Meet Kurt, our new Financial & Legal Controller

Meet Kurt Lang… He is one of the newest members to the Mosaic Digital Media team as our Financial & Legal Controller and we want to make sure that he was given a ‘proper’ introduction!

We sat down with him and asked some general question to help you get a better feel for who Kurt is and how he fits into the Mosaic landscape. So without further ado…


Hi Kurt, welcome to Mosaic Digital Media! How did the role come about, and what would you say the definition of your role is?

“I had resigned from a previous role due to rapid expansion. The position had changed from credit control to mainly customer service and income reviews which I did not want to do.

Phil had said a role was available at Mosaic if I was interested, which would have various tasks, including credit control.

However, he did tell me a little white lie when I asked if Warrington was a longer drive for me than Bolton had been in my previous role – he said ‘just a little’!

Currently, I would say that the definition of my role is a combination of credit control, legal recoveries and sales ledger.

The credit-control aspect involves calls to clients who usually make manual payments. There may be a query preventing payments being made. I would liaise with my colleagues to resolve any such issue.

The legal aspect involves dealing with clients that refuse to pay for our services with no valid reason, using the court system to pursue payment or judgement in our favour.

The sales ledger role involves generating regular monthly invoices to clients and ADHOC invoices for additional services and products.

Payments into the bank for our invoices are then matched by myself against the client’s accounts on our Sage accountancy system.”


How have you found life at Mosaic so far? Obviously, it’s very different circumstances to start a new job in…?

“I have found Mosaic to be a pleasant and friendly place to work – almost worth the drive!”


What would you say your most significant strengths are and why did you want to take up the position with Mosaic Digital Media?

“I would say my biggest strengths are adaptability and attention to detail. Phil made the role at Mosaic sound like a refreshing new challenge with other roles to be incorporated over time.”


You were familiar with Phil, our Finance Manager, before starting? How do you two know each other, and does it make it more comfortable starting a new job with a familiar face?

“I know Phil from when he was the accountant and investor/business partner of Compare Finance in Ramsbottom.

Phil and his business partner (that I knew previously) at Compare, had let me work part-time to earn some money and pay my mortgage, which was much appreciated!

Then they offered to make the job permanent, which was even more appreciated.  Unfortunately, the business sadly found itself heading into liquidation. We both went us our separate ways but stayed in touch after enjoying a strong working relationship together.

It has made it easier to start a new job with a familiar face. I have also known Jon for several years as we both worked for a large insolvency company for quite some time in Bury.”

Tips on how to boost your follower count

You’ve just set up your social accounts and you’re ready to go but how to boost your follower count? That’s where we come in!

Here we talk you through how to do just that on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube:



Facebook has a range of features. Utilise them! Repeatedly posting updates for updates’ sake is not the most effective way of getting people’s attention and boosting your follower count/page traffic.

If you haven’t already, then why don’t you try mixing things up by posting a video, or creating a poll? This way you are altering your interactions with people and keeping your content fresh!

Make sure that you post at peak times. Scheduling tools such as SEMrush and Hootsuite provide this data, to make your life that little bit easier!

Keep an eye on what time of the day you have posted your content and how effective the response was. Stick with what works best!



If you are looking to boost your Instagram follower count, then stay active by liking and commenting on other profiles. Avoid unnecessarily commenting on pages that aren’t relevant to your business as the benefits of this, to you, are quite slim

Instead, show support to people and products you’re interested in! As well, Instagram is all about using photos and short videos to promote what you’re all about. In that case, you need to make your images relevant, high resolution and interesting.

Also, don’t forget the Story feature! This is your chance to showcase what happens in your business day-to-day or even live as it’s happening.

If your account is public, (which we recommend for a business account), this is a great way for potential new followers to find out about your business and what you are all about!



If you are looking to boost your follower count on Twitter, whether that be on a personal or business account, why don’t you tweet about a recent trend or hot topic and relate it to your business?

By finding a common interest with your fan base you are actively engaging with them, helping to increase your interactions (retweets, favourites and replies) and in turn (hopefully!) boosting your follower count.

Take a look at our blog on Hashtags and How to Use Them for some extra help and advice on using hashtags. We also have a Guide to Working Week Hashtags and how to use them.



The trick with LinkedIn is to keep it relevant and professional. Of all the platforms, this is strictly B2B so save up the funny stuff for Twitter!

A great feature when it comes to hashtags on LinkedIn is that if you’re are struggling for ideas, they provide recommended hashtags to help you out.

Make use of these, as more often than not, these are the tags with the most interaction and will be seen by relevant businesses, clients or potential employees.



Approximately 20% of people that click on your video will leave after watching just 10 seconds. This means that you have to cut to the chase pretty quickly!

For example, if you are thinking of starting a makeup blog, then start your videos with the finished look. This way, viewers immediately know what they are going to get from the video. A short introduction is enough, you can expand on your story along the way!

Another great tip for gaining more YouTube subscribers is to be consistent. If you only post once every couple of months then it is unlikely that people will stay interested and subscribe to your account.

For more help on boosting your follower count, why not contact us? We’re social media whizzkids at Mosaic Digital Media! Call us on 01925 563 960 or get in touch here.

How to deal with stress when working at home

Many of us are currently working at home and this tends to come with different types of stresses and worries than you might get working in an office.

With it being #StressAwarenessMonth, we have taken this opportunity to talk about the different ways that you can deal with stressful situations while working at home.


Lone Working

As most can imagine working from home brings an aspect of loneliness due to the lack of team interaction and social banter.

Starting a conversion via voice call or video chat, whether that be a daily meeting to discuss workflow or just a simple catch up with a work friend, can massively help to relieve some of the stresses of being alone and boost your mood.


Work/life balance

Knowing how to split your time up fairly is important when working remotely. If you are working too many hours without any time to relax and unwind you could overwork yourself and become restless and stressed.

Make sure that you are designating time for you and your mind to rest. This could be taking small breaks in the day or simply shutting off your computer at a certain time and not touching it again until the morning.

Taking holiday days can also be a good way to relieve the tension of working from home in the same way that it does when working from the office. Holidays, even if you aren’t going anywhere, allow you to enjoy your home as a place of rest and not just a place to work.


Be happy

Although working from home can be lonely it also gives you more freedom over the hours that you work, for example if you need that extra 10 minutes in bed then you can have it!

Take 20 minutes out from your busy working day to enjoy some yoga or meditation, these are great ways to release stress and tension.

Maintaining good mental health is just as important, if not more so, as the work you’re doing so make sure that your first priority is that you are happy and coping well!



Working from home can bring a new set of difficulties to the table but knowing how to cope with these new circumstances is part and parcel of working.

Talking to people daily (even if it is via video call!), having a healthy work to life balance and taking advantage of being at home are all great ways to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Why it’s important to backup your website

When it comes to your website, backing it up will rarely cross your mind as after all, it’s as safe as houses anyway right? Wrong.

Your website may never have come under threat before by cyber-attacks or hackers but that isn’t to say it might not happen.

So here Mosaic Digital Media breaks down why it’s important to backup your website:


Guards against human error/unforeseen circumstances

Perhaps something that businesses take for granted on their website safety and security, is those ‘small disasters’ that can have huge consequences on your site. An important file may be misplaced or deleted, power may be suddenly lost and corrupt files and data, or even worse a device could be lost or stolen.

Can your business afford to lose all that data because you haven’t backed up your site? The answer is probably no.

There may be quick fixes to repair the damage but these often take longer than expected which could mean that visitors might not be able to access your site, purchase from or contact you. The result of this is a loss of business.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.


Provides Protection against Loss of Important/Sensitive Data

You’ve got all your month’s blog content set live and scheduled to be posted across your social media channels and then bang the posts have gone out but your blogs aren’t accessible as they have been deleted in error or have been lost as a power outage has corrupted your data!

How can all this content be recovered without backup? It’s not just blogs that could be affected, what if the same were to happen to customer accounts or sensitive data.

This is why it’s important to have backups so you’ll always have access to your site files, for when and if mistakes occur…


Allows for changes to site to be reinstated if problems arise

When you’ve been working on a site’s changes for a considerable amount of hours and then they are lost because your website isn’t backed up, it would only mean you’d be back at square one! Don’t let this happen because your website isn’t backed up!

You may have just redesigned your checkout/purchase area so if this goes wrong or is lost, this could affect your ability to sell your products…

If you had backup, these important changes could be restored in a blink of an eye and your back up and running in no time!


Makes sure customers can still purchase from you

Leading on from our previous point, a business or online store is nothing without its customers so if you can’t sell to them it’s a major problem.

Your checkout button is broken. Your contact form is down so customers can’t email. It’d be a disaster.

All this could result in a loss of business and could seriously bruise your businesses reputation with existing customers as well as potential new ones… don’t let this happen, when it could be solved simply with a backup of your site!

It could take time you don’t have to get back up and running when if you’d been backed up in the first place, you could avoid this hassle and be back online selling to your customers.

Something as simple as backing up your site could save you no end of issues down the line. Backup before you have to pack-up we say!

Not sure how? Call the Mosaic Digital Media team today on 01925 563 960 for more information on how we can help!

How to update WordPress plugins

Before we go onto the how, let’s talk about why it’s important to update WordPress plugins. WordPress is free to use and the developers who made it continue to come up with new releases and versions of the site to keep it up to date, improve performance and fix bugs. The additional plugins that you can install onto your WordPress website are also made by developers who similarly look to improve and enhance their creations as time goes on in order to keep them secure and enhance them.

This is why it’s so important to update your WordPress site! If you don’t then you are not only risking your website security but missing out on exciting new features and improvements that will keep your website fresh and updated!

So to summarise, the 3 main reasons you need to keep your WordPress website and plugins updated:

1. Security

Due to the fact that WordPress is hugely popular and is open source, this makes it a huge target for potential hackers and data thieves! It’s not just the WordPress website itself that can be vulnerable to hackers but the plugins that are installed onto your site

2. New features

If you are using an older version of WordPress then you’re missing out on new developments that have been made, an example of this is when WordPress 4.1 introduced inline image editing or when WordPress 4.2 came with faster plugin updates. We’re currently at WordPress 5.3 with major releases, however sources such as Search Engine Journal have confirmed WordPress is also currently testing an automatic plugin and theme update feature that it hopes to release in core with WordPress 5.5!

3. Speed

Since website speed is a huge determining factor in SEO and how well your WordPress site ranks, it’s important to keep your website as speedy as possible! Ensuring that both your core website and plugins are kept updated is definitely a determining factor if you are looking to improve the speed of your website


How to Keep Your WordPress Site Updated

Luckily, this part is easy as long as you keep on top of it! If you login to your WordPress website you will see a dashboard option which will highlight the number of updates that are available. Clicking on the updates option under Dashboard will take you to the updates page which you can update WordPress core, plugins and themes from.

This handy built-in update notification system will make your life a whole lot easier and ensure you keep on top of the updates! You can even install and activate a plugin called ‘WP Updates Notifier plugin’ which will send you an email when a plugin is due an update, and from WordPress 5.5 you will be able turn on automatic updates for individual plugins.

How to easily update WordPress plugins

If you are still left feeling confused about how to update your WordPress site and plugins yourself then feel free to give us a call on 01925 563 960. For our expert in-house developers updating plugins is a piece of cake and they would be happy to help!

For the Love of Digital Marketing

Valentine’s Day is in our midst and love is in the air in our office, our love for digital marketing that is! To show our appreciation for digital marketing we have decided to share some of our loving tips on how to help better market your business online.


Make it Facebook Official

Some people say it’s not truly official until it’s on Facebook, and we here in the office agree with this statement; no business has truly got an online presence until it is on Facebook! This stands true for other social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram too.

It’s the meaning of life, the universe and everything. With 42% of the world’s population using at least one social media platform you would have to be pretty blinded by love to miss the opportunity to get your business on there. Using social media as a digital marketing strategy is one of the most common, easy and effective ways of getting your business online. Anybody can do it and it makes you look more like an individual than a corporation.


A Gift, Because You Care

Digital marketing comes in many shapes and forms, breaking away from offline marketing and developing its unique twists and new ways to market. Even though this is true, sometimes the old ways are the best. There is one form of marketing that will never fail to attract an audience. That’s right – its discounts and coupons.

No matter how classy a person may be, it’s hard to resist a good deal. Whether it be a discount code to entice new customers your way or a coupon to thank your loyal ones, a gift to show you care is a great way to make yourself pretty irresistible this Valentine’s Day.


The Colour of Love

To truly love your business you first need to get to know it. Sure you can say you know your business because you created it but do you? As a business grows so does its identity and personality; people familiarise themselves with your logo, the colours you choose and the tone of voice you use.

Brand awareness is key to a successful online business, changing your identity around can confuse people and make them forget you. It’s best practise to build an online personality, showing your colours and consistently presenting yourself. When people love you, never change.


It’s All About Looks

People always say it’s not about looks, it’s about the personality but really… it’s both. A business with a fantastic social presence is only going to get so far without a dashing website for people to go to. 

A modern and fresh looking website can attract the admirers to you and it somewhere to direct those who find you through other digital marketing strategies such as email campaigns or social media marketing. A website is the masthead of digital marketing and will pave the way to making you grow and become exceedingly successful.


New Love to True Love

Though this point is not strictly limited to digital marketing we feel it is too important to leave off the list, in fact, it is possibly the most important form of marketing there is. It’s the basis to all other forms of marketing, its networking and reputation building.

Any business needs a good rapport to be successful. You would never go for a company that had a reputation for providing a poor service or product. People want the best quality for the best prices and if you provide neither of these you’re not going to do well.

The hard part is, of course, building a reputation. The best way to get your first customers is to network out and make new friends. This can involve sending out marketing emails, asking for reviews and testimonials or simply just talking to people. It’s a slow and gruelling process but when you have them they will love you. 


Give Us a Chance?

We don’t want you to suffer any digital marketing heartbreak this Valentine’s Day, we want you to be our partner. If you need assistance in digital marketing or would like to talk to us you can contact us on 01925 563 960 or use our contact form and we will see how we can help you this Valentine’s Day.

Mosaic Digital Media 2019 round up

2019 has been a huge success for Mosaic Digital Media and we are so proud of the achievements we have made! It’s been a very busy year and it’s definitely been a team effort to get us up to this point, so we decided it was only fair that each of us gets involved doing a write up of 2019 and give a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2020!

So without further ado. keep reading to find out what Mosaic Digital Media got up to this year and what we have planned for next year, over to you #TeamMo…

Conor Clarke, Head of SEO

Conor On Team Achievements…

Team Player of the Month:

In 2019 we introduced ‘Team Player Of The Month’, where management decided who went above and beyond in the business. The decision was unanimous!

I was honoured to be awarded the first ‘Team Player Of  The Month’, take a look:

Here’s to seeing who January’s ‘Team Player Of The Month’ will be!

Digital Team of the Year Nomination:

Northern Dev Awards ( nominated us for the Digital Team of the Year. This was a proud time in the office, and we look forward to the results in 2020!

Mosaic did Movember:

In November of 2019, we decided to take part in Movember so as a team we shaved our faces on the first day and then grew a moustache throughout the month as well as raising money for the campaign. We aimed to raise £200 but as a total, we made £309! Take a look here:


Stacey Whitney, Head of operation

Stacey on BNI Mere…

BNI Mere meet every Thursday morning at the more social time of 10:30am. I have personally found the weekly meetings enjoyable and the members to be incredibly supportive. It’s amazing to have a whole room full of people who are happy to support each other by referring to businesses and inviting along new visitors to meet.

For example, Mark who is a Property Developer at Copperleaf is looking for the chapter to engage with tradesmen and architects to visit as a guest, therefore actively trying to encourage the growth of BNI and finding the right people.

BNI isn’t for everyone – I have heard that people find it a little repetitive and time-consuming but I find that BNI, and in fact any networking event,  is what you make of it! By listening, being specific and connecting with the right people I  have seen huge benefits in a short period of time. As well as BNI I have been involved with Seed Networking and real5 Northwich which has helped us expand our brand awareness and presence in Cheshire.

I look forward to being part of the ‘Mere’ family and making a difference in 2020.


James brewer, web development

James on New Team Players…

In 2019, the team here at Mosaic continued to grow, increasing our versatility with new skillsets and experience. Back in April, Thom joined the team part-time to help deliver some of our social campaigns.

Thom was a great fit for the team and was offered a full-time position in July as junior Digital Marketing Executive, where he has since begun working closely with our Account Manager, Negin and our Head of SEO, Conor Clarke.

In April, I joined Mosaic Digital Media as a junior Web Developer, becoming the third member of the development team headed by Liam.

Whilst undertaking smaller projects and learning from the other members of the development team, I’ve been able to learn new skills and have recently begun to undertake more visual design work.

Last but not least, our most recent recruit has been Janet Worrall who has joined team Mosaic as an Office Administrator. She has been helping out with the everyday running of Mosaic, here are a few words from Janet…

“Thrown in at the deep end it was either sink or swim! I am happy to say that I am still swimming especially ending my first week with the Christmas Party. I have felt very welcome and feel I have become part of the furniture, we have even done some serious office rearranging to ‘fit’ me in. I am, looking forward to the New Year and to my new career at Mosaic.”


Liam Wright, senior web developer

Liam On New Clients…

We have helped several new clients to meet there digital and marketing aims this year.

Earlier in the year, we help Grant Hodnett Nutrition (GHN) to rebuild their eCommerce store on Shopify. Throughout the year, we have worked with Grant to help GHN market their redesigned store and made amendments to the site to drive up conversion and user engagement.

We also helped 1895 Sports to build a new eCommerce store to advertise and sell their customised and branded sportswear. This was built from the ground up in WordPress using WooCommerce along with a bespoke design to match there branding, purpose and goals.

Most recently, we are working with Sam and Charlotte Fox to help promote the Warrington Buyers Club app which gives members access to various discounts throughout Warrington. Our Social Media and Marketing strategy has included creating unique & engaging imagery for both Social Media, print and email, helping to advertise their new app along with the incentivises for signing up, and delivering their #12DaysOfChristmas campaign. There are loads of prizes up for grabs so make sure you check out their Facebook and Instagram account for updates!

We have also been working with NW employers to build their new website to better advertise who they are along with the services they provide and the events they run. We are in the final stages of building their new site and hope to launch this for them in the New Year.


Negin Karimi, Account Manager

Negin on real5 Networking (Warrington & Northwich)…

2019 saw team Mosaic Digital Media joining the real5 Warrington group. I’ve had the privilege of representing Mosaic in the Warrington group for Web Design, Social Media Management and SEO marketing and I’ve loved every second of it! It was great to walk in and see a mixture of both familiar and brand new faces including Angela from Positive Lifestyle Rewards, Jen from The Modern World and Dave from Central Self Drive!

I’ve also had some amazing 121’s with the members of the group including Andy from Quickline Couriers, Helen from Easy Tots and Ellen from Spire HR. Looking forward to more of the same in the New Year.

This year we also launched real5 Networking in Northwich, with the group being headed up by our very own Managing Director, Richard Wilding and also our Head of Operations Stacey Whitney who both feel strongly about the launch because of their connections with the town.

We kick-started the launch of the Northwich group at Barons Quay Social on November 7th which was a roaring success and set the tone for the Northwich group! We were also delighted to make it into the Northwich Guardian.

Let’s hope 2020 brings more of the same success for real5 Northwich – the next real5 Networking Northwich lunch-time event is going to be held at The Hart Of Hartford on the 14th of January 2020, 12-2pm. Make sure you get a head start for January and book your place here:



Nathan Heyes, Web developer

Nathan on Charity Work…

Throughout 2019 we have, like in previous years, worked in supporting local charities. Every year we work with charities and help them get online or promote their cause with our digital expertise as a way of giving back to the community.

In 2018 we worked with Suicide Prevention Charity, Papyrus, building their website and providing them with web support. This year we have worked with the Warrington Wolves Foundation, the charity branch of Warrington Wolves Rugby League Club, who specialises in changing lives through sport. We’re currently in the process of revamping the website to help with the user-journey and look forward to these changes being made visible in 2020!

That’s not all the charitable work we have done though! A few months back we were approached by Mid-Cheshire Mind, a charity that focuses on mental health. We provided them with a website holding page and are working on building them a new website. The design has recently been signed off which we are excited about as we can get started with the build next year.

Finally, it wouldn’t be right if we just looked over the latest charitable cause we completed, our Reverse Christmas Calendar. For this event we decided for each of the 12 days we would accomplish a charitable cause, this ranged from donating food for Warrington Food Bank through to handing out mince pies to local businesses, see here: You can see a full round-up of each of the 12 days on Our Community page.


Thomas Dorsett, Marketing Executive

Thom On What’s To Come In 2020!

What a 2019 we’ve had and what a 2020 we’ve got ahead of us…

First up, we recently launched our ‘#2020in2020’  campaign which is all about advising businesses to have clear 20/20 vision on their 2020 digital marketing campaigns to help achieve the best results next year.

By encouraging businesses to see the bigger picture we are hoping that businesses will slow-down on just buying a website and instead consider investing in a digital marketing strategy…

We have adapted the way we work and tend to work on a monthly basis, using your budget to come up with a digital marketing strategy that will best utilise our expertise including SEO, Social Media and Web Design.

Our dream team, office girl power duo of Negin and Stacey aka #Nacey, also have an exciting venture they’ll be undertaking in Warrington as ‘Digital Doctors’. That’s all we’re saying for now, watch this space!

We’ll also be donning our best Wacky Races-esque costumes for Northwich Krazy Races 2020 – with the help of Richard ‘Dastardly’ Wilding, team ‘Mean Mo-chine’ are determined to win and blow the rest of the competition out of the water. Fighting talk indeed!

Finally from all of us at Team Mo, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing some familiar and new faces in 2020.


Phew! That’s it for our 2019 review with a sneak peek of what we have stored for next year. We are back from our Christmas holidays on Thursday the 2nd of January where you can call us on 01925 563960 to start planning your digital journey!

Samsung Flip 2 Review

Around a month ago a large heavy 65inch parcel arrived upon our office doorstep. Surrounding it with intrigue and curiosity we opened the mysterious box in which contained a Samsung Flip 2 Smartboard, most kindly supplied to us by SCS Technologies.

Almost immediately we set about assembling the new toy. With ease, it fitted together only taking two people to put it together. Once it was all up and secure we plugged it in eager to see what the extent of the machine’s capabilities where.

As it opened we were greeted with a blank canvas and no instruction on what to do, this was slightly daunting at first because we hadn’t used an interactive whiteboard before. Luckily it was pretty easy to find an instruction guide on the device with it being only 2 clicks away. The instructions let us into all sorts of information that this technological breakthrough of a whiteboard could do so naturally we got to work with playing around with it.

Before we go any further, if you are interested in enquiring about purchasing or setting up a Samsung Flip 2  you can contact SCS Technologies here and they will help you out!

That morning consisted mostly of colourful artwork and funny messages scattered across the huge canvas that was the screen. Brushstrokes both thick and thin in a rainbow of colours where digitally inked throughout the page as we messed and played with the device.

We even found a paint mode that allowed the use of both watercolour and oil colour painting, perfect for us creative types. It wasn’t until the afternoon that we got to see what the Samsung Flip 2 was truly capable of.

As we sat around the meeting table for our weekly marketing meeting we decided that this time we would add a little flair to our otherwise bland conference. We plugged a laptop into the Flip 2 and seen it really come to life. The content that is usually presented on the small dingy screen of the laptop was amplified to the enormous screen of the smartboard allowing all of us to comfortably see the screen and the presentation in all its glory. This isn’t even the most impressive part of the evening.


Samsung Flip 2 Review - Anti Bullying Week


As the Flip 2 stood before us whilst we went through the presentation, we took the liberty to make the most of its drawing functionality in combination with the presentation mode. Instead of us each taking down notes in our own jotters we were able to write directly onto the slides giving descriptions to elements and highlighting others. The seemingly simple yet complex functionality allowed us to all combine our notes and efforts into one making sure everybody was on the same page and we all went away from the meeting having and knowing the same information. To save the hassle of printing off the newly edited presentation, the Flip 2 can instead email users with what’s on the screen meaning no messing around with multiple paper copies.

So, all in all, do we think the Samsung Flip 2 is a flop? Absolutely not, we love it! We are deeply sad to say goodbye to it and see it go. In its brief time at our office, we have had many fun and practical times with it as the device wormed its way into our everyday use. If you have already gotten a Samsung Flip 2 and need it set up please contact SCS technologies for their assistance.


Reverse Advent Calendar Day 12

To conclude our reverse advent calendar, our last (but by no means least) act of charity is to provide our social media marketing expertise to a very worthy local charity – St Luke’s hospice.

We have previously supported St Luke’s in their ‘bring a pound to work day’ campaign, and this time are turning our efforts in assisting them with our services. Our Head of Social Media, Negin, has offered her time to visit St Luke’s headquarters to collaborate and discuss how they can improve their social media presence, in an effort to reach a wider audience on various social media platforms.

St Luke’s is a Cheshire based hospice that provides a wide range of services to those living with terminal or life-limiting illnesses. Founded in 1998, St Luke’s has been working ever since to provide care to local people, beyond the reach of the NHS – with 85% of their care being made possible thanks to public donations and support.

With an expert team of healthcare professionals on hand and a 24-hour helpline to assist them, St Luke’s are able to reach out to those in need – facilitating visiting patients and those that require more care and need to stay at the hospice.

Whilst we are providing our services to assist this wonderful charity, we encourage those who are able to donate anything they can to assist St Luke’s in caring for our community’s most needing individuals. To donate, use the following link –

Social Media Trends To Look Out For In 2020

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing. Every year social media trends are becoming outdated, with new tools and applications being introduced all the time. With that in mind… these are the potential social media trends that could improve your business in 2020.



TikTok is a new application that is increasing in popularity on social media. It’s a video app for creating short lip-syncing videos that can be applied to a wide range of audiences.

TikTok is essentially the new Vine, and in 2019 it hit 1 billion downloads globally. It is believed that TikTok will soon be as relevant in the digital marketing industry as much as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.


Primary source of news

The internet is slowly overtaking the TV, with more and more households owning a computer, laptop or portable device. It is believed that the internet will soon be the main source of news and information. This is because breaking news and stories are spread out so fast and far from one person to another, especially on social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter, these social media giants could almost now be seen as the main source of news throughout the world.



2019 saw a big increase in the publishing of podcasts. Podcasts are a useful form of entertainment in which you listen rather than watch. These are used and shared on social media to add another revenue stream by adding advertisements during the podcasts. Due to this, we believe the podcast trend will continue to increase in 2020.

Podcasts can be found on applications such as iTunes, Spotify & Youtube.

With these websites and applications receiving a large amount of traffic, it would be wise for a business to explore this avenue.


Live Content

With Facebook Live, Instagram live, Youtube live & and other applications such as Twitch, live video content may be one of the biggest trends for 2020. It’s a more personal, direct, engaging, fun and sometimes more interesting way of making contact with your target audience.


Primary source of sales for e-commerce stores

For a long time, search engines such as Google and Amazon have been the main players for commercial business, mainly e-commerce. However, with social media now incorporating online features such as Facebook marketplace or Instagram store, there is a big reason to believe that social media shopping may rule this market in the near future.

Some other community-based shop sites such as Etsy and Redbubble are also on the rise.


Do you want to become a digital-savvy industry leader in 2020?

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Reverse Advent Calendar Day 11

For Day 11 of our Reverse Christmas Advent Calendar, we created a bundle of cat food and toys for the Warrington branch of Cats Protection.

More than 100 animals are abandoned every day in the UK many of these being cats for a multitude of reasons. This number becomes even higher after Christmas and many families buy cats, dogs or other pets for their children for Christmas only for them to be abandoned when the appeal wears off, a family member finds they are allergic or for many other reasons.

Cats Protection started in 1927 and has grown to become the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. They help around 200,000 cats and kittens each year through their network of 250 volunteer-run branches and 36 centres. Their strategy acknowledges that by educating and informing adults and children of cat welfare, they can achieve their vision of a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs. They provide an array of cat information via publications, the help and advice section on their site and via a National Information Line, they also promote the benefits of neutering to prevent unwanted cat litters, which then become the abandoned cats of tomorrow.

Animal welfare is close to the heart of our lead frontend developer Liam and we decided to donate some supplies to the Warrington Branch as this is where he adopted his old kitty cat from. Liam decided to adopt an older cat instead of a younger one because older cats always struggle to get adopted and he wanted the kitty to live out its remaining years in a loving home instead of waiting and possibly not getting adopted. Liam has now had his adopted cat for almost 3 years and can confirm he has done everything he can to make sure his cat is loved and cared for in its final years.

Reverse Advent Calendar Day 10

Our Reverse Christmas Calendar isn’t over yet, we still have some ideas for giving back this Christmas!

For day 10 we are giving back to Papyrus, a young person’s suicide prevention charity that we have worked with in the past and continue to work with.

Papyrus provides confidential support and advice to young people struggling with thoughts of suicide, anyone worried about a young person can contact them through their helpline, HOPELINEUK.

For Christmas, they are running a ‘Secret Santa Takeover’ which allows you to donate to the charity by texting MYSECTRETSANTA and the amount you wish to donate to 70085. This is the type of gift that can last a lifetime.

Here at Mosaic Digital Media, we have agreed to scrap the standard office Secret Santa this year and instead all donate to Papyrus to help them do what they do best… Save lives.

Back in 2018, we built Papyrus a new website and we have continued to work with them since, helping raise awareness for HOPEWALKUK and taking part in The 10k English Half Marathon in effort to raise money for their cause.

If you want to help Papyrus in saving lives around the UK then be sure to text MYSECTRETSANTA and the amount you wish to donate to 70085.

To learn more about Papyrus and their Secret Santa campaign click here