, alert them of upcoming events and to invite them to openly engage in discussions and debates.

Helps out your audience

The fact that you are putting time and effort into writing something that might prove beneficial to your viewers speaks for itself. Why not share some industry knowledge or tips? This will not only attract potential customers but also build authority for your business.

Generates more leads

Ultimately, through a combination of increasing brand awareness, improving your visibility on search engines and driving traffic to your website blogs will generate more leads for your business. According to Hubspot, businesses with websites that have 401-1000 pages of content get 6 x more leads than those with 51-100 pages.

Looking to start business blogging but don’t have the time? Our team covers all things digital and would be happy to help!

Send us a message, or call us on 01925 563 960

5 tips on writing effective website content

5 tips on writing effective website content

Well written content is vital for your website – both from an SEO and customer journey perspective. If you’re looking to stay on Google’s good side you need to make sure the content on your site isn’t outdated – Google likes fresh website content!

Not only this, the user experience can be affected dramatically by your content. Continue reading for our tips on how to keep your content relevant and SEO friendly:

Plan before you write

Before you start writing your website content make sure that you have considered what the main aims of your business are and how your website will fulfil and aid these. You may even want to come up with personas for your website and establish what the best ways to communicate with them are.

As well as this, you need to make sure you have a clear grasp of brand awareness, as this will effectively determine the tone of the website content. If you are a corporate business and you start using slang and abbreviations then this is not likely to create a good impression to your audience.

If you have done your research this will help to keep website content relevant – keep it concise and don’t waffle, which brings us to our next point…

Write for lazy people

Put your most important information first. The customer should be able to know what your business does from reading the first few lines on your Homepage.

In the digital world, people make quick decisions without thinking much and are more interested in visuals. Use short paragraphs to keep readers engaged and avoid the passive tense where possible.

Check spelling and grammar

There’s nothing worse than an otherwise good looking website is riddled with spelling mistakes, no matter how quirky or relaxed the tone of your website is the errors will automatically give the customer a negative impression of your website. Make use of Grammarly ( and ask your friends/family to review the website content for readability and spelling errors before setting it live.


We’re not saying you have to become an SEO expert overnight – leave that to us! However, make sure you consider keywords when you are writing website content. If you are a local business and your target demographic is largely based in Warrington then consider this when you are writing website content.

Avoid duplicate website content – Google doesn’t like this! Make sure that there aren’t large chunks of texts which are repeated on other pages of your website.

Don’t brag too much

Don’t overdo it on the self-praise. People who are visiting your website for the first time are not as invested and impressed by your products as you are – they don’t know how great they are yet! Rather than saying ‘we are the best’, show the customers why you are the best. Show them how great your products are.

5 Top Tips On How to Use Your LinkedIn Account Effectively

5 Top Tips On How to Use Your LinkedIn Account Effectively

So what is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social media service like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube which allows users to login to their account, update, add connections and socialise on a regular basis. Unlike Facebook and other social media, LinkedIn is targeted are the professional and their careers, recruitment and business. LinkedIn was established in 2003 by Jeff Weiner and has become a powerhouse social media with a website and app for users to easily view their profiles on the go.

LinkedIn has over 500 Million users WorldWide with on average around 250 Million users of the social media giant accessing their LinkedIn accounts at least once per month.This figure is staggering however an even greater statistic for the platform is that 40% of its users, use their accounts per day.

LinkedIn is fast becoming a social media platform and the place to go to help boost your recruitment and establishing client connections.

Appropriate Imagery

This one might sound obvious – but it is essential that you choose an appropriate image for your profile picture as this is the first thing someone notices when they click on your profile. This will be dependent on what the purpose of your LinkedIn account is. If you are a professional company, keeping your banner and profile picture linked in (excuse the pun) with your branding is essential – using your company logo as your profile picture is always the safest bet!

By using your logo and brand this will portray across to potential clients nad connections a better image of your business. Also if people recognise your brand and logo on your social profile, you will likely get a better reception and higher connection requests.

Utilise the space on your account

Company Page

LinkedIn is effectively more space to advertise your business – listing the services you provide is essential. Keep your summary brief and to the point and make sure you provide a website URL, contact number and email address on your page (depending on which of these is available and relevant).

Find the balance between cramming too much information on your profile and wasting valuable space. For example, although you may want to keep your banner image relevantly plain and professional looking you could add any other Social Media accounts here.

LinkedIn also has huge benefits for businesses in that you are able to post job adverts on your page/profile. Each of your connections on your page will receive notification of the job meaning free advertisement. This is great publicity as recruitment can be an expensive concept.

Personal Account

Make sure you have added relevant skills to your profile. This opens up the opportunity for other people to endorse your skills and ultimately shows off your strengths to potential employers.

Relevant posts

Be conscious that the content you are posting is engaging – people are more likely to follow your account if the information they are reading is useful to them. Jumping on trending topics is essential – it’s no use writing about a hot topic 5 days after it trended! LinkedIn has also introduced hashtags which help surface your article to members who may find it relevant.

Be Consistent

If you are posting new updates daily, weekly or monthly consistency is key! Even if you are not posting fresh content every day, allocating 15-30 minutes of your day to share and comment on relevant articles or find new connections is a great way to keep your LinkedIn account up to date.

Grow your connections

Whether you met someone at a trade show, conference or charity event, why not follow it up with a personalised connection request? Similarly, if you have recently connected with a former colleague then search through their connections and see if any are relevant. Once you make a connection make sure you follow it up with a message – you’d be surprised what opportunities this can open up.

In summary, LinkedIn is great social media platform with huge potential for companies, recruiters and personal accounts to gain some advantage of using this medium. As more and more individuals see the benefit of having a LinkedIn account, the numbers will continue to grow with businesses releasing the untapped potential.

Need help with your LinkedIn account or social media? Get in touch today to see how Mosaic Digital Media can help.

The key to achieving a healthy balance with clients

The key to achieving a healthy balance with clients

Communication is one of the most vital factors which contributes to a healthy and happy relationship with clients, which is why at Mosaic we are honest and upfront about whether we are able to take on the client and how we will manage the clients’ expectations and requests moving forward. As long as both the client and business are aware of the work which will proceed, there are only likely to be a few minor issues in the project which can be handled easily. This is why the customer should not be afraid to ask any questions they have from the off-set, no question is too big or small!

It is essential that there is a written record of the agreement that has been made between the company and client. At Mosaic we can provide written specs which should be read and approved by the client before we proceed with any updates. Another form of communication we use is email. For example, if the company has just had a meeting with a client then a follow-up email shortly after will ensure that what has just been discussed is documented. This way, the information is fresh in your mind, and if there has been any miscommunications they can be nipped in the bud quickly and easily rather than half-way through the project!

Customer Service skills are essential when dealing with any client. Positivity is key! Making sure that the office stays positive is something that we particularly excel in. The ability to be attentive and polite with customer requests are characteristics which should be instilled into employees in any reputable business. On the flip side of this, clients can sometimes become demanding of your time. As long as the customers’ expectations are handled correctly from the off-set, this will not become an issue in the long-run. The company need to make sure that they are not spending so much time on one client that they are neglecting another, which is why time management is vital. At Mosaic we use Teamwork to manage our time, communicate with each-other internally and ensure that the projects we are working on for clients are being monitored.

Our SLA’s at Mosaic are made available to the client from the start, and we are available through email and telephone to handle any customer requests. We always provide admin-logins to your site should you want access to them, we are transparent with our customers from the start, and we pride ourselves in providing outstanding services with realistic deadlines.


On receipt of the request (via or phone), we endeavour to respond with within 2 working hours (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00).

We will then review and schedule in any minor* fixes/tasks, updating the client via email.

We aim to complete, any minor fixes/tasks within 3 working days, unless critical* (Dependant on us receiving all the necessary details and content in a timely manner).

Our support SLA times are as follows

Non-critical issues **:

  • Response within 2 working hours
  • Resolve within 72 working hours

Critical issues*:

  • Response within 2 working hours
  • Resolve within 48 working hours

Mosaic contact details for existing clients: or call 01925 563 960. We will endeavour to acknowledge all enquiries within 2 working hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).