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Does your Website need an SSL Certificate?

Does your Website need an SSL Certificate?

So, you’ve registered your domain name and got your website up and running. Everything’s looking great, and your business is off to a good start – and then a contact asks if your website will be secured with an SSL certificate. Don’t panic, and don’t be ashamed if you don’t know what one is – it’s more common than you think! And we’ve made a handy little guide for you, so get ready to become an SSL expert.

What is a SSL?

First, the basics. SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. Simply, it’s a way for small businesses to show their customers that they can browse, purchase products and share information with you safely via an online connection. The SSL is effectively a safety net that catches all the digital ‘bugs’ and keeps them away from site visitors and potential customers, so to speak. It’s a protective barrier for you, your customers and your website. And if you’re thinking ‘surely, my website’s too small and insignificant to be a target for such things’, then you’d be wrong. Keep in mind that most hacks and such are done electronically and automatically, without human decision. All that’s being searched for is vulnerabilities, in a large target or a small one. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, does your site need an SSL certificate?

To answer this, you’ll need to ask yourself a few important questions. Firstly, do you plan to accept major credit cards online? If yes, you’ll probably need a merchant account, and most of these already require an SSL certificate regardless. An SSL certificate is usually needed before accepting major credit cards, and you’ll probably want one anyway if you want to reassure your customers that your connection is secure. Why would they want to risk their credit card information being stolen? Having that SSL certificate gives them peace of mind and pretty much guarantees repeat visits to your site. On the other hand, some online store programs offer build-in secure payment systems, so in this case, you might not need an SSL certificate for your small business website.

There are other reasons you could need an SSL certificate, however – not only does it protect your customers credit card information, it will also protect password logins. If any of your pages required a password to gain access, and they aren’t properly protected, it provides a hacker with an easy opportunity to get into your website. This also applies for WordPress websites with a login page for the administrator, not just customer login pages.

Some websites collect information instead of money – for example, a website involving questionnaires. Having an SSL certificate on these types of websites secures all the information that these online forms take in, as some types of form mail can be easily intercepted by hackers. Do you really want to risk information like names, addresses and phone numbers? Probably not.

An SSL certificate is always recommended if you want to protect the information on your site and help Google improve the rank of your site. Getting an SSL means you will get more traffic from Google because it will have ranked higher. If your site is without an SSL Certificate get in touch with us and we will be happy to help.

Are emojis making us better communicators?

Are emojis making us better communicators?

Even if you aren’t a smartphone user, it’s a safe bet that you have at least heard of emojis – the small emoticons have become the world’s first universal language, in a way that no other verbal language has been able to do, not even English. English has been hailed as the world’s global language, despite it having less first-language users than Mandarin (900 million) and Spanish (427 million). Thanks to the huge reach of the British Empire in the last century or so, there are around 339 million native speakers of English, with another 942 million speakers using English as a second language. In total, there are around 1.5 billion people around the world that are more or less fluent in English, making its influence undeniable.

The rise of Emojis

Even with all of these impressive figures, the rise of emojis has seen the English language be beaten for the first time ever. True, it’s hard to measure the influence and reach of emojis as accurately as we can with verbal languages – but there are a few ways that we can estimate just how many people use emojis in their daily life. Firstly, we can look at the number of smartphone users, which has seen a huge rise in recent years. Smartphones, to be specific, are any mobile phone that possesses the capabilities to access the internet. Today, almost a quarter of the world’s population own a smartphone, with 2 billion of the devices existing across the globe. In 2016, around 75% of the worlds 3.2 billion internet users were accessing the internet via their smartphones. In 2015, it was estimated that more than 6 billion emojis were exchanged across social media each and every day.

Another way to measure the rise of the emoji is by investigating their use on social media applications. Instagram, for example, has around 300 millions active users per month, with over 70 millions photos and videos being shared every day. With the launch of the emoji keyboard for iOS, the amount of emojis present in Instagram captions and comments rose from 0 to 10%, and by March 2015, almost half of all text on the Instagram application contained emojis. Matthew Rothenberg, a hacker from Brooklyn, has actively tracked the use of emojis on the Twitter application since 2013. Over 16 billion tweets that contain emojis have been tracked since then, which roughly breaks down as hundreds of emoji-containing tweets every second. That’s a lot of emojis!

Lastly, we can measure the use and popularity of emojis by looking at the decline of text slang. Abbreviations were all the rage a few years ago, with the likes of ‘lol’ (laugh out loud), ‘omg’ (oh my god) and ‘imo’ (in my opinion) being used excessively in text messages. Today, we’re seeing these abbreviations be replaced by their corresponding emojis – showing that emojis really can replace actual words and phrases, and can be used as a completely universal form of communication.

The rise of the emoji is undeniable, and the communicative value of these little pictures is unparalleled. They add personality to everyday communications, they allow the expression of emotions that can often be difficult to talk freely about, and they can aid the making of new friends and connections. It was once said that a picture speaks a thousand words – and, in the digital age, this seems to ring true with emojis.

Snapchat Snap Map – How Parents Can Protect Their Child’s Privacy

Snapchat Snap Map - How Parents Can Protect Their Child’s Privacy

It’s difficult to think of another app that defines the current technological generation quite like Snapchat does. The image messaging service has grown rapidly from lowly beginnings only six years ago to being used by up to 160 million people per day, as of February of this year.

Young people have become obsessed with documenting each moment of their day, including during school hours, which itself brings questions over productivity and overuse of phones amongst the younger generation. Whilst this can be brushed off as harmless fun with friends, a new update has raised serious questions of privacy and child safety.

Snap Map lets any Snapchat user see where their friends are at any given moment on a map of the world. Alongside this, users can also see recent ‘snaps’ of a certain area, which allows you to connect to a gig you were unable to get tickets for, or check out the beach of a future holiday destination.

Such a feature is a godsend for advertisers who are projected to spend $32bn a year in the US alone by 2021 on location-targeted adverts but what does it mean for the mere mortals who only wish to send a picture of themselves making a funny face to their mates?

snapchat snap map example

Cause for concern

The crux comes from the fact that young people are not particularly careful when it comes to using social media. Open privacy settings usually means that anyone who is anyone is able to connect with a child without much effort on their part.

And whenever a person is logged into Snapchat, Snap Map will update their location accordingly, to high levels of accuracy. This isn’t a case of seeing which town someone might be, but literally being able to watch their purpose-built avatar sitting in their home during the evening or, more disturbingly, somewhere a little more open and unsafe.

It isn’t only predators or child groomers that could be cause for concern. Groups of bullies could quite easily discover what somebody is up to of an evening or during the weekend, leaving a victim open to a level of harassment never before seen.

Sign of the times

For parents, the one concern is the safety of their child. The positive part of this is that the feature is “opt-in”; it’ll only become active when you open the camera screen and “pinch out” on your phone. Once opted in, you are able to activate Ghost Mode, which hides your location from any potential friend or foe.

snapchat ghost mode

To activate Ghost Mode, simply open Snapchat and go to the Camera function, pinch out to open Snap Map & select the ‘settings gear’ in the top right-hand corner. There, you can tick the box saying “Enable Ghost Mode”. Voila! Now you or your child’s location is hidden from view.

Whilst it is easy to be concerned by the moving trends of the internet and consistent potential privacy compromises, the best we can all do is accept it as a sign of the times. We should get the most out of these ground-breaking and exciting features, but remain cautious and vigilant when it comes to protecting ours, and our child’s security.

The Cons Of Cutting Costs In Web Design

The Cons Of Cutting Costs In Web Design

When it comes to getting your website built, we all look for the cheapest way. Well, what if I told you that you might be better off spending a little more money and getting a website you can be proud of and meets your business requirements? Having a poor design and bad user experience can be worse than not having a site at all. Below we’ve put together some reasons why you shouldn’t cut the corners:


You need to make sure you get a design that you’re happy with before you let them build anything for you. Using a theme can be alright, but if you want something a little more bespoke to your business, then building a website from scratch is a much more productive option for yourself and your company. Or if the budget is tight, we can help select the right theme for your business, which also takes into consideration page load, security and what it looks like on your mobile. To discuss how we can help you and your business call us today on 01925 563 960!


You can develop problems with any website after it’s been created but it’s much easier and much cheaper if that site has been created correctly. If you’re paying less for a website, then there’s a greater chance that they’ve cut some corners. This can lead to a number of problems in later life like your site getting hacked or leaking information… We all know that losing data is a big issue so don’t take the chance!

User Experience

This is one of the most important parts of a website because this is the part that your customer will experience and remember. You’ve only got ONE chance to give a good first impression so you need to make it count. Users want to be able to navigate your website with ease while getting to the pages they want to and need to see. Spending a little more on this could mean the difference between your website producing conversions and not.

Don’t Waste Money

If you go for a good website design first time, then it could save you so much more money in the long term. Low budget websites can often be created from standard themes which can leave you with problems in the future. If you are to get a well-designed website which has been built with good structure, then you’ll have a much better chance having happy customers and being happy yourself.

If you think that you want something a bit better than a bog-standard website, then get in touch and our team of expert designers and builders can help you create a bespoke site for your company.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mobile Apps

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are one of the most diverse and helpful pieces of technology that we have today – and, admittedly, they’re on our person 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Over 80% of the population owns a smartphone, and we use them for everything, from simply checking the time, to sending emails, to checking up on social media. They’re pretty useful little tools to keep on top of all aspects of life, personal and business. This being said, as a business owner, you’ve probably considered the benefits of having a mobile app at some point.

Not only will an app potentially reach out to even more customers and clients, but the convenience of an on-the-go mobile app will be a gift to your current customers.

Here at Mosaic, we design personalised mobile apps with you in mind, to fit your unique requirements. If you’re unsure of the advantages to having an app for your business, we’ve rounded out the best ones.



1. They Present New Oppurtunities

Your customers will be thanking you for creating a helpful and convenient way to shop your products on the go, but what other ways can an app add to your business? An example would be a loyalty scheme – you could create one within your app that rewards your most loyal and dedicated customers with points that can be spent on items, or special discounts on the products they love.

2. Build Your Brand

Your new mobile app will help you to spread awareness of your brand and communicate with your customers. Mobile apps, like any product with your name or logo on it, will strengthen your brand and educate your customers on what your goals are as a business.

3. Communication

Mobile apps are also a great way to personalize your customers experience. Apps can basically perform as an alternative to customer service – your app will be functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and won’t be subject to an employee’s mood or temperament. Apps also give consistency in customer service, as they will always present the same familiar platform with which your customers can interact as they please.

4. Increase Income

Thanks to your app, customers will be able to access your products at all hours of the day. Not only will this increase satisfaction, but the likelihood is that it’ll increase your profit, too. Customer satisfaction and sales always come hand in hand, and if your customers feel happy then they’ll keep buying your products.

Our Guide to your Favourite Weekly Hashtags

Our Guide to your Favourite Weekly Hashtags

Using trending and popular Weekly Hashtags are a great way of improving your social media engagements. Every day of the week has a different trending hashtag and we are here to tell you the best ones that will improve your social media engagements quickly and easily.

Monday Hashtags


Everyone experiences the Monday blues when hearing there alarm going off in the morning or heading to a full day of work after a great weekend.


The opposite to #MondayBlues if you are in work on a Monday you could share a picture of you and your colleagues having fun using the hashtag.


A humorous hashtag where people share pictures of good looking male celebrities.


Sharing a motivational or inspiring message to people using the hashtag.

Tuesday Hashtags


A good way of using this hashtag is to use it when advertising a special offer or a great deal to customers.


A great hashtag to advertise exciting places to travel to and visit.


This hashtag is used to show a before and after picture to show the progression.


Great for business pages to share tips and advice.

Wednesday Hashtags


Similar to #MondayMotivation, people share their words of wisdom.


This is the peak of the week as it is the middle of the working week.


To show how things have changed overtime.


The same as #ManCrushWednesday but for women.

Thursday Hashtags


This is to show old photos or memories.


A way of sharing your thoughts with all of your followers.

Friday Hashtags


Share your feelings about your upcoming weekend.


Share pictures of you having fun or just share something fun in general with your followers.

Saturday Hashtags


You can share anything using this hashtag that’s is fun and amusing.


Share your social events for the weekend.

Sunday Hashtags


This is more of a personal hashtag to use but use it to share your selfies with your followers.


Share all your Sunday events and activities to show people what you get up to on your Sundays.

Why digital marketing?

Why digital marketing?

First of all, if you have not yet started digital marketing for your business then my first question to you is why?

Secondly, we know digital marketing is a kind of new thing but we are now in the 21st century and it’s about time you move your business with the times!

We’re here to tell you how our fantastically wonderful team could help improve your business!

Designing a Website

Every business big or small must have a website, it’s a crucial part of owning a business. We have a specialist web design team who will make all of your website dreams into a reality! Whether it’s a one paged website or a complex design website our team is able to achieve that for you!


SEO (search engine optimisation) is vital when owing a website! It’s like purchasing a car with no engine, in order to get the car moving you must have an engine! You will be personally assigned one of our fantastic SEO specialist team to (hopefully) get your website to the top of page 1 on google!


Social media optimisation is all about promoting yourself on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and google+. Our social media guru’s know the ins and outs to every social media platform and are on hand to be there to your every social media need!

The Creative People

We have a whole team of people who are on hand to help you. They are here to create logos, social media adverts, banners and all sorts of wonderful advertisement. You come to us with all your wonderful ideas and drafts and we will create something magical for you!

You only have to look at our case studies on our website to see the great things that we have created for our existing clients.