Month: December 2018

The Guide To Social Media Image Sizes


Whether its news updates, brand promotions, videos or even memes, knowing the basics of image design just isn’t enough!

Nowadays you need to be aware of what sizes these social media images need to be! Similar to Goldy locks and the 3 bears, we need to make sure that the images are not too small (so that they pixelate), too big (so that we can’t upload them), but just right!

With the millions of people and businesses posting images repetitively on social media every day, it’s important that the images you use are eye-catching! Remember you’ve only got about around 2.7 seconds to grab them (According to Creative Cultivate)!

With everyone doing a ‘quick scroll’ through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. you need to make sure your brand is noticeable and advertised as one to remember.


According to Statista, Facebook is the largest social media network in the world with 2.3 billion active users.

With the potential of 2.3 billion people seeing your page, it’s vital to get your ‘best side’ on the images your posting. One thing to remember when choosing the right images is whether it looks alright on mobile as well as desktop. The variation in size can be a large contributor to making the images look distorted.

Little Reminder: Don’t forget that your profile picture will cover a select part of your cover photo, make sure that it’s not covering any important information. Better still, if done right, you can have a little fun with the 2 images sitting together.

facebook social media size

Image Size Details:

  • Cover photo: 851 px wide by 315 px tall
  • Profile image: 180 px wide by 180 px tall
  • Highlighted image: 1200 px wide by 717 px tall
  • Shared image: 1200 px wide by 630 px tall
  • Shared link thumbnail image: 1200 px wide by 627 px tall


Twitter is great for following trends and sharing news updates as and when they happen. There are in fact 336 million monthly active users on Twitter in 2018.

Your twitter profile will have a profile picture, this will be used to represent your brand. Also, you will have a header photo that is much larger than the profile picture, this is similar to how the facebook profile is constructed.

twitter social media size

Image Size Details:

  • Header photo: 1500 px wide by 500 px tall
  • Profile image: 400 px wide by 400 px tall
  • In-stream photo: 440 px wide by 220 px tall


Linkedin… the social media network for all things business! With 500 million users LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world.

Your Linkedin profile you will have a photo of yourself or of your business logo, this can people who know you by face to find you! The background image is an awkward shape but if you get the image to fit it will work really well!

linkedin social media size

  • Header photo: 1500 px wide by 500 px tall
  • Profile image: 400 px wide by 400 px tall
  • Career cover photo: 974 px wide by 330 px tall
  • Banner image: 646 px wide by 220 px tall (minimum)
  • Standard logo: 400 px wide by 400 pixels tall (maximum)

Using all of these social media platforms can be a good place to market your business from! Us at Mosaic help businesses find your online presence and develop it with them!

If you need some help when it comes to creating, setting up and posting on social media, then you can contact us here, or call us on 01925 563 960 to get some more information.

Writing Meta Data for SEO: The Definitive Guide

Writing Meta Data for SEO: The Definitive Guide

Having effective Metadata on your website can be the life or death of any successful SEO marketing campaign.

Meta Data on a webpage consists of a Meta Title and a Meta Description. These small text snippets are the best way to attract searchers attention and persuade them to click on your links as posed to other websites. This is essentially the first point of contact with anyone using Google to find something online.

Correctly optimising these snippets can also be a deciding factor in Google’s ranking algorithm, not utilising keywords, providing incorrect information and other black hat SEO methods can have a detrimental effect on your search rankings in Google.

Writing good Meta titles

When it comes to writing your websites Meta Titles, you need to make sure that the information is precise and informative to the users. Google puts a lot of stress on user intention and if your Meta Title isn’t providing any useful information to the user or is nonfactual then Google will deem this page as not worthy and position your page further down rankings.

Making a good mixture of informative and persuasive context is a precise but difficult concoction to make in less than 65 characters. To correctly fit these ingredients into the Meta title takes a smart layout. They need to include your Focus Keyword(s), this helps well to identify your focus keyword straight away. It also needs to include some information and it most importantly it needs to include your brand name where possible.

Brand Recognitions is going to be playing a big part in SEO going into 2019 due to Google changes that will take place in the New Year. You can learn more about this in our blog about 2019 SEO changes, here.

meta data for SEO: writing good meta titles

Here is an example of how a Meta Title should be formatted from Search Engine Watch ( It includes Keywords and your Brand name.

Writing Good Meta Descriptions

A Meta Description is a more descriptive plot of text in Google, it is used to support your Meta title and provide the user with some more information about your product, service or just page in general.

This snippet of the text consists between 145 to 175 characters, this is a lot more than what you get for the first Meta title and is needed to provide the reader with more information about the page presented.

A Meta Description needs to also include your pages target keyword, this helps Google to recognise that the page is relevant to the keyword provided. It would also be useful to use Call To Actions (CTA) in your description to try and entice the user to click your link.

meta data for SEO: writing good meta descriptions

Above is an example of how Meta descriptions should be laid out including keywords, CTAs and loads of information. This is how a good Meta Description should look.


Performing a successful SEO campaign or marketing campaign can be difficult, to say the least, this is just one way of improving your campaign. However, these small changes can make the difference between ranking on page one and not ranking at all.

Making your website as appealing as possible is the real trick. You want to get as many people from the right advert to click your advert in google.

If you or your company don’t feel confident editing Meta Data and feel that you would benefit from some professional assistance, give us a call on 01925 563 960 or email us at

Social Media trends to watch for in 2019

Social Media trends to watch for in 2019

We are going to be exploring some of the more important social media trends to watch for in 2019. Some of these new trends could massively impact your progress, so hopefully, keeping up with some of the following will give your social media campaign that little boost it deserves!


Generation Z are a hard audience to please. People spend their time scrolling through social media channels waiting for something to grab them, and losing interest when this doesn’t happen within a short space of time… 8 seconds to be precise.

This is why we have seen video take to the forefront in 2018, and why we will see this trend continue to take lead in 2019. In fact, TechMagnate has predicted that video marketing will draw more than 80% of the internet traffic across the world by 2019.

Businesses tend to associate video marketing with beauty channels because of the growing number of vloggers which have dominated YouTube.

Yet video marketing, when done in the right way, can be an effective way to engage with your audience in a short amount of time. If you’re not willing to get in front of the camera, then animations may be the way forward for you in 2019!


We have seen Snapchat explore Augmented Reality (AR) based interaction and we will continue to see the likes of Facebook and Instagram make use of AR as a way of keeping up with new technology in order to spark the interest of Gen-Z. We have also seen a growth in the number of voice assist devices appearing in people’s homes. With Alexa becoming an extended member of everyday households, businesses will need to re-vamp their media strategies to keep up with the changes. Click to read our blog which explores whether voice search will change the way we search for businesses and products.

Influencer Marketing

We have continued to see influencers shape trends in the market in 2018. Influencer marketing will continue to dominate social media in 2019, yet we are starting to see progress and change in the world of influencers from the way in which influencers are transforming and developing their personal brands into full-on business ventures – a trend that will more than likely take precedence in 2019. Influencers are making use of multimedia platforms, mainly videos and podcasts, and using them as a way of presenting themselves as thought-leaders and consequently turning their success on social media into profitable revenue streams.

So, what does this mean for your business? As well as keeping up with the advances and developments in your own specialist sector, you need to keep aware of social media trends and technological advancements in order to be a thought-leader in your industry!